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My name is Chris. I reside in the US. I’m an Historic Preservationist, US Historian, Phi Theta Kappa, College educated, Peabody Conservatory grad-trained Pianist and Violinist. I was married to my childhood best-friend George who was murdered at Bethlehem Steel Ship and Steel yards. I preceded to hire an attorney, but first spoke with OSHA learning  that it was 99% Bethlehem Steel’s fault — they killed George. Immediately, the US Federal government came after me.

The secret shadow government began Cointelpro. I am surveilled, tracked and attacked with over the horizon Radar and microwave radio-frequencies satellites. Those behind it included the NSA and DARPA, using bots and a highly advanced weaponized technology known as Artificial Intelligence. Eventually, I’d learn the CIA and DOD we’re involved with MIT Eisenhower warned of: a Military Industrial complex, a secret shadowy government — the new world order.

I am angry beyond belief that this has been done to me, and I have learned they’re plans to do this to all of you — lock you down under a false pandemic for a possible real one coming, put you into a FEMA camp and prior, inject you with nanotech which is horrendous. You’ll be controlled from the SKYNET AI weapon system the IOT 3/4/5G becoming a Transhuman Human 2.0 due to the vaccines that will alter your DNA RNA. Don’t take the vaccine and don’t go to a FEMA camp.

Note; they will slaughter kill your family, torture you with celltowers and satellites. Force you out of your home, bank and more with their ron agents all controlled by the cloud computer (HAARP) CERN DWAVE

Look into ‘targeted individuals’ on youtube, 10s of 1000s. Some are obviously not quite right but many are highly intelligent — its why they picked us, canary’s in the coal mine.  Others are obviously done by their AI computer system and agents — Lissa (Chris)

[Learn more about who the Khazarian moneychangers are: https://lissahumanelife.wordpress.com/2020/09/26/murder-by-injection-the-story-of-the-medical-conspiracy-against-america/%5D

What’s used: ultra high-tech wireless technologies, Electromagnetic microwaves from WIFI, smart phones, Cell towers, low lying satellites, drones, biochemical technologies, AI, remote phones, Smart meters / Smart grids, smart TVs, 4G, 5G, 5G millimeter, shoulder held constant-on police radios, Doppler radar, small cube satellites, even home modems/same as above will get shot horizontally, and hetrodyning of highly advanced low level Starlink satellites, the now inert Soviet Woodpecker (Duma), and the new super high-tech deep-black remote inductive psychotronics.

— PhD Preston James Veteran’s Today.

See The Wireless takedown of America by PhD Preston James Veteran’s Today.

We’re attacked even more harder, more horrifically, when we speak out about what they’ve already done.

Please help us stop this take-down of America.

Beth Steel owned by Wall Street investors JP Morgan, an arm of the Rockefeller / Rothschild syndicate, run by the same one’s at Google, NSA, CIA, DOD, Darpa, MIT — the Khazarian Nazi mob are what I thought the only one’s behind the targeting. The Highland Group, BAE, Lockheed Martin and other military contractors for the military has turned on us.

Beth Steel hired one of the top 10 law firms in the country out of DC to take me on as OSHA proved in a 6 1/2 week investigation on site thru depositions of all who we’re on site that they willfully and knowingly sent my husband to his death, cowardly hiding behind huge dirt mounds, than their goons proceeded to cover it up and come after me, while buying out and threatening every law firm I hired.

Eventually, they made themselves known, and came after me which I’d later learn was called ‘gangstalking’ ‘targeting’ with a secret space weapon system connected to Cell towers (ground based) weapons — via their AI cloud computing wireless from afar… its machine learning interface some might call satan or lucifer, or Leviathan or the Demiurge. I do know its technology and synthetic silicone based.

My research shows as many other’s that they are a world order (Bush Sr, a NAZI SPY, announced a new world order on the Senate floor over 36 years ago, and its on the back of the one dollar bill). They’re NAZI Khazarian Zionist CIA NSA Dept of Defense, also known as the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower and JFK warned us of.. later joined by ARPA DARPA & HARPA (Health) with MIT and other universities they hide behind, and countless torture rendition sites. and biological weapons labs. with diplomatic cover just as JFK warned.

They are the military industrial complex and are targeting me and many others right now in America  before your eyes (one can not see these weapons travel thru the space all around us)… under a weapons and technology and bio testings program — its the US Government. I know. I went up against them known as little Erin Brocovich.

They not only robbed me of justice for my late husband, and myself, and countless millions, they used artificial intelligence skynet to chase me out of my home, what some call gangstalking, when its the AI interface due to all the cellphone signals, and poisoned GMO foods combined with chemtrail geoengineered skies with vaccines laced heavily with mycoplasma lyme disease morgellons to control you. They use Satellites (low lying), and high atmospheric HAARP, CERN, DWAVE, 4/5 G, in the NSA’s Simulated Synthetic Simulation via DARPA. They are horrendously slow killing me while conducting horrific experimentation’s and I’m witnessing before my eyes, the so called matrix of secret weapon system they intend on using on everyone as targeted individuals are and we’re always the canaries in the coal mines. Regrettably, you are next if you do not speak-up for yourselves as the country falls deeper into an Orwellian face masks wearing, six luciferian feet apart, a occult of mindless robots to your demise.


This is a warning. We need everyone to loose the fear and wake up.

My thoughts on 911 — it was an inside Cheney run job with NORAM NORTHCOM and all the rest, under the HDS that is the Pentagon NSA CIA.

They’ve infiltrated our once Democratic-Republic of the United States Government with a stand in place Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as Human Rights, as  for now, the US has become a NATION OF TREASONOUS MURDEROUS LYING THIEVING TRAITORS to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are nanites and slaughter bots in the air, last words of Julianne Assange before they dragged me out… now tortured; they released with the AI (Pentagon, turned away) satellites wireless chatterbots, killer nanotech & 30,000 more drones overhead released in 2012 with the Belligerence Act and the NDAA.

American’s have now become the enemy.

Lindsey Graham Signing Fema Camp Orders for Americans
Lindsey Graham Signing Fema Camp Orders for Americans

They’ve stolen  over 60 trillion and all pensions are gone.

They’re shooting down with HAARP CERN DWAVE CELL TOWERS SMART METERS SMART PHONES into mine and many other ladies homes violent weapons as well as many men, former military alike and randomly – these are violent and vicious and extremely painful while stripping us quietly of our finances, homes, health and much more — every American seems to be a threat and enemy to their finances and power politically as American continues to barrel down the highway to hell, namely the enslavement of every man, woman, and children for world domination.

2020-01-28 12_46_48-Window

I vow from what they’ve done to me (horrid things) as I’m still standing as a META-GENE on this earth, to empower any and all to STAND UP ON YOUR FEET, get off your knees and be a beacon of HOPE and ENLIGHTENMENT.

They’re main weapon is fear utilizing a highly advanced artificial intelligence super AI computer that’s autonomous, the ballistic missile defense system worldwide and its being used on defenseless ladies, like myself. For the record I was never an activist, until they came after me.

“First of all, they came to take the gypsies
and I was happy because they pilfered.
Then they came to take the Jews and I said nothing,
because they were unpleasant to me.
Then they came to take homosexuals,
and I was relieved, because they were annoying me.
Then they came to take the Communists,
and I said nothing because I was not a Communist.
One day they came to take me,
and there was nobody left to protest.

Bertold Brecht, inspired by Emil Gustav Friedrich Martin Niemöller”

Bertold Brecht


The targeting of civilians, of human beings is in reality a CYBERNETIC WARFARE targets have been placed in and a super reality where perception is altered, similiar to hyper hypnosis, where mind control is the name of their game turning everyone against the target systematically till they ahev nothing left and are alienated — what better way to target get rid of someone then government by murder — they can and do legally assassinate American citizens now per their unconstitutional Patriot Acts targeting Whistleblowers, Dissidents, Activists, Journalists, Historians, Law Suit & Workman Comp Claimants (there is no money; they took it underground), 911 Truthers, DNA, Random, releasing overhead as mentioned above, over 30,000 or more violent ready to attack any human being with DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS and 5G (they’re using it at least since 2009) when all hell in a fake Sentient Worldwide synthetic/silicon based Simulation was dropped down on humanity. I witnessed the alter in the timeline, and the Deja Vu realizing they altered my timeline of life as a child and continue to – so I walk in the truth as they’ve released onto the public that AI over 50 years ago, as their middle man weapon to rob any and all blind taking people over in a PROJECT SOUL CATCHER — the SECRETS OF CYBERNETIC WARFARE (by Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA DARPA Scientist) who whistleblew telling all that’s been done to me and countless others—-The Weaponzied AI (cubic/quantum) super computers (Utah & Belgium home of the Beast System) all for full spectrum of dominance with 5G.

Various whistleblowers from the DUMBS known as fellow Super Soldiers (Thank God I was recused off Ft Holabird military base) or I would had lived a life of torturous hell, are WARNING HUMANITY of the powers that should not be’s plan to ANNIHILATE ALL OF YOU in a TRANSHUMAN PANDEMIC: Sub Humanity’s Messiah (AI) and Humanity’s DEMISE by AARON MCCOLLUM, AUG TELLEZ, MAX SPIERS, JAMES CASBALT, SOVEREIGN KI (Lauda Leon & George Leon) ROBERT DUNCAN O’FINION (I’ve spoke with several of the aforementioned) they are legit, all worked in the PROJECTS in the DUMBS and are ALERTING the public to our PLANNED DEMISE — STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO LIFE and GOD GIVEN HUMAN RIGHTS NOW, or you will not get another chance. Don’t be a VICTIM. REFUSE THAT TITLE PLEASE. JOIN ME IN EXPOSING THEM AS WE AWAKEN OTHERS as they READ THESE BLOGS.

For more information, see Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Scientist.

After my husband was blown in half on the property belonging to WALL STREET (CIA NAZI & ROTHSCHILD agents INFILTRATED) JPMorgan / Rothschild Bush’s/Bower Bethlehem Steel/Ship yard site, they hired one of the top ten law firms in the country out of Wash DC to take me on, as it was their fault 99-`100% OSHA proven. They along with my own lawyer (I am a witness to this) placed me into a violent experimentation with Satellite UAVs and Cell Towers and bio-weapons programs. I’m now suffering from biological Radiation CELL TOWER & CHEMTRAIL sickness from this NWO highly VIOLENT AND VICIOUS, ILLEGALLY I’M PLACED WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT FBI CIA-NSA-DARPA Military Medical Scientific Industrial Complex.

If you do not stand up for your rights, throw away the weapon of their choice to control your mind and later your demise, that CELLPHONE, we will become a PRISON PLANET.

Please,We’re Loosing our freedoms fast to these bastards. — Lissa

The Matrix Deciphers, by Dr. Robert Duncan at https://thoughtlessness23.blogspot.com/,
Project: Soul Catcher
James Casbalt’s Agent Buried Alive
George and lauda Leon sovereign Ki https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qk8kpzVS3fKJTOje8LkGw
Max Spears
Robert Duncan O’Finion
Russ Tice
Thomas Drake
William Binney
Julianne Assange
The Intercept
Courage.net (drone and info whistleblowers) unsung hero’s

Major and massive earth and weather changes have become “new normal” for Earth, since Planet X (Nibiru) entered our part of the solar system in 2003. The end result will be a catastrophic pole shift, one that reoccurs every 3,657 years (give or take a year or two) with the re-appearance of Planet X (Nibiru).

Humbly Proud to webmistress LissaHumaneLife since 2012 aka Chris Huggybear Myers


Believe or don’t believe.

Prepare or don’t prepare.

We all have free will, and the choice is yours.

Earth Changes Hotline by Barbara Schneider


 1019412651183628288-DiWuZNQWAAUckpbA NATION OF TREASONOUS TRAITORS, THE [CIA, PENTAGON’S DOD NSA with GOOGLE’s DARPA & M.I.T. & SINTEX, HALF OF SILICON VALLEY’s HELP and WALL STREET]  is targeting myself and others with the Ballistic Nuclear Missile Defense System run by Artificial Intelligence in the IOT (Internet of all things) for full spectrum of dominance of the air, ground and seas) known as Star Wars has turned into an tyrannical long-arm terrorist with complete Nazi style government since committing 911, are using brutal artificial Machine Intelligence in an authoritarian and savager, attacking Whistle-blowers, Activists, Journalists, Dissenters and Random DNA specimens from their Secret Space Program brutally usurping the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as our Human Rights by experimenting on myself and many many others around the world [DARPA, FIESTA JAPAN] committing horrendously treasonous acts utilizing highly advanced physics and electronic bio-chemical technologies silicon based [Chemtrailed sprayed skies (now completely saturated as a medium for DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS] with Drones, UAVs, MAVs and Cell Phone Towers [this includes your cellphones as weapons] for a weaponized Satellite Surveillance as THIEVING, LYING ROBBING-BARRON, TORTURERS MILITARILY, TREACHEROUS and TERRORIST-TRAITORS barbarically destroying mine and other’s Constitutional and Bill of Rights as well as our human rights, all but gone to the devolved regime changers (infiltrators — the Khazarian Mob aka Rothschild Rockefeller JPMorgan, banksters.

I was involved in a highly-litigated lawsuit after my husband *photo to the left* was left for dead, blown in half, at a military industrial complex site in Maryland owned via Wall Street by the Rothschild dynasty. I was immediately targeted by the United States government known as the CIA-DOD HDS NSA DARPA MIT all agents for the Rothschild’s, at Maryland Shock Trauma and Hopkins Hospital, all under the unpatriotic Acts. It is my duty to inform the public that a horrendous genocide is occurring all around you and above from the skies with the Secret Star Wars space program called HAARP, Satellites and ground based Cell Towers. These things are being used to targeted particular civilians known as whistle-blowers, activist, dissenters, and anyone who they owe money to, and their DNA blood type. They’re under horrendous no-touch torture with weapons you can not see with frequencies. If the nation goes to 5G you will be next as its military grade.

Days prior leading up to a settlement conference in 2005 after a 2004 meeting with my own lawyer and the other side, one of the top ten out of Washington, D.C.  hired to ‘destroy me,’ I witnessed my own lawyer with the other side discuss my demise stating that ‘She’d be destroyed,’ it’s in the bag.’ ‘You won’t have to worry about her any longer.’ I became a targeted individual with direct energy weapons, cell towers, cellphones, gang-stalked, last year attacked with deadly synthetic nano tech bio-weapons to stifle my descent and speaking out against a country who’s lost its way Constitutionally and my Bill of Rights treated as if it was nothing more than a G-D piece of paper (Bush Jr, 2004), thrown into CERN tech hell and up against walls, even in my garage while deadly weapons of massive destruction in the form of drones and UAVs and gang-stalkers chased me down every literally where I went. Thrown with neighbors into CERN DWAVE moments outside our homes both in NC and FL, while raped with every literal Cell Tower from Florida to Georgia and back, chased down by unwitting participants all controlled with cellphones up to their ears from Maryland, North Carolina and Florida… in between, Virginia and Georgia, no one bothered me other than three surveillance vehicles, all in a mind-perception-warped CERN synthetic moment straight out of hell, running me off the road. I’d swear they we’re robotic and after much research, they probably we’re.  I was chased down in Florida day one… run off the road multiple times, hit with nano quantum dots with motorcycles, uavs, trucks (mostly so called men) hunting me down, driving hearses in front of me. I’ve crawled the floors for 4 months while DRONES chased me down, of all sizes for years… only to learn after synthetic biology was shot down from the skies with what I assume we’re UAV hovering drones holding me down in a hypnotic trance (I could not move)… and ringing in my ears loudly, all of this goes on in front of neighbors homes whom have no idea while sonic sounds ring loud from the skies, and planes following me as well as helicopters.

I have learned that the Pentagon, HDS, NSA CIA DOD and the military, whom I seen come off bases in three separate states stalk me, is using a highly advanced and probably ancient simulation aka Virtual reality artificial intelligence on me as well as many other Americans and victims abroad.  Yet, eventually, even with cops following me (I knew they we’re all controlled) I picked myself up, and got back into the game of life, walking the beaches and contemplating peace staring at the oceans. It was during this time, I would see four other planets while filming chemtrails and within this site, you will find any and everything I find necessary that pertains to these final days.

If you’d like your story ran here, or have questions, feel free to contact me at the associated link. I am suffering from a deadly bacterial fungus known as Morgellons, a biological warfare agent committed against me in 2019 after I returned to Maryland. I was informed by detectives, one a very high state level Jon that it’s a NATION OF TRAITORS to my Constitutional AND BILL OF RIGHTS whom did this to me.

In the end, this took me back to early childhood, as a six-week-old infant, when a military guy from Ft. Holabird, Baltimore Co., MD tried to abduct me keeping me at the base until the next day, when my Grandparents demanded my return only to lose their lives tragically, by no mere accidents–it was done deliberately as was my late husband George. I would learn in recent years, from the late Max Spiers, a Targeted Individual and blood liner super soldier that there was a Project Anvil, later changed to Project Oaktree aka Lucifer running connected to Project IBUS (See James Casbalt, Agent buried alive) that the Anunnaki aka Nazism and the other Rothschild Bushes (actually Bowers, Rothschild) bloodlines etc., we’re looking for certain spirits coming to earth reincarnating in the 1950s born 11:11, and that is me. Spiers states it’s because we’re very, very very powerful spiritual beings, known as Demigods, and they’re in fear of us and holding us back and or down in life, ‘hidden.’  After what they did to me after the death of my grandparents, testing their AI on me, taking me out of body twice into the 4th dimension, acting in archonic manners for several years putting things into my head via satellites, remote viewing into my home, even saving my life (to keep me here for some odd reason), phone calls with what seemed robotic, possibly A.I. satellites, that the US Government was taken over by a global elite (I use that term loosely) called the Illuminati secret government. They cooped the US Government and military when they assassinated John F. Kennedy and his brother. This is who the Military Industrial Complex, and their supporters. We have not had a legitimate government since. And. the evidence is overwhelming, after all that’s been done to myself and family, it is in fact what Max Spiers and James Casbalt states–this war on TIs is on our DNA.

According to James Casbalt, the NSA came after me from birth & continues to try to kill me. Their war is on my DNA as a descendant of the Lost Tribe of Dan (the real Hebrews). They placed me into Project Oaktree aka Lucifer, connected to Project IBUS all Project Zygote under Project Paperclip

The Story of James Casbolt & Project Mannequin (September 8, 2008)

anunnak and tribe of dan.jpg

Justice destroyed however it will be served, eventually.

Max Spiers – Explains Targeting and Project Lucifer

According to Max Spiers, who was killed after this lecture, he and Casbalt’s story align as well as DARPA whistleblower’s who state its the NAZIs, they won.. and we’re metagene’s for the metagenome project.