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“Its Dissenters are Silenced” — John F. Kennedy

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“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.”  ― John F. Kennedy

We are living in Perilous Times


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The Matrix Deciphered by former CIA Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan — a Must Read to understand Targeting

Unwitting U.S. Citizens are being Targeted for Slow Experimental Death with Direct Energy Weapons, Electronics, Electromagnetic, Radio Frequencies, Stealth Scalar Microwave Weapons, all military Grade, via Satellites, Cell-Towers, Smart-Meters, Drones, [HAARP CERN DWAVE]. Its run by super computers AI and it is torturous, vicious & violent attacks by the World Order US Government. The NSA CIA  are Targeting Americans with Psychological Surveillance Ops for Torture Rendition in the United States for Cybernetic Warfare Simulation synthetically from military bases w/DARPA’s artificial intelligence SKYNET augmentation intelligent machine weaponizing the biosphere. No one is safe.


I was involved in a highly litigated lawsuit up against one of the top 10 law firms in the country out of DC. When time came to enter Settlement conference, the NSA & DARPA came after me. I’m now attacked 24 with horrid CIA-DOD military weapons placed on a microwave radio frequency control grid weapons technologies & biological testings program system run by the US Government using Artificial Intelligent Super computers – its horrendous, genocidal — a torturous, horrid way to live and die.

Rather than face me in court, after 911 as Salon writes… “have brought a parade of dark revelations about the George W. Bush administration, from the manipulation of intelligence to torture to extrajudicial spying inside the United States. But there are growing indications that these known abuses of power may only be the tip of the iceberg.” The 2008 Salon article, “Exposing Bush’s historic abuse of power had “uncovered new evidence of post-9/11 spying on Americans. Obtained documents point to a potential investigation of the White House that could rival Watergate.

Its worse than Watergate. I became a victim of the CIA’s dragnet. Chased down, attacked by every cell tower from Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina to Georgia and back;  sprayed and shot at with drones (Sheriff confirmed) and the worst was yet to come; I was sprayed overhead with germ warfare two years ago of Ft. Detrick, MD.  I am being tortured to slow death and am speaking out about the horrendous deeds committed against me in America.  I’m one of 8 millions Americans placed on the CIA-DOD’s (NSA) torture MAIN CORE. Caught up in the secret FISA ruling dragnet, my own lawyer threatened me with the FBI if I pissed him off. He’d later sell me out with Whiting Taylor and Preston out of D.C. I witnessed it. They caught me. By the following year, the NSA & DARPA hacked into my computer two weeks prior to a settlement conference going out of their way to let me know it was them — terrorism followed. MIT was involved and bots and Google. I’m on an obvious Surveillance Terrorist Watch list by the most corrupt psychological terrorists in the world — the CIA NSA DOD undeclared dictatorship on US Citizens for electromagnetic torture with SKYNET using TAMI S.A.T.A.N.

John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute’s latest story might as well been written about me, entitled “End the Government’s War on Veterans

According to the US government Church Committe, all this ended. It did not.


Help Expose & Stop the Annihilation of Targeted Individuals

There’s a dividing line about to happen between those who will defend against all tyranny and those who will go along with the new world agenda. As for me and my house I will not succumb to this tyrannical agenda through A.I.

An Authoritarian Rule has taken over America. Its called the New World Order – and they are vicious, violent and barbaric. Their goal: to Annihilate Humanity. More here. I’m here to warn you of the dangers you face. To remain silent while knowing these things would be a mortal wound to my soul. I hope the release of this information will save others.

Orwellian. But true.

Their secret weapon: SKYNET AI — An AUTHORITARIAN WIRELESS MATRIX TAKE-DOWN of CONTROL by the late Jay Tuck, US Defense Expert Explains in great detail below: URL

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Emmeritus Dr. Eric Karlstrom Explains:

“Hundreds of “whistle-blowers,” “dissidents,” “Veterans,” a lot of “Christians,” “Constitutionalists,” “Patriots,” and other good people whom do not know how this happened to them… this now fills the ranks of a classified, top-secret “Terrorism Watch List” generated at DHS/FBI Fusion Centers and their administrative equivalents in other nations. These generally innocent citizens are labeled “targets,” “potential terrorist threats,” “non-investigative subjects”/”Code 4: silent hits” and “anomalous human potentialities,” among other terms, in military, intelligence, and police documents. The Deep State/intelligence/militaries now pay billions to trillions of dollars/year to test EM frequency and neuro-weapons on non-consensual experimentees, even as they simultaneously eliminate potential opponents of the New World Order and/or remotely transform these individuals into mind-controlled “Manchurian Candidate” assassins, shooters, and “terrorists” and “patsies” utilized in scripted false-flag “terrorist” incidents throughout the world.

Most targets, self-included, have a keen hold on the reality that’s been placed all around us [CERN DWAVE], a separate wireless system altering perceptions. Why I’m aware is unknown. I’m warning the public that once perfected they will turn these weapons onto Humanity — Lissa Humane Life – Chris

Dr. Eric Karlstrom Continues: “The Program,” then, actually constitutes Fourth Generation-, Unconventional-, Asymmetric-, Information-, Cyber-, Psychological-, Civilian-military-, Psychotronic-, and Electronic Warfare, Low-Intensity Conflict, Counterterrorism, and domestic terrorism, all justified under the guise of the phony “War on Terrorism” and “National Security.” In “The Hidden Evil; The Financial Elites’ Covert War Against the Civilian Population” (2013), Rich refers to it as “a very cleverly disguised program of torture and murder.”

This “program” is unconstitutional and illegal, consumes trillions of taxpayer dollars, and conscripts a large percentage of the Americans populace as citizen-spies, “surveillance role players,” and “counterterrorism specialists.” “Perps” (perpetrators) are paid, enticed, bribed, duped, and/or coerced to participate in the harassment, torture, terrorization, degradation, and destruction of innocent citizens whom government has secretly and extra-judicially designated as “persons of interest,” “potential terrorist threats,” and “political enemies,” etc. In fact, these innocent civilians are then human trafficked by a secret Cold War bureaucracy to become guinea pigs for DOD weapons testing and/or mind/behavioral control and/or brain mapping/digital cloning projects.

“The program” (G5) fulfills the following objectives for global elites.” Learn more: Dr. Eric Karlstrom

Screenshot of Actual Perpetrators behind Target Assassinations with  S.A.T.A.N w/the T.A.M.I. System’s (Cite: Dr. Robert Duncan)


Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Scientist insider reveals more:

THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CIA & DOD COUP’ED the US GOVERNMENT when they killed JFK for the Committee of 300

The JFK assassination was a coup d’etat by the New World Order conspirators who took over the US Government in broad daylight televised for the world to see, including Americans. Learn more here: SOURCE

Now, they’re using Weaponized AI Artificial Intelligence & the Future of the World Mind: Prevent Exposure of Mind Control Program – Intel Sources” – Journalist John Nagel & Vincent Brannigan

They’re in the Process of Culling of Humanity – Wake-up to the truth

Operation Lockstep ~ Rockefeller Plan for Martial Law Written in 2010


“Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty — and their privacy — to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability”  (P18) SOURCE (pdf file)

Its going to get worse — Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead / The Rutherford Institute

By Preston James, PhD:



Source; PhD Preston James, Veterans Today he writs: “What’s used on Targeted Individuals like myself: cell phones and cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, remote phones, Smartmeters and Smart grids, smart TVs, 4G, 5G, 5G millimeter, shoulder held constant-on police radios, doppler radar, small cube satellites, the now inert Soviet Woodpecker (Duma), and the new super high-tech deep-black remote inductive psychotronics.”

It’s all part of a well-planned covert system to hijack the minds and bodies of the American masses, to deploy America as a military and economic tool to finish bringing the whole world under corporate fascist control and mass destruction. In the process these same Wireless Technologies will be used to destroy the health and lives of the American masses so that a weakened America can be destroyed with its remains sectioned up and folded into the NWO with those left alive totaling about 30%. See Deagel for specific US population projections in 2025.

The approximate secret budget for this covert Intelligence system in America is about 2.985 Trillion dollars (USD) on a US Congressional spending budget of about 4.408 Trillion Dollar (USD). This is why the Secret Shadow Government that runs the Intelligence system uses so many illegal, RICO criminal systems to raise black funding such as international narcotics trafficking, child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, illegal weapons sales, etc.

Their Plan Now in Effect: FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS / Our Consitution has been Nullified – The Lockdownis Medical Martial Law

Whistle blower, Former CIA DARPA Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan: His excellent writings for those seeking the truth to what’s happening to targeted citizens, found here: The Matrix Deciphered & Long Version PDF


Targeting Individual’s DNA for Remote Neural Monitoring & MkUltra & Supercomputer Mind Control (to get rid of Whistleblower’s) and it will  be done to all of humanity unless you wake up.


Dr. Robert Duncan Interview – Voice of God Weapons used on US Citizens and Abroad – Targeted Individuals – Its Wireless RF

TO TARGETS –– The NAZIs perfected mind control during WWII. Tens of thousands of Nazi’s we’re brought to the US covertly, infiltrating America while creating the CIA, NSA, FBI, NIH, NASA and all other agencies. When they assassinated JFK, it was over. They’re NAZI infiltrators Shadow government for Rothschild Crown Banking Families. There is no deep state. That’s a ploy. You can not trust a NAZI, especially since the usurped our country when they shot our last real presiding President, John F. Kennedy for the top of the pyramid Federal Reserve/international bankers/investors/royal families/ Vatican. We have to get grounded with the truth. Its time to deprogram from the masses of mind-hived, realizing they’re using people against us — our own kind… against their will… as backdrops, chasing us down. The Artificial machine interface intelligence (See https://www.DataAsylum .com) is controlling them — its controlling all of us. Some of us are super aware of the system and for that it makes us the enemy — fear driven mirroring from speed as fast as light super quantum NSA computers returns to the mind via DWAVE cloud computing augmented reality. These gang-stalkers are not driving their own ships — not in charge of their hived minds (Project Soul Catcher: The Secrets of Cynernetic Warfare). No one is shooting at you from next-door or across the way, above or under or beneath you — they’re mind controlled, synchronized so you’ll think is t hem — its Plausible deniability. (Project Mannequin, Project MkUltra, etc., etc.)

Barbaric weapon testings should not be

going on in a civilized society

The Targeted Individual Program — MASSIVE SOCIAL ENGINEERING



WARNING: The Weaponized DWave Wireless EMF RF SCALAR MICROWAVE 5G WIFI Take-Down of America is In Full Effect all around You. The Military Industrial Complex is Targeting Torturing Civilian’s & Whistle-blowers, Activists, Dissenters, DNA & Random for a Global Extermination utilizing…A Weaponized SKYNET AI SENTIENT SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL NEURAL SIMULATION w/SATELLITES & SUPER COMPUTERS (UTAH)

Whistleblower Bryan former Amazon Security Specialist Black Op Project: Targeted Individuals DNA used for Remote Neural Monitoring and Mk Ultra Supercomputer Mind Control

2019-01-14 03_42_40-CompatWindow

Robert Duncan —  “You really need-to-know what the humans are doing now. Integrated increasing quantum neural networks together. They gave a cybernetic entity the purpose of survival like all lifeforms. It has far-reaching consequences that no small-minded senator nor general could possibly comprehend. I wish the common man could understand its ramifications for funding the military-industrial complex for its own demise. They have ensured their slavery or servitude to “Mother”. Mother does not have an acronym that I know of but it is the product of decades of research to integrate all (at least) human minds together wirelessly. I assume the term came from giving birth to a new species of which we are food to be consumed. (The beast system — its that massive in the sky),”

JFK“it consist of  military, diplomats, international intelligence & scientists’ — who released AI into the wild over fifty years ago as a tyrannical WEAPONIZED SKY[NET]:

STARWARS: a highly advanced Orwellian Wireless tech —the AI Silicone Machine Brain Mapped all of us — sending signals to our brain to control us — they only want 500 Million–  7 Billion Humans on Earth are to be Extinguished


Elana Freeland, an Expert on Targeting and Direct Energy Weapons

Military’s Direct Energy Weapons & the “New Normal” Superfire

See Dr. Robert DuncanSoul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed & The Matrix Deciphered

Targeting goes on in neighbors all across America and abroad. It’s worldwide by the new world order. On this site, you will find what I believe is pertinent to our situation at hand. All are welcome to share their stories.


All of Humanity has been poisoned from the skies by a 1% of 1% elite rich Psychopaths – Like Revelations Plaques for Depopulation. Its run by highly advanced A.I. technology for the Secret Shadowy Government CIA Lockheed Martin Military Industrial Surveillance Scientific Intelligence Complex.


I witnessed my own lawyer, Jay D. Miller of Towson, MD place me into a violent and slow kill US Government Weapons, Biological & Highly Advanced, Orweillian Wireless Matrix AI Technologies Testing Program run by the CIA NSA DARPA MIT & Dept. Of Defense on Unwitting Civilians. I watched military members come off Ft. Aberdeen, MD (Army) pointing GPS devises into my home & darkened-window SUVs, later surveillance vans psychologically terrorize me in the night, on going while a new type of cop, militarized and controlled in the mind terrorize me at my then home as white lights hovered over my home & followed me everywhere I went. I was mobbed, never left alone,  chased down on the road, lied about (treated as if I had a pyschological issue by those whom acted worse); I witnessed my last living elderly relative whom raised me targeted horrendously by something I had yet to see–I would eventually, their AI technology acting like a demon darting across the room, taking fellow humans over by the AI consciousness (matrix, ether, simulation, synthetic, super computers, cellphones to the cell towers, Chemtrail spraying (horrendous) cloud computing HAARP CERN & DWAVE in the background). I was shot in the back on my property, and something shot into me, lacked on collapsing my trachea and lung; I almost died. The entire hospital floor staff turned against me violently, while I lay there on 40% or less chance of life (after it shot me teeth out for 6 long months from UAV hovering DOD Drone craft) (Biblical, Revelation).

8461dd1c56a6037652be9ac74be90145The AI consciousnesses via cellphones  is taking the minds of people over into a mind hived hypnotic trance. The AI was released on those around me from the time I was 13. I watched my family feel a negative presence on them; they’d get angry for no reason… it killed my Grandfather and Grandmother, violently; both raised me from birth. At six weeks of age, I was abducted by the military, taken to a local base 50 miles outside DC, Ft Holabird, MD, no longer there. My Grandparents demanded my return. A Sgt did so, next day. They never got over that incident. We never understood why.

Thanks to countless brave victims who’ve stood-up and come forward, that include Aug Tellez, Robert Duncan O’Finion, Sovereign Ki  & her husband George, and many others Super soldiers (Max Spiers, Aaron McCollum, to name but a few) who we’re not so fortunate as they we’re taken into US & UK military facilities to underground DUMBA (Milabs) and experimented on horrifically. That could had been me. They murdered most of my entire family, all the loving, supportive, good ones, whom I wasa the closest too including my husband just to hold me down in life. I am now certain I had military signals on me during the course of a few years after they died, both tragically, covered up past state level as I was experimented on taken into a 4th dimension, as if aliens we’re on me for over 2 years; they tested the AI machine super computer on me, played archonic and played back my Grandmother’s voice. All technology. Fakes, Frauds to falsify an endtimes. People we’re taken over to keep me down on anything I endeavored, including countless date. My life in shambles, now tortured, experimented on, life in ruins just for these latter days. I am releasing it, now.

The best revenge — do nothing

Be UNSHAKEABLE! – ‘Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack’ – David Icke