The 4th and Final Revolution — The CIA: The advent of quantum computing, AI, brought with it the global spread of a myriad of hoaxes, urban myths, and the dreaded fake news.

The 4th and Final Revolution 

Is the truth is becoming increasingly hard to discern? Is authenticity (i.e., full trustworthiness) is dying? The advent of the quantum computing, AI, has brought with it the global spread of a myriad of hoaxes, urban myths, and the dreaded fake news.  The Firehose of Guile has ushered in deceit,  cunning, and duplicity enveloping the earth in its shadow. 

Invisible Enemy

In March President began to declare to the public that we were fighting an invisible enemy.  On April 10, 2020 in the Presidential briefing, the President said: “I’d like to provide Americans an update on our ongoing efforts in the war against the invisible enemy.”   Who and what is this invisible enemy?  You might assume that it is the pathogen novel coronavirus.  In reality, it is a dual-purpose combination.  These my friends, are weaponized word in an evil fight against humanity. This war is asymmetrical and multi-dimensional.  As you celebrate Independence Day, we have entered an invisible war for the independence and survival of mankind and humanity.  You have no choice to engage in this war or you will be killed physically and spiritually.  It is critical for you to learn effective Rules of Engagement (ROE).

Warfare Terminology

To understand the war, we need to know the terminology.  According to Merriam-Webster asymmetrical warfare is: 

Warfare that is between opposing forces which differ greatly in military power and that typically involves the use of unconventional weapons and tactics (such as those associated with guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks) 

Multi-Dimensional Warfare or 15-D+spiritual and/or Shock was developed by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – a WWII organization that later evolved as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) a simple methodology to identify targets for disruption.  The name of the algorithm is CARVER – which is an acronym of Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect and Reconfigurability. It was Beta-Tested during the Vietnam War.  

Rules of Engagement:  a directive issued by a military authority controlling the use and degree of force, especially specifying circumstances and limitations for engaging in combat. 

Who is the Invisible Enemy? 

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