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They take us broke. Chased from our homes.

With weapons of war — Radio Frequency Radar Microwaves

Its Genocide by a new world order.

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My late-husband George Krabal was blown in-half and left for dead on the job, then kept alive on a one percent chance of life at Shock Trauma in Baltimore City, MD, who’s head doctor made over a million dollars submitting his medical records to the US military. This occurred at Bethlehem Steel Ship Yard in Baltimore County, Md. I lost his salary, pension, dental and health care and was placed into a violent US Government CIA DOD Electronic harassment psychotronic  electromagnetic torture weapons testing programs.

George and I knew one another from the time I was 4 1/2, he was 10 years of age growing up right behind me, my family was like his own. You can not imagine how it feels to one minute obtain Phi Theta Kappa Deans and Honors three years straight with major and multiple scholarship offers and a court appearance whereas justice would finally be met. Then this happens. Its devastating.

The US Government has a long history of experimenting on civilians, something I knew nothing about until this tragedy happened. I bet you did not know this, as well. Let me prove it to you.This was done to keep me out of court and to silence me. I refuse to be silenced. I was raised from birth by my Grandparents, both worked over thirty years, and also fifty years as Church of God & Church of Christ Ministers. They taught me better than that and to stand up to evil and defend myself.

Since this tragedy occurred I’ve lost my home, car, money, education, my very future, my health, my life. My upper teeth were shot out from the sky. I’d like to replace them and at some level finances in the event of any emergency. I’m hopeful to regain enough to at least cover 1200 in dentures. If God forbid I get a flat tire, or something breaks down in the house like electronics that are hit hard to attack me daily, I am in trouble. I’ve also outlived my entire family.

Below, I provide whistleblower’s testimonies to show that what I speak of within this document is facts.

I am alone in this world and could use help. I am not one to ask for handouts, rather I’m the one helping others, but due to the violent silent takeover by the NSA CIA and DARPA for the International Billionaire/Trillionaire banking families that many are becoming aware of now.

From day one, George’s death was covered-up, and I became a target of NSA DARPA CIA DOD out of Washington, DC connected to Wall Street, academia and half of Silicon Valley violence. I am assaulted daily with directed energy weapons and geoengineering chemtrails (Bio weapons) like the Havana Syndrome victims. With one exception: I get no medical help and have been blackballed from all forms of help.

The CIA DARPA NSA DOD with academia and black Scientists are experimenting gruesomely on unwitting American civilians. I was thrown into these projects that consist of twenty-four-seven extreme torturous attacks from UAV hovers known as drones, cell tower radio frequencies, radar, and smart microwave meters (smart grid) – this life is horrendous, .run by super computers.

I followed some who surveilled me in an Orwellian like manner in the beginning pointing GPS devises at me in my then home, then violently chased out of that home, and in a terror like manner followed to my bank to cause emotional distress to destroy your thinking while strangers would come at me stating the same thing: You’re mental.

Mind you, this was in regards to a lawsuit. This is how DC operates, how the rich keep their money with plenty of terrorists working for them to make sure money and power remain in DC, not the American people. Chasing me out of my home destroying my life is GENOCIDE.

The original surveillance came from a local military base, Aberdeen Proving ground. Some who sat outside my home in darkened windows were CIA NSA contractors, treasonous traitors to the US Constitution and my rights, and murderers. The one’s who chased me away from my bank were foreigners hired by the CIA to destroy America at its foundations, not just me. Like the Harvey Winstein case, these gangsters might had been Mossad. Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professory California State Univ, and here.

This happened 7 miles outside Smithfield, in Johnston Co., NC home of the International CIA Torture Rendition Aero Contractors airport.

What’s been done to me continues as a slow-kill program the CIA NSA use with the Patriot Acts stating they can kill or torture anyone they so please even on US Soil. Hi level Detectives informed me they we’re lied to about these weapons and who they’d be used on – they we’re told these weapons would be used on 911 terrorists. What they learned, thanks to my landing in that area, their words, was that 911 was an inside job and its a nation of traitors to my Constitution and Bill of Rights, human rights be damn – that God would be with me in my sick and dying bed, when they learned what the DOD CIA was going to do to me. They are right.

In 2004, I witnessed my own lawyer Jay D Miller, with Bethlehem Steel’s law firm, Whiteford, Taylor and Preston out of DC, number one law firm in the US, to take me on, sign with Miller stating he’d never have to look behind his back – that I’d be destroyed. That law firm’s depositioner’s investigated me for 3 1/2 weeks and returned with their verdict: No court in the land would turn me down and by that time OSHA conducted a 6 1/2 week investigation into my husband’s death finding 99% it was not his fault. Whiteford Taylor and Preston covered up that a judge signed stating 100%. Their first law firm quit filtering a message back to me: That they could not do to me, what the Bethlehem Steel was ordering them to do, and live with themselves and remain in business in good consciousness.

I was promised a two weeks court by the state of Maryland, but that would never be as the NSA DARPA & CIA came after me with hardcore psychological operations over my internet, phones, taking a house over behind me, anything to terrorize, shooting firecrackers at my home even lying to my main witness and his attorney.

By this time, 2005, there are unknowns zooming by me in a violent manner, that I can not define and continues. I learned that Palantir and NATO DARPA Pentagon are running SKYNET (SKYBORG) 5G AI and drones (Sheriff confirmed to me).

Thanks to Whistleblowers, like Dr. Robert Duncan who designed these weapons systems and William Binney, former top level NSA and Ed Snowden, who defines the TAMI system and Thin thread, I learned this is what the NSA did to me to keep me out of court I would had surely won, all for justice of my late husband George and to continue to financially, emotionally, and physically slow kill me while destroying my reputation, so no one will believe in me or help me.

One of the things they did to me for 6 months was shoot my teeth out from the sky with a low lying satellite (whistleblower Bryan Kofron, former black ops). I’d like to obtain 1200 for much needed dentures.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Prayers, too.


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