FEMA HDS Whistleblower Celeste Solum — Explosive info: Military Sources Suggest Havana Syndrome May be Headed for Public on Large Scale while Battering American Citizens

Explosive information from military sources suggest Havana Syndrome on a large scale may be headed the public’s way, the intention insidious neurodamage as evident in the cases of diplomats and spies apparently caught in a hot war involving many countries, says Celeste Solum.

Comments from RamolaD’s Channel:

Links to the current and advertised future pandemics such as Marburg Virus may be the use of frequency weapons to produce physical illness, such as the “painting of the lungs” with radio frequencies to produce COVID and now possibly internal hemorrhaging and neuro-hits also with radio frequency weapons or acoustic neuroweapons.

A terrifying scenario if true, it becomes essential nevertheless to learn more about this weapons capability which Celeste has been studying recently. (Note also that the subject of DEWs and Neuroweapons is one I have covered for 8 years at everydayconcerned.net, including for 5 years in podcasts–hundreds of podcasts at my Odysee Ramola D Reports channel covering neurotech and DEW use on civilians, and the latest Havana Syndrome coverage here as well.)

Please visit her channel at Youtube (Celestial Report) and her website at shepherdsheart.life to hear her five-part webinar on this subject. More coverage at this channel shortly.

Celeste Solum Opens her Webinar on Whack a Brain here today:

Celeste Solum’s websites:
News & articles: https://shepherdsheart.life/blogs/news/
Rumble video site: https://rumble.com/user/CelesteSolum
Youtube video site: https://www.youtube.com/c/CelesteSolum

Report 280 | Dr. Len Ber Leads the Acknowledgment of DEW Hits on Civilians by Dr. Giordano:

DEWS used at Canberra protest:

Havana Syndrome: Intellectual Trickery, Strategic Deceit | Enter the short-tailed CIA Cricket (spychogenic at head):


“Havana Syndrome” stumps investigators as U.S. officials report injuries on White House grounds/60 Minutes, CBS:

Cover-Stories on DEWS from Russia while US Govt batters Americans in USA with DEWs, Neurotech from Celltowers, Drones, Planes, Satellites, Neighbors, Portable Devices on a Daily Basis/

Whistleblower Bryan Kofron Psyop to NeuralWar: insider to Electronic Torture & SlowKill Programs: Massive Experimentations on Homeless

Bryan Kofron Quotes:
“I’m a security industry specialist who worked for a private security company in Seattle, Washington. I am no longer employed by this company. I chose to leave because I can no longer in good conscience work for a corrupt company that is involved in a highly illegal federal program that is blatantly violating the constitutional rights of American citizens on a daily basis. My company had a contract with one of the largest most powerful corporations in America that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. During my time as a security specialist I became aware of a massive social engineering program taking place in America today…”

“This social engineering program involves the federal government of the Unites States of America, the intelligence agencies of the Unites States of America, private security contractors, some of the largest corporations in America, local and state police, and social programs within the inner cities of America. This social engineering program experiments on the homeless, and experiments on the financially struggling, and experiments on individuals that do not have a lot of family and friends or money so that they have no means to defend themselves from this parasitic disgusting program. This program utilizes a technology that most know as voice to skull technology, it is a electromagnetic frequency machine, an electromagnetic frequency technology that utilizes radio frequency signals microwave auditory effect to induce sound within the cranial cavity of the target.”

“This technology is also used to manipulate the emotions of the individual.”

“This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body. It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.”

“This technology can also be used to control the muscle movement of the target. It can take over one’s hands or feet while driving and make you press on the accelerator or press on the brake or turn. This can be used to cause accidents it can also be used to prevent accidents from happening.”

“This technology can also tap into the optical nerve of the target, and the auditory system of the target, so that those monitoring the target can see what the target is seeing and hear what target is hearing. This information is then downloaded and stored on a computer, in a highly secure classified site on servers that are guarded by some of the tightest security in the world. This results in the individual’s entire day, everything they see, everything they hear, everything they experiment, everything they experience, and everything they feel being recorded till the end of time.”

“This technology can also be used to manipulate the emotions of the target. It can induce fear, love, hate.”

“This technology can be used to beam images and even motion pictures into one’s brain. Images and motion pictures that are so realistic that you think you are actually watching a movie or seeing something in reality. It’s like a virtual reality 3D rendering that takes place within the target’s mind. The images and motion pictures manifest themselves in such a way that the target if they are not aware that this technology is being used on them will believe that they are natural thoughts and natural images.”

“This technology can also be used to induce and control dreams. It can be used to control dream cycles and sleep patterns. To cause one to sleep very deeply or to cause one to not sleep at all. REM cycles, alpha beta and delta brainwaves can be induced immediately by this technology. And this technology can also be used to mimic spiritual experiences. Joy, love, peace that passes understanding can all be induced artificially by this technology to make the target believe that they are having a genuine spiritual experience when they’re not.”

“This technology can also be used to sexually manipulate the target. Make them feel sexual arousal or turn off their sexuality altogether, it can stimulate them and it can shut them down at a moments notice. It can also be used to manipulate the hormones of the target, thus lowering and raising estrogen and testosterone levels in women and men respectively.”

“This technology can also be used to read the thoughts of the target in real time.”

“… they can read your thoughts verbatim as they occur within your own mind.”

“One of the reasons I’m speaking out is because this technology, as horrible as it is, can also be used for truly miraculous purposes. It can be used to help humanity instead of harming humanity, it can be used to save people instead of destroying them. It can be used to literally make the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame get up and walk. It can be used to solve many of the problems facing our country and the world today.”

“It can also be used to cure diseases, by healing cells manipulating genes and indeed manipulating the DNA of the target in real time. I’ve seen this technology used to repair ACL strains, MCL strains, sprained knees in a period of hours, as if someone laid hands on the individual and healed them instantly.”

“As an educated man and a man who has spent my life serving others in the security industry, and before that pursuing an education that was geared towards helping people I am extremely frustrated that this technology has fallen into the hands of people that are using it in the manner that they currently are. These people are juvenile and sophomoric in attitude, they’re irresponsible in disposition, and they are completely out of control in terms of the way that they are using it against the American people.”

“As a security specialist I saw them use this technology to experiment on their own workers. My fellow security specialists were experimented on in the workplace and outside of the workplace.”

“… they’re also monitored 24/7 by a system of surveillance that many on the internet would probably recognize as gangstalking. These are security specialists employed by private security companies, they’re also highly trained intelligence agents. These personnel are used to monitor the test subject 24 hours a day, both inside and outside of the workplace…”

“They’re evil in a way that I cannot understand, and I do not want to understand.”

“As many of the test subjects … have already learned, one of the key means of covering up this program is to use the psychological profession to do so. Those who speak out about this issue are funneled to psychiatrist for evaluation. The psychiatrists are working with those who are running this program, many cases they are directly paid by them to render a diagnosis of schizophrenic, multiple personality disorder, delusional, paranoid, depressed upon the test subjects, the targets, so that they will be discredited. So that if they talk out any further, or they ever start making any progress against this program, they are inherently discredited because those who run this program will simply release the psychological files and claim that the person is mentally ill. This is a perfect way to cover up such a technology whose main feature and most popular feature, most well known feature, is voice to skull. Which induces sound within the cranial cavity of the test subject, of the target themselves, so that when that person goes to speak out about it,… obviously if members of the general public are not aware of the existence of this technology, which many of them are not, most of them are not, they will interpret that as concerning,… and they will conclude that this person must be crazy. And as a result they will recommend psychological evaluation for that person.”

“As good people, helpless people, that are being abused and tortured and enslaved and experimented upon in America today, American citizens cry out for help from their fellow Americans, and their fellow Americans say ‘why don’t you take some prozac, because we think you’re schizophrenic’ when this is a highly technical program, all of the symptoms are induced by a technology that is so fucking sophisticated it is horrifying beyond description.”

“… these people will actually intercept your sample. And they do this by contracting with labs… [labs who] provide lab services for employers who are doing massive amounts of drug tests and blood tests, and also the involvement of sperm banks was mentioned in some of the information I saw working for my company. These are perfect ways to acquire an individual’s DNA, build a DNA profile on them. And then this information, the DNA of the individual is used to determine the resonant frequency of the DNA itself, the resonant frequency is then used to fine tune the technology…to tune it perfectly to the resonant frequency of the targeted individual’s DNA.”

“It is out of control, and it is only getting worse.”

“I know for a fact, having been an insider and actually been a part of this program, and seen it operate on a day to day basis I am aware that there are now entire cities in America that are nothing more than a massive social engineering experiment. Because instead of using this, you know as most people think just against the individual the targeted individual, there are applications of this technology I am now aware of that utilize it against entire populations. Anywhere from small groups of people 10-20 to 100, to medium size groups of people several thousand to tens of thousands. This is done by creating a field effect, where an entire field of electromagnetic energy is created in a geographical location and any human being within that geographical location within that electromagnetic field affecting that geographical location will be effected by the technology. This can be used to induce a general mood in a population or a crowd of people. It can be used to make them passive, it can be used to make them agitated. And this can be used to cause or stop, induce riots. Stop crime, start crime. Stop thoughts, start thoughts. Massive mind control on a citywide level.”

“In addition to the technology, that is commonly referred to as voice to skull, there is also another element a human element to this program that is commonly known as gangstalking. This program involves personnel of the federal government: America’s armed forces the military, the intelligence agencies of America, military intelligence, private security contractors, private corporations, local and state police, and social programs in cities all over America. The personnel in these agencies and companies are contracted and paid very well to follow, and monitor, and surveil American citizens. This is the phenomenon that is now being talked about online as gangstalking. This gangstalking aspect of this program is now becoming an open secret, as the companies that are involved with it do not fear detection.”

“When I lived in Seattle, Washington there was a competing security company that was running an ad online for employment saying ‘help wanted’, the position that was available was a security specialist. The requirements for the position were a cell phone that works with good reception, they must be on call 24 hours a day and they must be ready to respond at a moments notice. The ad detailed that both static and mobile positions were available. Being a security specialist myself I recognized this ad immediately as one that was hiring gangstalkers. My company was involved in the exact same activity and I was aware of other private security companies that were hiring gangstalkers as well.”

“Targeted individuals everywhere are being terrorized by voice to skull technology and the associated gangstalking program, that is used to isolate the individual from family / friends, interfere with their ability to work, and in short destroy their lives. This leaves the individual hopeless and destitute, depressed and many of them struggle to find a reason to keep on living.”

“This is a booming industry. It’s one of the most fasting growing industries in America today, the private security industry. And it has gone almost completely unnoticed and under the radar to the average American. Even on the internet, in the realm of alternative research and conspiracy theories private security companies are very rarely mentioned. And yet they in my opinion play maybe the most prominent role. Especially in the gangstalking aspect of the social engineering program that I described but also in the implementation, the experimentation, and the fine tuning of the technology that most know as voice to skull. These private security companies have basically done nothing but hire ex-military and ex-intelligence agents and operatives from the armed forces of the United States of America and put them to work here at home.”

“In fact many of these private security companies on their website will advertise that they are a veteran friendly employer. This is code within the industry to let them know that ex-military and ex-intelligence agents are needed within the private security company for carrying out the exact type of operations that I’m detailing in this podcast.”

Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Insider Bryan Kofron —


An Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Perspective on Social Simulation


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Targeted Individual’s night Conference Call

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The book has a lot to do with what targeted individuals undergo as per tech.

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Lorraine’s Story: Victim of Relentless Gangstalking, Real Estate Mobbing, and Occult Crime

Mariana Maritato Summa Cum Lauda: Put into a USGov Torture Program with Direct Energy Weapons (UAVs, MAVs, AI, SKYNET, Genetic Payloads) #TargetedIndividual (DARPA, CIA)

Neuro-Rights From Invasive Neuro-Weapons By Avi Asher-Schapiro

Mariana Maritato graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 2002, and earned her master’s degree in 2004, also from Arizona State University, to become a speech-language pathologist. She is also a certified health coach, certified aromatherapist, and certified English teacher, among other things. She is currently an activist for human rights issues involving the use of directed energy weapons to torture innocent civilians. She gave formal testimony to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice presenting significant evidence in her case.

She worked on activism with prominent leaders and activists around the world (including writing and editing international newsletters for Magnus Olson, the director of a nonprofit human rights organization, while living in Poland, and also working with the Polish activists from the non-profit STOPZET, as well as working with David Voigts, the former U.S. Navy Sargent, to help organize his media campaign as he walked across the U.S. to raise awareness of these crimes). Her activism efforts are to help end one of the most egregious crimes against humanity in history, that of using directed energy weapons to torture innocent civilians, and she works to help restore humanity to true freedom.

Mariana was put into a government torture program with the use of directed energy weapons since she was a young child, possibly since birth, and it remained covert until 2015 when it became very seriously extreme and overt which is when she discovered she was being tortured via electronic weapons. She has been enduring very extreme torture (by all international definitions of torture) since then and is fighting to survive and expose these crimes along with millions of others around the world.

Her website on cybertorture and targeted individuals is TargetedIndividualActivism.com.

Source: Reuter


pandora’s box uavs genetic weapons

Humanity is in extreme and imminent danger: COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – By Robert F. Kennedy, Read by former UN Claire Edwards #TargetedIndividuals Warn others.

The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – By Robert F. Kennedy

James Arendt

This is perhaps the most shocking and clearest warning about the New World Order – AKA the Shadow Global Government’s plan to take over the world at our expense through actual GENOCIDE! I urge you to either listen to the video or read the text. Download the PDF file from here: The-COVID-19-Genocide-2020 [http://ageoftruth.tv/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/The-COVID-19-Genocide-2020.pdf] – Right click on link. Download to devise/computer. Share with everyone.

Before you continue, please consider:

Henry Kissinger:

Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.

Henry Kissinger:

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.


Former UN staff member Claire Edwards “‘The CV-19 Genocide of 2020’ – NewTube

Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, s/he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. — Robert F. Kennedy

“COVID-19” was long pre-planned in documents and simulation exercises emanating from the eugenicist Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation. A platform with 200 detailed levels is provided by the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab, a technocrat and promoter of transhumanism, in order to provide detailed instructions on how the “COVID-19” pandemic is to be used to implement a global monetary reset1 and digital currency, technocracy and totalitarian government worldwide under the guise of socialism and environmentalism, with China as the model, and enslave humanity through a sinister vaccine conspiracy.

Earlier attempts were made to engineer pandemics but none succeeded. This time, the World Health Organization changed its pandemic criteria in advance so that it could declare a pandemic on spurious grounds.

2 Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a terrorist and accused genocidist was appointed head of the World Health Organization in order to orchestrate the pandemic and facilitate the totalitarian takeover.

3,4 Wireless technology suppresses the immune system. 5G is implicated in COVID-19 through correlations between the locations of the 5G rollout and morbidity/mortality,

5,6 as well as the prior administration of flu vaccinations in Wuhan

7 and Milan.

8 The symptoms of “COVID” are virtually identical to the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

9 Extensive military research over many decades was kept secret and regulatory agencies were co-opted in order to prevent the public learning about the extreme dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

10 Doctors receive no training on the risks to health of exposure to EMR and therefore misdiagnose EMR symptoms. Hospitals are extensively equipped with 5G, putting patients lives at risk.

5G serves many purposes. It is a depopulation and military weapon and facilitates the introduction of technocracy and totalitarian control by enabling surveillance, facial recognition, 24/7 monitoring of individuals, mind and body control, and – in combination with vaccines and chemtrails containing nanoparticles – the torture or murder of targeted individuals.11 EMR can be used to simulate pathogens and overwhelm the immune system12 and cell phones may be being used to simulate “COVID-19 contagion” among co-workers or family members. 5G has been widely installed terrestrially and in space to target and control populations.

The illegal coronavirus measures were used by governments to accelerate the 5G rollout and install 60 GHz public access points in schools in order to target children.13 Illegal legislation has been put in place in numerous countries:14

* To remove civil liberties
* To destroy economies
* To close down small and medium-sized businesses15
* To separate, isolate and terrorize family members
* To impoverish people, including by destroying jobs
* To remove children from their families
* To intern dissenters in concentration camps
* To grant immunity to government operatives to commit murder, rape and torture (UK)16
* To use the police, army and mercenaries to control populations
* To force-vaccinate populations with a non-medical vaccine containing population control mechanisms without their informed consent.17

There is and was no pandemic since “the curve” was flattening before the lockdown measures were put in place. Mortality is at a lower level than in previous years.

18 The PCR test, which was never designed as a diagnostic test and gives up to 94% false positive results, is used by the oligarch- and government-controlled mainstream and social media platforms to terrorize populations for the purpose of obtaining obedience. The illusion of a pandemic is stoked by doctors being forced to attribute virtually every death to “COVID”. Medical staff and doctors are intimidated to prevent them speaking the truth about the fake pandemic. In the UK, the death certificate is being changed to prevent relatives being able to question the cause of death.

19 Tens of thousands of doctors have now come out to confirm that “COVID-19” is a hoax.

20 , 21 There were no “COVID” deaths in Ireland until 20 April and since then, the lockdowns have been based on 98 deaths out of 5 million people, while 30 thousand die annually from other diseases. Only people with a “hot” infection, with symptoms such as headaches or a sore throat, are contagious – 86% of “COVID” “cases” are asymptomatic carriers and therefore harmless.

22 A Stanford University antibody study concluded the death rate to be between 0.1 to 0.2%, right in line with the seasonal flu. Initial projected death rates from the World Health Organization “were 20 to 30 times higher.”

23 In June, the US Centers for Disease Control confirmed the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to be just 0.26%, way lower than the 3.4% estimate of WHO, which helped drive the panic and the lockdowns.

24 But even that is an overestimate: the infection fatality rate for non-nursing home residents is likely only 0.1% or 1 in 1,000.

The UK and German governments stated in documents that they were deliberately ramping up the fear level, including traumatizing children by making them believe that they would torture and kill their relatives if they failed to wash their hands and obey the corona measures. Children were made to believe that they could show their love for their grandparents by not coming near them. Social distancing is a torture technique devised to traumatize25 and its purpose is to condition people to distance themselves from others so that they can be seen and targeted by the 5G weapon.

Government and WHO policies are deliberately aimed at killing people. In many countries, doctors were ordered not to admit the elderly to intensive care units and to withdraw all health care, and national health systems stopped providing health care other than that for “COVID”, abandoning the sick to die. In France, the government issued a decree ordering doctors to administer to the elderly a drug restricted since 2012 as it was contra-indicated for respiratory problems.26 In the US, hospitals were heavily bribed to diagnose “COVID” and put patients on ventilators that killed them. WHO and governments suppressed successful treatments, one in particular in use for 70 years, and harassed doctors successfully saving patients. Autopsies that would reveal true cause of death were mostly prevented. Forensic Pathologist Professor Klaus Püschel declared having not seen a single case of “COVID-19” in autopsy that did not include other serious pre-existing diseases.27

Governments and WHO promoted and enforced mask-wearing by the public in full knowledge that they provide no protection from any virus, 28 but cause serious neurological and respiratory damage, putting people’s lives and health at risk.29

In the UK, the death rate rose only after the general lockdown was implemented. 30 Top economists are warning that the UK government is “killing more people than it could possibly save” through lockdowns.31 The UK Daily Mail carried out an audit of 130 studies from journals, academics and charities, documenting the social and health devastation and deaths caused by lockdowns.32 In one county in the US, suicides among young people rose 100%. 33 A million New Yorkers can no longer afford food. 34 Britain’s WHO envoy has said that world poverty will double by 2021 as a result of lockdowns.35

The “COVID” vaccine

Bill Gates wants to reduce the world population.36 He introduced his vaccine containing the electronic nanochip “marker” intended to “mark” and control 7 billion humans at the ID2020 Conference in 2019. ID2020 is intended to provide a unique digital identity for all humans by 2030 that closely interlocks this digital identity with access to commerce and secure access systems. 37 This is the electronic enslavement of humanity.

The subcutaneous chip will be able to:
* Influence the behaviour of the chip-bearer (manipulate and control crowds)
* Eliminate categories of people (reduce the world population)
* Ensure vaccine compliance38
* Permanently locate the bearer (exit civil liberties)
* Integrate 7 billion people into the cloud and operate with an all-digital system that is the equivalent of a credit on a company store.39

Nanochips and liquid crystals in vaccines can influence human behaviour, without concern for political ethics.40 And the upcoming vaccine is intended to genetically modify humanity for all future generations,41 in effect deleting humanity altogether as humans become transhumans or robots.42

South Korea has just had 9 flu shot deaths and 432 adverse reactions, while 5 million doses of vaccine were not refrigerated.43 One volunteer in AstraZeneca’s new “COVID” vaccine has just died44 and two of the trials have been halted because participants became sick

.45 These “COVID” vaccines are not following normal trial procedures and are being rushed out in case the pandemic hoax peters out too soon to convince people to take the vaccine. Governments are giving the pharmaceutical companies full immunity from injury lawsuits.

Increasing numbers of people are saying that they will refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, with about half the US and UK populations saying so

.46 And yet certain governments are planning to force vaccinations on populations using the army

47 while others are planning to ban vaccine refuseniks from work, school or travel.48

Humanity is in extreme and imminent danger

Some good people are launching legal cases to stop this war on humanity, among them the Italian Catholic Association,

49 Simon Dolan and the Bernician in the UK. Children’s Health Defense and the Environmental Health Trust are bringing cases against the Federal Communications Commission for its refusal to review its outdated thermal exposure guidelines on electromagnetic radiation.

50 Common law movements are under way in several countries.

But all of this is too slow. The perpetrators of the COVID scam are still imposing lockdowns and destroying lives, businesses and families. The entity behind all of this, the World Economic Forum, told us in 2017 about the world they want to see by 2030

* You’ll own nothing—you’ll be renting everything
* The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower—because
everything will be under totalitarian, technocratic control and there will be no nation states
* You’ll eat much less meat—you won’t be allowed to
* A billion people will be displaced by [fake] climate change— countries will have to welcome more refugees
* Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide—“polluters” will include farmers trying to grow food crops52
* Western values will have been tested to the breaking point— your culture will be eliminated and replaced with Maoist technocratic slogans.53

They are engineering food shortages in numerous different ways.

54 They are building concentration camps for dissenters.

55 They want to impose a forced vaccine full of nanochips for immunity passports and cryptocurrency, and nanoparticles so they can track, surveil and control us, including our minds. This vaccine is intended to genetically modify humanity for all future generations. In the US, Soros and 269 major corporations are funding Black Lives Matter and destroying America with the complicity of corrupt Democrat politicians.

56 They want civil war everywhere. In Austria, France, Switzerland, the US and other countries, many people are armed and trained to fight. We cannot give them what they want. We must stop this agenda in its tracks, take power ourselves and arrest the perpetrators.


Governments are corporations obeying orders from the World Economic Forum and are no longer serving their peoples. They are acting in contravention of international and national laws and no longer have any legitimacy. We are witnessing the collapse of the rule of law. Governments, elected representatives and international institutions, including the UN, and private clubs such as the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, and the World Economic Forum are complicit in this “greatest crime against humanity ever committed”. Only the sovereign peoples of this world have legitimacy under these circumstances.

The perpetrators, including Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Michael Ryan, the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and UK Health Minister Matt Hancock, French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, mainstream journalists and others must be seized and brought to justice in new Nuremberg trials.

Politicians, journalists peddling fake news for the mainstream media, and others may be granted immunity if they change sides now, join the people before it is too late, and become whistleblowers.

We call upon the human population to shun these genocidal monsters in hotels, in restaurants, in taxis, wherever you come across them. Turn your back on them and show them the contempt they deserve for their psychopathic behaviour and genocidal intent.

We call upon the armies and the national police to stand with the people against the conspirators, who aim to expropriate you, too, and take your children, too, and genocide as many of us as they find convenient. Police and armies will be replaced by machines in the New World Order. You, too, belong with the people and we ask you to stand with us in defending our humanity, our health, our families, our children, indigenous peoples and all of the natural life on Earth that sustains and protects us.


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Chinese Winter & #Coronavirus “Bio-Psy-Op” #LymeDisease #ProjectPaperclip #NAZI 4th Reich: American Nightmare Infiltration WWI #Assassinated JFK RK

Spitfire List | FTR #480 Plum Island, Lyme Disease and the Erich Traub File

– Recorded October 3, 2004  REALAUDIO  NB: This stream contains both FTRs 479 and 480 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast.

In the mid-1970’s Lyme Disease broke out in Connecticut and it has since spread through much of the United States. This program examines the possibility that Lyme Disease may have spread as a result of clandestine experimentation on biological warfare on Plum Island—a Department of Agriculture facility that doubled as an Army BW research facility. Dedicated to the study of animal diseases, Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists brought into the United States under Project Paperclip. One of the Nazi scientists who appears to have been involved with Plum Island was Dr. Erich Traub, who was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program in World War II. Was Traub involved with experiments that led to the spread of Lyme Disease?

Program Highlights Include: Examination of Traub’s studies in the US prior to World War II; Traub’s pro-Nazi activities inside the US before the war; John Loftus’ discovery of references in the National Archives to Nazi scientists experimenting with diseased ticks on Plum Island; Lyme Disease activist Steven Nostrum’s discovery of Loftus’ findings and his work investigating Plum Island; Details of Traub’s involvement with Plum Island; files about Tick Research and Erich Traub that have been purged; Scientific American’s dismissal of the Plum Island/Traub/Paperclip/Lyme Disease link; the Nazi heritage of the Von Holtzbrinck firm—which owns Scientific American; Plum Island experimentation with the disease-carrying “Lone Star Tick”; the fact that the Lone Star Tick—native to Texas—has somehow spread to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut!

1. In order to understand how Erich Traub came to the United States, it is important to understand Project PAPERCLIP. The program begins with a synoptic account of that project and how its prosecution led to Traub’s entry to the United States and his involvement with Plum Island: “Nearing the end of World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union raced to recruit German scientists for postwar purposes. Under a top-secret program code-named Project PAPERCLIP, the U.S. military pursued Nazi scientific talent ‘like forbidden fruit,’ bringing them to America under employment contracts and offering them full U.S. citizenship. The recruits were supposed to be nominal participants in Nazi activities. But the zealous military recruited more than two thousand scientists, many of whom had dark Nazi party pasts.”
(Lab 257: the Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory; by Michael Christopher Carroll; Copyright 2004 by Michael Christopher Carroll; HarperCollins [HC]; p. 7.)

2. “American scientists viewed these Germans as peers, and quickly forgot they were on opposite sides of a ghastly global war in which millions perished. Fearing brutal retaliation from the Soviets for the Nazis’ vicious treatment of them, some scientists cooperated with the Americans to earn amnesty. Others played the two nations off each other to get the best financial deal in exchange for their services. Dr. Erich Traub was troubling on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain after the war, and ordered to research germ warfare viruses for the Russians. He pulled off a daring escape with his family to West Berlin in 1949. Applying for Project Paperclip employment, Traub affirmed he wanted to ‘do scientific work in the U.S.A., become an American citizen, and be protected from Russian reprisals.’” (Idem.)

3. The program sets forth Traub’s work for the Third Reich: “As lab chief of Insel Riems—a secret Nazi biological warfare laboratory on a crescent-shaped island nestled in the Baltic Sea—Traub worked directly for Adolf Hitler’s second-in-charge, SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler, on live germ trials. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 7–8.)

4. Traub had studied in the United States before the war (at the Rockefeller Institute) and had been involved in Nazi activities inside the U.S. prior to 1939 (the outbreak of World War II). “ . . . Traub also listed his 1930’s membership in Amerika-Deutscher Volksbund, a German-American ‘club’ also known as Camp Sigfriend. Just thirty miles west of Plum Island in Yaphank, Long Island, Camp Sigfried was the national headquarters of the American Nazi movement. . . .Ironically, Traub spent the prewar period of his scientific career on a fellowship at the Rockefeller Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, perfecting his skills in viruses and bacteria under the tutelage of American experts before returning to Nazi Germany on the eve of war. Despite Traub’s troubling war record, the U.S. Navy recruited him for its scientific designs, and stationed him at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.” (Ibid.; p. 8.)

5. Nominally under the jurisdiction of the USDA (Department of Agriculture), Plum Island was also used for military biological warfare research on animal diseases. In that regard, it was involved with Fort Dietrick, the Army’s top chemical and biological warfare facility. Note that Traub was at the foundation of the Plum Island/biological warfare nexus. “Just months into his PAPERCLIP contract, the germ warriors of Fort Detrick, the Army’s biological warfare headquarters, in Frederick, Maryland, and CIA operatives invited Traub in for a talk, later reported in a declassified top-secret summary: Dr. Traub is a noted authority on viruses and diseases in Germany and Europe. This interrogation revealed much information of value to the animal disease program from a Biological Warfare point of view. Dr. Traub discussed work done at a German animal disease station during World War II and subsequent to the war when the station was under Russian control.’ Traub’s detailed explanation of the secret operation on Insel Riems, and his activities there during the war and for the Soviets, laid the ground work for Fort Detrick’s offshore germ warfare animal diseased lab on Plum Island. Traub was a founding father. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 8–9.)

6. It is interesting to note that the Third Reich’s biological warfare program had the cover name of “Cancer Research Program.” (In RFA#16—available from Spitfire—as well as FTR#’s 16, 73, we look at the National Cancer Institute’s Special Viral Cancer Research Program and the evidence suggesting that the project was actually a front for the continuation of biological warfare research. Erich Traub appears to have been involved with the projects related to the SVCRP.) “ . . . Everybody seemed willing to forget about Erich Traub’s dirty past—that he played a crucial role in the Nazis’ ‘Cancer Research Program,’ the cover name for their biological warfare program, and that he worked directly under SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. They seemed willing to overlook that Traub in the 1930’s faithfully attended Camp Sigfried. In fact, the USDA liked him so much, it glossed over his dubious past and offered him the top scientist job at the new Plum Island Laboratory—not once, but twice. Just months after the 1952 public hearings on selecting Plum Island, Doc Shahan dialed Dr. Traub at the naval laboratory to discuss plans for establishing the germ laboratory and a position on Plum Island.” (Ibid.; p. 10.)

7. More about how Traub came to be in a significant position at Plum Island. “Six years later—and only two years after Traub squirmed in his seat at the Plum Island dedication ceremonies—senior sc

ientist Dr. Jacob Traum retired. The USDA needed someone of ‘outstanding caliber, with a long established reputation, internationally as well as nationally,’ to fill Dr. Traum’s shoes. But somehow it couldn’t find a suitable American. ‘As a last resort it is now proposed that a foreigner be employed.’ The aggies’ choice? Erich Traub, who was in their view ‘the most desirable candidate from any source.’ The 1958 secret USDA memorandum ‘Justification for Employment of Dr. Erich Traub’ conveniently omitted his World War II activities; but it did emphasize that ‘his originality, scientific abilities, and general competence as an investigator’ were developed at the Rockefeller Institute in New Jersey in the 1930’s.” (Idem.)

8. The push to employ Traub as the director of Plum Island involved professional recommendations that omitted his work for the Third Reich: “The letters supporting Traub to lead Plum Island came in from fellow Plum Island founders. ‘I hope that every effort will be made to get him. He has had long and productive experience in both prewar and postwar Germany,’ said Dr. William Hagan, dean of the Cornell University veterinary school, carefully dispensing with his wartime activities. The final word came from his dear American friend and old Rockefeller Institute boss Dr. Richard Shope, who described Traub as ‘careful, skill, productive and very original’ and ‘one of this world’s most outstanding virologists.’ Shope’s sole reference to Traub at war: ‘During the war he was in Germany serving in the German Army.’” (Idem.)

9. Traub declined the offer to lead the lab. There is considerable evidence that he was involved with biological warfare research at Plum Island. “Declining the USDA’s offer, Traub continued his directorship of the Tubingen laboratory in West Germany, though he visited Plum Island frequently. In 1960, he was forced to resign as Tubingen’s director under a dark cloud of financial embezzlement. Traub continued sporadic lab research for another three years, and then left Tubingen for good–a scandalous end to a checkered career. In the late 1970’s, the esteemed virologist Dr. Robert Shope, on business in Munich, paid his father Richard’s old Rockefeller Institute disciple a visit. The germ warrior had been in early retirement for about a decade by then. ‘I had dinner with Traub one day—out of old time’s sake—and he was a pretty defeated man by then.’ On May 18, 1985, the Nazis’ virus warrior Dr. Erich Traub died unexpectedly in his sleep in West Germany. He was seventy-eight years old.” (Ibid.; pp. 10–11.)

10. “A biological warfare mercenary who worked under three flags—Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States—Traub was never investigated for war crimes. He escaped any inquiry into his wartime past. The full extent of his sordid endeavors went with him to his grave. While America brought a handful of Nazi war criminals to justice, it safeguarded many others in exchange for verses to the new state religion—modern science and espionage. Records detailing a fraction of Eric Traub’s activities are now available to the public, but most are withheld by Army intelligence and the CIA on grounds of national security. But there’s enough of a glimpse to draw quite a sketch.” (Ibid.; p. 11.)

11. An important chapter in the story of how the inquiry into the possible link between Plum Island, Erich Traub’s work on behalf of the US and the spread of Lyme Disease concerns the work of former Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus. In his book The Belarus Secret, Loftus referred to work done on Plum Island in the early 1950’s in which Nazi scientists were experimenting on diseased ticks. Might that have referred to Traub?! “ . . . Attorney John Loftus was hired in 1979 by the Office of Special Investigations, a unit set up by the Justice Department to expose Nazi war crimes and unearth Nazis hiding in the United States. Given top-secret clearance to review files that had been sealed for thirty-five years, Loftus found a treasure trove of information on America’s postwar Nazi recruiting. In 1982, publicly challenging the government’s complacency with the wrongdoing, he told 60 Minutes that top Nazi officers had been protected and harbored in America by the CIA and the State Department. ‘They got the Emmy Award,’ Loftus wrote. ‘My family got the death threats.’” (Ibid.; p. 13.)

12. “Old spies reached out to him after the publication of his book, The Belarus Secret, encouraged that he—unlike other authors—submitted his manuscript to the government, agreeing to censor portions to protect national security. The spooks gave him copies of secret documents and told him stories of clandestine operations. From these leads, Loftus ferreted out the dubious Nazi past of Austrian president and U.N. secretary general Kurt Waldheim. Loftus revealed that during World War II, Waldheim had been an officer in a German Army unit that committed atrocities in Yugoslavia. A disgraced Kurt Waldheim faded from the international scene soon thereafter.” (Idem.)

13. “In the preface of The Belarus Secret, Loftus laid out a striking piece of information gleaned from his spy network: ‘Even more disturbing are the records of the Nazi germ warfare scientists who came to America. They experimented with poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare diseases. I have received some information suggesting that the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on the Plum Island artillery range off the coast of Connecticut during the early 1950’s. . . .Most of the germ warfare records have been shredded, but there is a top secret U.S. document confirming that ‘clandestine attacks on crops and animals’ took place at this time.” (Idem.)

14. More pieces of evidence on the tantalizing trail of evidence pointing to a possible Plum Island/Traub/Lyme disease link: “Erich Traub had been working for the American biological warfare program from his 1949 Soviet escape until 1953. We know he consulted with Fort Dietrick scientists and CIA operatives; that he worked for the USDA for a brief stint; and that he spoke regularly with Plum Island director Doc Shahan in 1952. Traub can be physically placed on Plum Island at least three times—on dedication day in 1956 and two visits, once in 1957 and again in the spring of 1958. Shahan, who enforced an ultrastrict policy against outside visitors, each time received special clearance from the State Department to allow Traub on Plum Island soil.” (Ibid.; p. 14.)

15. If in fact Traub was involved with research on Plum Island, this development would have been consistent with programs being conducted at that time involving experimentation on unwitting American citizens with biological and chemical warfare research agents: “Research unearthed three USDA files from the vault of the National Archives—two were labeled TICK RESEARCH and a third E.TRAUB. All three folders were empty. The caked-on dust confirms the file boxes hadn’t been open since the moment before they were taped shut in the 1950’s. Preposterous as it sounds, clandestine outdoor germ warfare trials were almost routine during this period. In 1952, the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for a ‘vigorous, well-planned, large-scale [biological warfare] test to the secretary of defense later that year stated, ‘Steps should be take to make certain of adequate facilities are available, including those at Fort Detrick, Dugway Proving Ground, Fort Terry (Plum Island) and an island field testing area.’ Was Plum Island the island field testing area? Indeed, when the Army first scouted Plum Island for its Cold War designs, they charted wind speeds and direction and found that, much to their liking, the prevailing winds blew out to sea.” (Idem.)


“One of the participating ‘interested agencies’ was the USDA, which admittedly set up large plots of land throughout the Midwest for airborne anticrop germ spray tests. Fort Detrick’s Special Operations Division ran ‘vulnerability tests’ in which operatives walked around Washington, D.C., and San Francisco with suitcases holding Serratia marcescens—a bacteria recommended to Fort Detrick by Traub’s nominal supervisor, Nazi germ czar and Nuremberg defendant Dr. Kurt Blome. Tiny perforations allowed the germs’ release so they could trace the flow of the germs through airports and bus terminals. Shortly thereafter, eleven elderly men and women checked into hospitals with never-before-seen Serratia marcescens infections. One patient died. Decades later when the germ tests were disclosed, the Army denied responsibility. . . . In the summer of 1966, Special Operations men walked into three New York City subway stations and tossed lightbulbs filled Bacillus subtilis, a benign bacteria, onto the tracks. The subway trains pushed the germs through the entire system and theoretically killed over a million passengers.” (Idem.)

17. “Tests were also run with live, virulent, anti-animal germ agents. Two hog-cholera bombs were exploded at an altitude of 1,500 feet over pigpens set up at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. And turkey feathers laced with Newcastle disease virus were dropped on animals grazing on a University of Wisconsin farm.” (Ibid.; p. 15.)

18. “The Army never fully withdrew its germ warfare efforts against food animals. Two years after the Army gave Plum Island to the USDA—and three years after it told President Eisenhower it had ended all biological warfare against food animals—the Joint Chiefs advised that ‘research on anti-animal agent-munition combinations should’ continue, as well as ‘field testing of anti-food agent munition combinations. . . .’ In November 1957, military intelligence examined the elimination of the food supply of the Sino-Soviet Bloc, right down to the calories required for victory: ‘In order to have a crippling effect on the economy of the USSR, the food and animal crop resources of the USSR would have to be damaged within a single growing season to the extent necessary to reduce the present average daily caloric intake from 2,800 calories to 1,400 calories; i.e., the starvation level. Reduction of food resources to this level, if maintained for twelve months, would produce 20 percent fatalities, and would decrease manual labor performance by 95 percent and clerical and light labor performance by 80 percent.’ At least six outdoor stockyard tests occurred in 1964–65. Simulants were sprayed into stockyards in Fort Worth, Kansas City, St. Paul, Sioux Falls, and Omaha in tests determining how much foot-and-mouth disease virus would be required to destroy the food supply.” (Idem.)

19. “Had the Army commandeered Plum Island for an outdoor trial? Maybe the USDA lent a hand with the trial, as it had done out west by furnishing the large test fields. After all, the Plum Island agreement between the Army and the USDA allowed the Army to borrow the island from the USDA when necessary and in the national interest.” (Idem.)

20. A former employee at Plum Island in the 1950’s has personal recollection of a “Nazi scientist” releasing ticks outdoors on Plum Island. “Traub might have monitored the tests. A source who worked on Plum Island in the 1950’s recalls that animal handlers and a scientist released ticks outdoors on the island. ‘They called him the Nazi scientist, when they came in, in 1951—they were inoculating these ticks,’ and a picture he once saw ‘shows the animal handler pointing to the area on Plum where they released the ticks.’ Dr. Traub’s World War II handiwork consisted of aerial virus sprays developed on Insel Riems and tested over occupied Russia, and of field work for Heinrich Himmler in Turkey. Indeed, his colleagues conducted bug trials by dropping live beetles from planes. An outdoor tick trial would have been de rigueur for Erich Traub.” (Ibid.; pp. 15–16.)

21. Next, the program sets forth the case of Steve Nostrum—an early Lyme Disease victim whose reading of Loftus’ book spurred him to begin inquiring about the Plum Island/Traub connection. “Somebody gave Steve Nostrum a copy of John Loftus’s The Belarus Secret at one of his support group meetings. Steve had long suspected that Plum Island played a role in the evolution of Lyme disease, given the nature of its business and its proximity to Old Lyme, Connecticut. But he never publicly voiced the hunch, fearing a loss of credibility; hard facts and statistics earned him a reputation as a leader in the Lyme disease field. Now in his hands, he had a book written by a Justice Department attorney who not only had appeared on 60 Minutes but also had brought down the secretary general of the United Nations. Nostrum disclosed the possible Plum-Lyme connection on his own television show. He invited local news reporter and Plum Island ombudsman Karl Grossman to help him explore the possibilities in light of the island’s biological mishaps. Asked why he wrote about Loftus’s book in his weekly newspaper column, Grossman says, ‘To let the theory rise or fall. To let the public consider it. And it seemed to me that the author was a Nazi hunter and a reputable attorney—this was not trivial information provided [and it was provided] by some reliable person.’” (Idem.)

22. “In October 1995, Nostrum, fresh off nursing duty (having earned an RN degree to help Lyme disease patients), rushed to a rare public meeting held by the USDA. In a white nurse’s coat, stethoscope still around his neck, Nostrum rose. Trembling, his blond beard now streaked with gray, he clutched his copy of The Belarus Secret as he read the damning passage out loud for the USDA and the public to hear. ‘I don’t know whether this is true,’ he said, looking at the dais. ‘If it is true, there must be an investigation—if it’s not true, then John Loftus needs to be prosecuted.’ People in the audience clapped, and some were astonished. A few gawked, thinking he was nuts. How did the official USDA officials react? ‘If stares could kill, I would have been dead,’ remembers Nostrum.” (Idem.)

23. “Hiding behind the same aloof veil of secrecy they had employed for decades, the USDA brazenly cut him off. ‘There are those who think that little green men are hiding out there,’ the officials responded to Nostrum. ‘But trust us when we say there are no space aliens and no five-legged cows.’ A few laughs erupted in the crowd. ‘It did nothing but detract from what I was saying,’ says Nostrum. ‘But I said it, and I had the documentation to support it.’” (Idem.)

24. The author speculates about the deer and birds that visited Plum Island, and the possibility that some of the infected ticks may well have traveled to the mainland from the island on those vectors. (Carroll explains that white-tailed deer regularly swim the two miles to the island to forage and migrating birds stop on Plum Island on their way North and South during their annual migrations.) “ . . . If Dr. Traub continued his outdoor germ experiments with the Army and experimented with ticks outdoors, the ticks would have made contact with mice, deer, and more than 140 species of wild birds known to frequent and nest on Plum Island. The birds spread their toxic cargo to resting and nesting perches atop the great elms and oaks of Old Lyme and elsewhere, just like they spread the West Nile virus throughout the United States.” (Ibid.; p. 21.)

25. After noting that allegations of the discovery of Bb (the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease) in the late 1940’s coincides with Traub’s arrival on the island, the broadcast sets forth the denials by a USDA spokesperson that there was any BW/Traub/Plum Island link to the spread of the Lyme infection. Note that Scientific American dismissed the possibility of a “Nazi scientist” link to Plum Island. In FTR#240—part of the long FTR series about “German Corporate Control over American Media”–it was noted that the Von Holtzbrinck firm controls that magazine. Like its larger competitor Bertelsmann, the Von Holtzbrinck firm is rooted firmly in the Third Reich. In FTR#226, we examined the Nazi heritage of Von Holtzbrinck and the possibility that they may employed the notorious SS officer and Goebbels protégé Werner Naumann. The possibility that the Von Holtzbrinck/Scientific American link may have had something to do with the magazine’s casual dismissal of the Traub/Plum/Lyme link is not one to be too readily dismissed. “Researchers trying to prove that Lyme disease existed before 1975 claim to have isolated Bb [the bacterium that causes the infection] in ticks collected on nearby Shelter Island and Long Island in the late 1940’s. That timing coincides with both Erich Traub’s arrival in the United States on Project PAPERCLIP and the Army’s selection of Plum Island as its offshore biological warfare laboratory. The USDA’s spokesperson, Sandy Miller Hays, is unconvinced about the possibility of a link between Lyme disease and Plum Island: . . . A PR expert, Hays had Scientific American eating out of her hand in June 2000, when they reported her as saying, ‘ ‘We still get asked about the Nazi scientists,’ . . . [with] the slightest trace of weariness creeping into her voice.’ In their feature story on Plum Island, the prestigious magazine dubbed the intrigue surrounding the island as a ‘fanciful fictional tapestry.’” (Ibid.; pp. 21–22.)

26. The program concludes with examination of Plum Island’s work with the “Lone Star Tick”—native to Texas. The focal point of experimentation on Plum Island in the 1970’s, the Lone Star tick—like Lyme Disease–is now spread throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. How did that happen? “ . . . The lab chief [Dr. Charles Mebus] failed to mention that Plum Island also worked on ‘hard ticks,’ a crucial distinction. A long overlooked document, obtained from the files of an investigation by the office of former Long Island Congressman Thomas Downey, sheds new light on the second, more damning connection to Lyme disease. A USDA 1978 internal research document titled ‘African Swine Fever’ notes that in 1975 and 1976, contemporaneous with the strange outbreak in Old Lyme, Connecticut, ‘the adult and nymphal stages of Abylomma americanum and Abylomma cajunense were found to be incapable of harboring and transmitting African swine fever virus.’ In laymen’s terms, Plum Island was experimenting with the Lone Star tick and the Cayenne tick—feeding them on viruses and testing them on pigs—during the ground zero year of Lyme disease. They did not transmit African swine fever to pigs, said the document, but they might have transmitted Bb to researchers or to the island’s vectors. The Lone Star tick, named after the white star on the back of the female, is a hard tick; along with its cousin, the deer tick, it is a culprit in the spread of Lyme disease. Interestingly, at that time, the Lone Star tick’s habitat was confined to Texas. Today, however, it is endemic throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. And no one can really explain how it migrated all the way from Texas. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 24–25.)

The first article below reports that that that the U.S. House of Representatives has approved an amendment to a bill instructing the Defense Department’s Inspector General to determine if the US had experimented with Ticks for use as a bioweapon between 1950–1970, and also determine if any escaped from US government facilities including Fort Detrick, Maryland, and Plum Island, New York. The second article suggests that a tick is a very effective vehicle to spread diseases.


The Guardian
Julian Borger in Washington
Tue 16 Jul 2019 18.35 EDT
House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks
A New Jersey lawmaker suggests the government turned ticks and insects into bioweapons to spread disease and possibly released them
The US House of Representatives has called for an investigation into whether the spread of Lyme disease had its roots in a Pentagon experiment in weaponising ticks.

The House approved an amendment proposed by a Republican congressman from New Jersey, Chris Smith, instructing the defence department’s inspector general to conduct a review of whether the US “experimented with ticks and … insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975”.

The review would have to assess the scope of the experiment and “whether any ticks or insects used in such experiment were released outside of any laboratory by accident or experiment design”.

The amendment was approved by a voice vote in the House and added to a defence spending bill, but the bill still has to be reconciled with a Senate version.

Smith said the amendment was inspired by “a number of books and articles suggesting that significant research had been done at US government facilities including Fort Detrick, Maryland, and Plum Island, New York, to turn ticks and … insects into bioweapons”.

A new book published in May by a Stanford University science writer and former Lyme sufferer, Kris Newby, has raised questions about the origins of the disease, which affects 400,000 Americans each year.

Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, cites the Swiss-born discoverer of the Lyme pathogen, Willy Burgdorfer, as saying that the Lyme epidemic was a military experiment that had gone wrong.

Burgdorfer, who died in 2014, worked as a bioweapons researcher for the US military and said he was tasked with breeding fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects, and infecting them with pathogens that cause human diseases.

According to the book, there were programs to drop “weaponised” ticks and other bugs from the air, and that uninfected bugs were released in residential areas in the US to trace how they spread. It suggests that such a scheme could have gone awry and led to the eruption of Lyme disease in the US in the 1960s.

• This article was amended on 18 July 2019 to clarify that ticks are not insects.

In another January 25, 2018 Guardian article titled “Forget Ebola, Sars and Zika: ticks are the next global health threat” it reveals what an effective disease pathogen the tick is. The article states:

“few parasites are as good at jumping between animals and people as the tick. “… “Ticks can carry an extremely wide array of human pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Within the long list of human ailments caused by ticks, several dangerous diseases stand out.”


Mackenzie Kwak
Zoologist Mackenzie Kwak’s research focuses on the biogeography, systematics and ecology of Australasian ectoparasites.
Thu 25 Jan 2018 07.47 EST

Forget Ebola, Sars and Zika: ticks are the next global health threat

Ticks carry a wide array of pathogens – and environmental changes mean they are spreading
Since the beginning of our species we have been at war. It’s a continuous, neverending fight against the smallest of adversaries: armies of pathogens and parasites. As we have developed new ways to survive and stop them, they have evolved ever more complex and ingenious methods to thwart our efforts.

Humans have faced numerous attempts to challenge our dominance on planet Earth , and from the Black Death to the Spanish flu, we have weathered them all. However, since the start of the 21st century, with its trend towards global interconnectedness, these onslaughts are ever-increasing. In the past 17 years we have battled Sars, the Ebola virus, Mers, and more recently the mysterious mosquito-borne Zika virus. These diseases seeming to appear from nowhere and rapidly ravage our populations. One commonality is that they almost always originate in animals before jumping across to people, and few parasites are as good at jumping between animals and people as the tick.

Ticks could be best described as the used syringes of the natural world due to their promiscuous feeding habits. Most ticks go through three stages in their lives and feed on a different host at each stage, whilst simultaneously collecting hitchhiking microbes in their blood meals. Ticks also have one of the widest distributions of any vector on Earth – they can be found on every continent, including frigid Antarctica. This combination of ubiquity and a bad habit for accumulating pathogenic microbes make ticks some of the most dangerous vectors on the planet.
So why ticks? And why now?

Partly, it’s because ticks have been understudied for so long that only recently have we begun to realise just how much they affect our health. It took until 1975 for the infamous Lyme disease even to be formally described, and today the list of microbes found within ticks grows ever larger every year as numerous new species are discovered.

Changing ecosystems are also forcing ticks into closer contact with humans. Perhaps the most immediate changes are being driven by land clearing, which is forcing wildlife into closer contact with humans; with wildlife come ticks and the diseases they carry. Climate change has also been implicated: as the climate gets warmer, some ticks are expanding their ranges into places where cool winter temperatures previously limited their distribution. Geographical boundaries are also being eroded as rapid transport links environments which were previously isolated from one another. This presents easy opportunity for ticks to cross borders and spread to new habitats they may not have previously occupied.

In short, our manipulation of the environment has set the stage for a tick-driven health crisis.

Ticks can carry an extremely wide array of human pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Within the long list of human ailments caused by ticks, several dangerous diseases stand out.

While the recognition of Lyme disease has led to a greater study of the bacteria which cause it and more frequent testing for patients, it has been a double-edged sword, as its notoriety has overshadowed equally important diseases like tick-borne rickettsiosis (TBR). TBR is caused by a number of different bacteria distributed across the globe. Unfortunately, TBR often presents with signs and symptoms similar to Lyme disease, such as rashes, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue. Although deaths are rare when TBR is treated with antibiotics like doxycycline, when the disease is incorrectly diagnosed or adequate medical infrastructure is lacking, mortalities can still occur.

Babesiosis is an emerging tick-borne disease caused by a protozoan called Babesia, a species related to the microbe which causes malaria. The disease is rarely tested for by doctors and the global levels of human infection are unknown, although some researchers believe that they may be much higher than present rates of diagnosis indicate. Infections can be highly variable, with about a quarter of infected adults showing no signs of the disease, while others will die from the infection. In truth the disease is still poorly understood in humans, which is compounded by the fact that several species of Babesia cause the disease and the signs and symptoms can be wide-ranging and often include fever, fatigue, anaemia, and nausea – all common features of other illnesses.

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is perhaps the most terrifying disease spread by ticks, as there are no treatments available, and mortality rates can be as high as 40% in infected humans. To put it into perspective, that mortality rate is similar to untreated cases of Ebola or the bubonic plague. The World Health Organisation views CCHF virus as having a high chance of causing human disease epidemics and has accordingly directed considerable funding towards finding a treatment, although to date none have been developed. The wide distribution of tick vectors capable of spreading the disease coupled with the ability of common domestic animals such as sheep and cattle to maintain the CCHF virus in their blood at high levels means the potential for CCHF to expand into new regions like Europe is highly probable.

While only discovered in 2009, SFTS virus (severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome) has sparked widespread fear through much of Asia, especially in Japan where 57 people have died of the disease since 2013. Signs of the disease can range in severity from relatively mild, like fever and diarrhoea, to severe, which can include multiple organ failure. The fact that the epidemiology of the disease is so poorly known makes predicting and controlling its spread difficult. It is also known to be carried by at least two cosmopolitan tick species which are spread throughout the world from the UK, to the US, and even Australia. That might sounds bad enough, but things are even worse: although the disease typically gets to humans via a tick, from there it can spread to other humans or their pets and back again into ticks who feed on infected hosts.

Ticks are ubiquitous, dangerous, and are coming into ever greater contact with us. We must recognise that the next public health crisis may come from our backyards rather than a remote equatorial jungle in Africa or Asia.


Spitfire List | FTR #480 Plum Island, Lyme Disease and the Erich Traub File

FTR #480 Plum Island, Lyme Disease and the Erich Traub File

The Matrix Movie is Reality: Whistleblower Bryan Kofron and D-Waves Geordie Rose Reveal the Truth



1. The DNA WAVE GENOME TOPOLOGICAL QUANTUM COMPUTER http://scireprints.lu.lv/69/2/gari.pdf
4. DIGITAL TO BIO*LOGICAL CONVERTER https://www.hagmannreport.com/in-sili…
6. Scientists Have Discovered The Protein That Enables Hearing https://www.forbes.com/sites/fionamcm…
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10. From Psyops to Neurowar: What Are the Dangers? http://web.isanet.org/Web/Conferences…

DR. Robert Duncan – Neurotech Targeting of Humanity by RamolaD [World Domination]

Ramola D Reports

my notes
22 years Duncan has tried alerting the public which include LA FBI, judiciary committee, armed forces, 23 Senators, ‘more importantly the intelligence committee…’ to no avail. The Senate Intelligence Committee states they ‘never heard of mkultra.” an outright lie. –Duncan
Worked for DARPA CIA DOD DOJ Various international businesses
microwave weapons to mind control presiding leaders of countries, including the US.

the scientists are compartmentalize, and lied to.

voice morphing, voice recognition, voice to god

brain to computer interface or brain to brain interface: this is how other’s, family included and strangers, know to say things to the TI things only you’d know or some dark secret, etc. they are not in on it nor paid… they like you, me, and almost everyone else are in the mainframe… we are interfaced to the simulation matrix control grid.

The Matrix Deciphered by Duncan

  • breakdown target
  • cause loss of will to live
  • create Manchurian candidate
  • use their brain to teach AI
  • destroy target
  • fake alien space craft
  • fake demons with laser beam weapons
  • dumbed down population
  • total control of humanity including country leaders
  • torture, brutal experiments
  • voice morphing
  • mind hiving, mind hopping
  • targeted individuals
  • gangstalking
  • neural tech attacks
  • erase memory, false memories, split personalizes, create cerebral control — create trained mind cloned beliefs onto the targets mind, alter TIs voice, screw up their speech, alter outcome, insert thoughts, overt targeted.
  • covert targets — so called perps are actually unaware targets, subconscious
  • dream morphing; subliminal dreams to affect your awaken concious (programmed while asleep)
  • Pre Crime — arrest TIs etc
  • Going after Highly Intelligent, misfits,

Do not communicate or respond to the targeting — it entrains you into the AI mind hive

All alien stories disinformation as cover stories



Deadly Distractions: Laying the Groundwork for the Next Civil War | By John W. Whitehead |

Pity the nation oh pity the people
who allow their rights to erode
and their freedoms to be washed away…”
—Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet

And so it continues.

This impeachment fiasco is merely the latest in a never-ending series of distractions, distortions, and political theater aimed at diverting the public’s attention from the sinister advances of the American Police State.

Don’t allow yourselves to be distracted, diverted or mesmerized by the cheap theater tricks.

This impeachment spectacle is Shakespearean in its scope: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Nothing is the key word here.

Despite the wall-to-wall media coverage, nothing will change.

Mark my words: the government will remain as corrupt and self-serving as ever, dominated by two political factions that pretend to be at odds with each other all the while moving in lockstep to maintain the status quo.

So President Trump’s legal team can grandstand all they want about the impeachment trial being “an affront to the Constitution” and “a dangerous perversion of the Constitution,” but that’s just smoke and mirrors.

You know what is really “an affront to the Constitution”? The U.S. government.

We’ve been losing our freedoms so incrementally for so long—sold to us in the name of national security and global peace, maintained by way of martial law disguised as law and order, and enforced by a standing army of militarized police and a political elite determined to maintain their powers at all costs—that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it all started going downhill, but we’re certainly on that downward trajectory now, and things are moving fast.

The republic has fallen.

The Deep State’s plot to take over America has succeeded.

The American system of representative government has been overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic, corporate oligarchy bent on total control and global domination through the imposition of martial law here at home and by fomenting wars abroad.

Even now, we are being pushed and prodded towards a civil war, not because the American people are so dividved but because that’s how corrupt governments control a populace (i.e., divide and conquer).

These are dangerous times.

These are indeed dangerous times but not because of violent crime, which remains at an all-time low, or because of terrorism, which is statistically rare, or because the borders are being invaded by foreign armies, which data reports from the Department of Homeland Security refute.

No, the real danger that we face comes from none other than the U.S. government and the powers it has granted to its standing armies to rob, steal, cheat, harass, detain, brutalize, terrorize, torture and kill American citizens with immunity.

The danger “we the people” face comes from masked invaders on the government payroll who crash through our doors in the dark of night, shoot our dogs, and terrorize our families.

This danger comes from militarized henchmen on the government payroll who demand absolute obedience, instill abject fear, and shoot first and ask questions later.

This danger comes from greedy, power-hungry bureaucrats on the government payroll who have little to no understanding of their constitutional limits.

This danger comes from greedy politicians and corporations for whom profit trumps principle.

You want to know about the state of our union? It’s downright scary.

Consider, if you will, all of the dastardly, devious, diabolical, dangerous, debilitating, deceitful, dehumanizing, demonic, depraved, dishonorable, disillusioning, discriminatory, dictatorial schemes inflicted on “we the people” by a bureaucratic, totalitarian regime that has long since ceased to be “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Americans have no protection against police abuse. It is no longer unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later, such as the 16-year-old teenager who skipped school only to be shot by police after they mistook him for a fleeing burglar. Then there was the unarmed black man in Texas “who was pursued and shot in the back of the neck by Austin Police… after failing to properly identify himself and leaving the scene of an unrelated incident.” And who could forget the 19-year-old Seattle woman who was accidentally shot in the leg by police after she refused to show her hands? What is increasingly common, however, is the news that the officers involved in these incidents get off with little more than a slap on the hands.

Americans are little more than pocketbooks to fund the police state. If there is any absolute maxim by which the federal government seems to operate, it is that the American taxpayer always gets ripped off. This is true, whether you’re talking about taxpayers being forced to fund high-priced weaponry that will be used against us, endless wars that do little for our safety or our freedoms, or bloated government agencies such as the National Security Agency with its secret budgets, covert agendas and clandestine activities. Rubbing salt in the wound, even monetary awards in lawsuits against government officials who are found guilty of wrongdoing are paid by the taxpayer.

Americans are no longer innocent until proven guilty. We once operated under the assumption that you were innocent until proven guilty. Due in large part to rapid advances in technology and a heightened surveillance culture, the burden of proof has been shifted so that the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty has been usurped by a new norm in which all citizens are suspects. This is exemplified by police practices of stopping and frisking people who are merely walking down the street and where there is no evidence of wrongdoing. Likewise, by subjecting Americans to full-body scans and license-plate readers without their knowledge or compliance and then storing the scans for later use, the government—in cahoots with the corporate state—has erected the ultimate suspect society. In such an environment, we are all potentially guilty of some wrongdoing or other.

Americans no longer have a right to self-defense. In the wake of various shootings in recent years, “gun control” has become a resounding theme. Those advocating gun reform see the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms as applying only to government officials. As a result, even Americans who legally own firearms are being treated with suspicion and, in some cases, undue violence. In one case, a Texas man had his home subjected to a no-knock raid and was shot in his bed after police, attempting to deliver a routine search warrant, learned that he was in legal possession of a firearm. In another incident, a Florida man who was licensed to carry a concealed firearm found himself detained for two hours during a routine traffic stop in Maryland while the arresting officer searched his vehicle in vain for the man’s gun, which he had left at home. Incidentally, the Trump Administration has done more to crack down on Second Amendment rights than anything the Obama Administration ever managed.

Americans no longer have a right to private property. If government agents can invade your home, break down your doors, kill your dog, damage your furnishings and terrorize your family, your property is no longer private and secure—it belongs to the government. Likewise, if government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property.

Americans no longer have a say about what their children are exposed to in school. Incredibly, the government continues to insist that parents essentially forfeit their rights when they send their children to a public school. This growing tension over whether young people, especially those in the public schools, are essentially wards of the state, to do with as government officials deem appropriate, in defiance of the children’s constitutional rights and those of their parents, is reflected in the debate over sex education programs that expose young people to all manner of sexual practices and terminology, zero tolerance policies that strip students of any due process rights, let alone parental involvement in school discipline, and Common Core programs that teach students to be test-takers rather than critical thinkers.

Americans are powerless in the face of militarized police. In early America, citizens were considered equals with law enforcement officials. Authorities were rarely permitted to enter one’s home without permission or in a deceitful manner. And it was not uncommon for police officers to be held personally liable for trespass when they wrongfully invaded a citizen’s home. Unlike today, early Americans could resist arrest when a police officer tried to restrain them without proper justification or a warrant—which the police had to allow citizens to read before arresting them. (Daring to dispute a warrant with a police official today who is armed with high-tech military weapons and tasers would be nothing short of suicidal.) As police forces across the country continue to be transformed into outposts of the military, with police agencies acquiring military-grade hardware in droves, Americans are finding their once-peaceful communities transformed into military outposts, complete with tanks, weaponry, and other equipment designed for the battlefield.

Americans no longer have a right to bodily integrity. Court rulings undermining the Fourth Amendment and justifying invasive strip searches have left us powerless against police empowered to forcefully draw our blood, strip search us, and probe us intimately. Accounts are on the rise of individuals—men and women—being subjected to what is essentially government-sanctioned rape by police in the course of “routine” traffic stops. Remember the New Mexico man who was subjected to a 12-hour ordeal of anal probes, X-rays, enemas, and finally a colonoscopy—all because he allegedly rolled through a stop sign?

Americans no longer have a right to the expectation of privacy. Despite the staggering number of revelations about government spying on Americans’ phone calls, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Google searches, emails, bookstore and grocery purchases, bank statements, commuter toll records, etc., Congress, the president and the courts have done little to nothing to counteract these abuses. Instead, they seem determined to accustom us to life in this electronic concentration camp.

Americans can no longer rely on the courts to mete out justice. The U.S. Supreme Court was intended to be an institution established to intervene and protect the people against the government and its agents when they overstep their bounds. Yet through their deference to police power, preference for security over freedom, and evisceration of our most basic rights for the sake of order and expediency, the justices of the Supreme Court have become the architects of the American police state in which we now live, while the lower courts have appointed themselves courts of order, concerned primarily with advancing the government’s agenda, no matter how unjust or illegal.

Americans no longer have a representative government. We have moved beyond the era of representative government and entered a new age, let’s call it the age of authoritarianism. In fact, a study conducted by Princeton and Northwestern University concluded that the U.S. government does not represent the majority of American citizens. Instead, the study found that the government is ruled by the rich and powerful, or the so-called “economic elite.” Moreover, the researchers concluded that policies enacted by this governmental elite nearly always favor special interests and lobbying groups. It is not overstating matters to say that Congress, which has done its best to keep their unhappy constituents at a distance, may well be the most self-serving, semi-corrupt institution in America.

In other words, we are being ruled by an oligarchy disguised as a democracy, and arguably on our way towards fascism: a form of government where private corporate interests rule, money calls the shots, and the people are seen as mere subjects to be controlled. Rest assured that when and if fascism finally takes hold in America, the basic forms of government will remain: Fascism will appear to be friendly. The legislators will be in session. There will be elections, and the news media will continue to cover the entertainment and political trivia. Consent of the governed, however, will no longer apply. Actual control will have finally passed to the oligarchic elite controlling the government behind the scenes. Sound familiar? Clearly, we are now ruled by an oligarchic elite of governmental and corporate interests. We have moved into “corporatism” (favored by Benito Mussolini), which is a halfway point on the road to full-blown fascism. Corporatism is where the few moneyed interests—not elected by the citizenry—rule over the many.

History may show that from this point forward, we will have left behind any semblance of constitutional government and entered into a totalitarian state where all citizens are suspects and security trumps freedom. Even with its constantly shifting terrain, this topsy-turvy travesty of law and government has become America’s new normal. From Clinton to Bush, then Obama and now Trump, it’s as if we’ve been caught in a time loop, forced to re-live the same thing over and over again: the same assaults on our freedoms, the same disregard for the rule of law, the same subservience to the Deep State, and the same corrupt, self-serving government that exists only to amass power, enrich its shareholders and ensure its continued domination.

Elections will not save us.

I haven’t even touched on the corporate state, the military industrial complex, SWAT team raids, invasive surveillance technology, zero tolerance policies in the schools, overcriminalization, or privatized prisons, to name just a few, but what I have touched on should be enough to show that the landscape of our freedoms has already changed dramatically from what it once was and will no doubt continue to deteriorate unless Americans can find a way to wrest back control of their government and reclaim their freedoms.

There can be no denying that the world is indeed a dangerous place, but what the president and his cohorts fail to acknowledge is that it’s the government that poses the gravest threat to our freedoms and way of life, and no amount of politicking, parsing or pandering will change that.

It is easy to be diverted, distracted and amused by the antics of politicians, the pomp and circumstance of awards shows, athletic events, and entertainment news, and the feel-good, wrapped-in-the-flag evangelism that passes for religion today.

What is far more difficult to face up to is the reality of life in America, where unemployment, poverty, inequality, injustice and violence by government agents are increasingly norms, and where “we the people” are at a distinct disadvantage in the face of the government elite’s power grabs, greed and firepower.

The Constitution doesn’t stand a chance against a federalized, globalized standing army protected by legislative, judicial and executive branches that are all on the same side, no matter what political views they subscribe to: suffice it to say, they are not on our side or the side of freedom.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the powers-that-be want us to remain distracted, divided, alienated from each other based on our politics, our bank accounts, our religion, our race and our value systems. Yet as George Orwell observed, “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.”

You either believe in freedom or you don’t. It’s that simple.

Everything else is just a deadly distraction. As Orwell observed in 1984:

“All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations. And even when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because, being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. The larger evils invariably escaped their notice.”

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Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People  is available at www.amazon.com. Whitehead can be contacted at johnw@rutherford.org.