ENDTIMES: Prepare. Find GOD Now, Please – Lissahumenlife.wordpress.com/ I’ve been warning for years.


That is gook from planet x system.. and the second sun 2 years ago facing East

I too these photos in 2015 in Baltimore city, Maryland. Lissa

I believe firmly there is no 5G and the virus is from space fallout– its a cover-up for Planet X and second sun space energies filled with asteroids and a 5 energies from an ancient explosion just now making its way back to earth when NIbiru’s moon hit into Tiamat — the original earth and a chuck became the moon. Lissa

2020-01-07 07_37_39-Video editor - YouTube Studio - Comodo IceDragon.

Its what you’re feeling, vibration-wise and being pulled, magnetized. There are major energies coming in from space. Hold on to your self awareness. GROUND NOW. Stand on brick; bathe in 40 Mule Team .

First part by Lissa’s Humane Life… this is a major cover-up so know one is prepared for the Planet X Nibiru system fallout. You have to prepare mentally, emotionally as they have a machine to brain interface in their air (ether) all around you called the AI, a synthetic sentient computer system due to all of your cellphones. Put them down, turn them off, please. You’re not only contributing to your own demise but to the demise of the rest of us — turn them off. They have you super computer AI brain-entrained & full of nanotech synthetics and GMOs

Fight for your Self-Awareness Every literal moment

Embodied Autonomous Software Agents used to Remotely Monitor and Control Targeted Individuals

Sam Hofman explains what’s in our skies — what they’re hiding

How to prepare: Get a bug-out bag now.

Sam Hofman Youtube


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