Belgium ICATOR Launches Intl Campaign to File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Neuron Weapons & Torture

ICATOR is launching an international campaign to file a class action lawsuit against neuro-torture. Many people worldwide are affected by secret torture programs and clandestine research with neuro-weapons. We are the first victims’ group worldwide to raise money to take legal action against the covert torture programs. For this we need you! With your support Read More

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Alison Smith can be reached at Lawsuit URL:


We hope you are well. 

My name is Alison Smith, I am a board member of Icator – International Coalition Against Electronic Torture & Robotization of Living Beings.

Icator is a Belgium based group & help / represent Havana Syndrome patients & Targeted Individuals. Icator hold RF scanning events & alike for victims.

After years of searching, we have finally found lawyers in Belgium willing to start an international court case.

The Brussels-based lawyers’ association DROITS ET LIBERTES (RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS) represented by its Vice-President, counselor Paulo Criscenzo, have decided to put our case forward as a Public Interest case. It will raise awareness, generate media coverage & help give our victims community a voice. This also means we now have several lawyers at our disposal.

Icator & it’s Belgium based members would be the Plaintiffs & any non Belgium residents will be Witnesses. Our lawyer is taking this matter so very very seriously he found a way of including victims worldwide. We have victims with & without evidence joining from the U.S, EU, U.K, Australia, China, Japan & more.

Our aim is to have as many victims worldwide participate so we can win & set a precedent for the future & have new laws created. 

We are working closely with the American group PACTS ntl. Mr Derrick Robinson their President is the Icator Vice President. Also the Spanish group – VIACTEC are joining as an association, along with an Indian & Chinese based associations.

It is the Belgium government being taken to court for not protecting citizens, if we were to fail in Belgium it would then go to the European Court of Human Rights & or the ICC in which case all Governments would be applicable.

Our Lawyers are currently deciding if the case should be Civil, Criminal or both & looking at different ways we could be compensated.

Today, we had a meeting with ICATOR key people, technical experts as well as Mr. Criscenzo, who decided to organize a major Internet conference to raise public awareness on this issue.

The event will be held on 20 March 2022 at 8 pm CET.

At least 60.000 – 80.000 people, the lawyers’ association followers, will attend this conference. Most of them are « ordinary » members of the public, but the conference will also be followed by other lawyers and local politicians.

The conference will be live-streamed on the lawyers’ association’s website and other communication tools and include an introductory part presented by a female attorney, President of the lawyers’ association (10 min), a short ICATOR presentation held by myself (10 – 15 min), technical and medical experts’ presentations (15 min each), a few international victims’ testimonies describing their day-to-day experiences as a victim (10 min each) as well as a large part devoted to our lawyer explaining the organization and the course of the legal process and trial.

The conference will end with a questions & answers session.

Our lawyer will then ask the members of the public to sign a petition to be sent to the Belgian Parliament requesting an immediate regulation / ban of these weapons systems on Belgian territory.

We require 25.000 signatures for this petition. Our lawyer does not expect major difficulties to reach this number.

The link announcing this conference as well as further event details will be sent out this week.

Thus far we have US Governors, Retired Police, Journalists, Technical Experts, Reps from other Victims groups, Victims worldwide, & Our Lawyers Association followers.

As you are aware this Inhumane treatment & Electronic Torture has been happening for decades, the technology being used to attack innocent people is advancing by the day. The Havana Syndrome publicity over the last few years is shocking yet helpful to our community.

However, when we as victims read the news articles we know it is still being suppressed.

With our Lawsuit we hope to not just set a legal precedent & create new laws (Similar to the new Neuron Rights laws in Chile) – But to also raise awareness across the globe as the case is now being out forward as a Public Interest case.

This obscene Targeting Program is a multi Governmental & Agency atrocity & is centered around Power, Greed, over population, Human experimentation, reverse engineering of the brain for A.I purposes & lastly so the elites have full control of the world & its people. Many have died over the years due to EMF exposure & Cancer, Nervous system harm or suicide. Leaving the Targeting Program aside just the dangers of 5G & WiFi around the world is affecting people & our future generations.

We would like to invite you to attend our conference & We sincerely hope you will be able to attend.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you might require.

Yours sincerely,