CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp on the Shadow Government Update: Unconstitutional Power of Government Secrecy (New War on Domestic Terrorists)

In this updated report, Kevin Shipp goes deeper into the Shadow Government and the Unconstitutional power of secret we’re dealing with, including those that torture.

Shadow Government Exposed: CIA Domestic Network – a Massive system, directly centered as an arm of the shadow government. An additional secretive surveillance and spying for the CIA uses third parties like Lockheed Martin, Booze Hamilton. CACI is behind the TORTURE, 50 billion of our tax revenues… all top secret and accountable to no one — not to Congress or we the people. Hundreds’ of thousands all bound by CIA secretive agreements including the NSA and 15 other agencies under national intelligence and it goes on and on. The military industrial complex with 100s of 1000s of employees. Due to secrecy agreements, they’re threatened with prison and loss of retirement. All of our pensions have been stolen.

Shadow Government Exposes: CIA Domestic Network by Kevin Shipp

He exposes the Google, Amazon Cloud Computing is Spying on all of us — Collecting DATA by the CIA, Palantir Total Information Awareness Program by the DoD Pre-Crime Database gathering information on every literal thing we do, say write, books we read, everything we do in our personal life — they’re gathering all that information. Every Fusion Center collects information on all of us run by local Police, an FBI and CIA agent are inside these centers; IARPA Microsoft Biometric Database collected by Amazon CIA.

These are the largest HARPA Massive Database on all of us with Artificial Intelligence Systems


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