Medical Genocide: The Darkest Hours when Babies and Children are Damaged from Vaccines

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US Hospitals Killing Flu/Covid Patients

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

US hospitals can be hazardous to health instead of the other way around — notably ones following state-approved/AMA-recommended flu/covid treatment protocols with harming it in mind.

Hospitals are incentivized to artificially inflate numbers of flu/covid patients.

Payments received for patients with viral symptoms who are treated with recommended drugs and placed on a ventilator receive three-fold higher  amounts than if safe and effective protocols are followed.

According to Dr. Scott Jensen earlier, the AMA encourages physicians to over-count flu/covid deaths, adding:

“Medicare…determin(ed) that if you have a (flu/covid) admission to the hospital you get $13,000.” 

“If that patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much.” 

“Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do.” 

Co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration Jay Bhattacharya MD expressed grave concerns about “about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing” flu/covid policies, adding:

Protocols followed by hospitals and many physicians risk “greater excess mortality.”

They’re polar opposite what public health should be all about.

Founder of Doctors for Truth Dr. Elke De Klerk earlier said “we now know that (so-called covid) is a normal flu virus” and should be treated accordingly.

We also know that natural immunity, good health practices, along with known safe and effective protocols for treating viral illnesses protect what’s too important to lose best of all.

We should know that hospitalization  may be a life-threatening experience.

Dr. Byram Ardis stressed that US public health agencies knew about adverse events from recommended flu/covid protocols before endorsing their use.

Along with toxic jabs, they include hazardous to health remdesivir, dexamethasone, and vancomycin.

Used by US hospitals, they’re causing flu/covid deaths while known safe and effective protocols are shunned all too often.

According to WND News:

On August 19, 74-year-old Pete Lopez “was put on a ventilator…at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital near Houston after testing positive for” flu/covid.

The “hospital refused to administer (ivermectin) in defiance of a court order, according to the family” — an unacceptable statement saying:

“(P)hysicians diagnose and treat patients consistent with best medical practices (sic).”

“The (Pharma-controlled) FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for the treatment or prevention of” flu/covid (sic). 

“Data currently available does not demonstrate that ivermectin is safe or effective against (flu/covid) infection (sic).”

Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital killed Pete Lopez for not treating him with FDA-approved, known safe and effective ivermectin for the viral illness.

Many other US hospitals likely follow the same health-destroying policy as recommended by the AMA.

Last spring, whistleblower nurse Erin Maria Olzewski exposed “fraud, negligence and greed” at New York City’s Elmhurst Hospital.

Causing avoidable deaths, she accused the facility of “mak(ing) Iraqi emergency rooms look like the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton” by comparison, adding:

“The very first day (at Elmhurst) I was shocked. It was something I’ve never seen before.”

“Patients were alone in the rooms on ventilators (with) no family allowed in” for support and advocacy. 

“People were just dying from gross negligence, medical malpractice, (and) mismanagement.”

“(T)hat was really difficult to swallow. Everything made sense to me at that moment of why there were so many deaths in New York.”

“There was such mismanagement, and we knew it.”

“A lot of nurses and doctors, half of them looked away because the pay checks were good, and the other half were scared to say anything.”

“And if you did say anything, you ended up in my situation. I was fired for advocating for my patients.”

“I would like to see a federal investigation into Elmhurst Hospital, and nationwide, especially in the hardest hit areas.”

“You don’t see any private hospital getting hit hard, Why is that?”

“Some of (what’s going on is) basic negligence: clean-up crews skipping certain rooms, residents wearing their PPE in the wrong way, patients getting pumped full of the wrong medications.”

“A lot of it (is) straight-up malpractice.” 

“I saw patients test negative for (flu/covid), only to be shuttled off to a…floor (for viral patients) where they were sure to contract the illness.”

“I saw residents write off a 37-year-old man as ‘Do Not Resuscitate,’ when his family had explicitly told us to try to save him at all costs.”

“One of my favorite patients died twenty minutes after I left the room, when a medical student botched a simple procedure.”

“Just as chilling were the careless physicians who wrote patients off because they were ‘going to die anyway.’ ”

She was “upset and angry” for being prevented from helping flu/covid patients safely and effectively.

She documented the above and much more in her book, titled “Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital.”

She explained how hospitals bill insurers, Medicare and Medicaid “based on codes and procedures,” adding:

“Sometimes, they put down codes that are exaggerations or outright lies in order to get more money.” 

“That’s called ‘up-coding,’ and that’s fraud.”

“Putting someone on a ventilator when they don’t need it isn’t just gross negligence.”

“It’s also up-coding” that risks serious harm to health, including avoidable deaths.

Documenting what she saw firsthand, she compiled a record of hospital staff “murdering patients.”

“I recorded just the complete and absolute disregard for human life,” she stressed.

Medicine is supposed to be all about protecting and preserving health.

After seasonal flu/influenza was deceptively renamed covid early last year with diabolical aims in mind, all too often it’s the other way around — especially when hospitalized.

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US Hospitals Killing Flu/Covid Patients – Stephen Lendman