Protestors Shout and Throwing Gravel at PM Justin Trudeau in Opposition to COVID-19 Vaccines

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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Campaign Bus Mobbed by Anti Vax Protesters

by Chris Black

Trudeau’s campaign bus was just swarmed by a mob of angry vaccine passport tyranny protesters before it could even stop.  

Trudeau is the most actively hated man in Canadian history.

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A New Barbarism: An Appauling Totalitarian Militarization WMD, Science and Medicine against the Public

Once again, I’m trying to alert the public, a sleeping society, to the imminent threats to their freedom from the threat of a fascist and covert operations who have in all probability gained control of potentially lethal weaponry of the type we are describing. British Psychoanalyst, Carole Smith has a warning, below, on the urgency…

Dr. Robert Malone: Hospitals are sending your private medical data to Facebook

(Robert Malone) – An article entitled “Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites” is one of the more shocking investigative pieces of the week to not make mainstream corporate media. The authors document how there has been a tracking tool installed on many hospitals’ private website pages, which has been collecting patients’ health information. This includes…

President of Facebook’s Science Feedback (FACTCHECKER) Hiding in Paris, Terrified of Court Appearance, On the Run last heard

Robert Kennedy, JR accused Facebook of colluding with the government…. Man on the run – Paul D. Thacker: Investigative Reporter; Former Investigator United States Senate; Former Fellow Safra Ethics Center, Harvard University Back in August of 2020, Vincent was first served a legal complaint at the address for Science Feedback, at 40 Rue Alexandre Dumas,…


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