Former FEMA/HDS Celeste Solum: Covid Magnetic Tagging; Vaccines for Mass Depopulation & More Nov 19 2020

Corporate totalitarianism and authoritarian interests threatening our ideals, values, our democracy, our very liberties as they trample over humanity

We are now facing a global annihilation of humanity. I have been warning for years, and targeted for such. This is a corporate military industrial complex new world order (that’s actually an ancient freemasonry templars dating back to the Pharaohs) bloodliner’s — the Swiss bankers, investors, Wall street to the Federal Reserve straight to the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s (Bower lineage);

— totalitarianism and authoritarian reasons threatening our ideals, values, our democracy, our very liberties, trampling over humanity for DEMOCIDAL (Genocide by governments) purposes. Think Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and other regime takeovers and millions upon millions killed, by their own governments. We’re there. Tyrannical Genocide by Homicidal maniacs with highly advanced weaponized technologies. The 5G is really, really bad now. They want to get rid of us for Rothschild. Its time to choose. Die on your knees or on your feet with dignity.

Their drawing violent lines in our sands. They’re lockstepping us straight into their FEMA Camps (800 alone in America); spraying us with deadly toxins and live pathogenic virus from chemtrail geoengineering. If you think its not in the vaccines, re-listen to the whistleblower from FEMA/HDS Celeste Solum.

My site offers information and commentary to break the cycle of government behavior modification for obedience — to walk us into their experimentation’s (Mengle style), a constant theme of torture that’s used regardless of age or gender, than straight into their death camps, historically:

Robert Kennedy Jr also has a new theme offering commentary to break the cycle of government obedience:


Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum talks with David Icke: ‘The Covid tests are magnetically tagging you, the vaccine are designed for depopulation; the synthetic transformation of the human body’; midway throu this interview; a must hear, she shows documentations on all of this, and a lot more, that’s shocking, especially about targeting.