Chemtrails/GeoEngineering Symptoms: Morgellons, Mycoplasma, Fibers, Pathogens, Bacterial Fungi, Neural Damages & More

3 thoughts on “Chemtrails/GeoEngineering Symptoms: Morgellons, Mycoplasma, Fibers, Pathogens, Bacterial Fungi, Neural Damages & More

  1. One actual kidnapping on me, two beatings at Walmart sending me to the hospital…where I was taken to the mental ward…one of the times the Dr. fondled me…these people are illuminati perverts trying to dis credit sane people who tell the true facts of which these people don’t want out.
    My ex kidnapped my children…sending one to the Philippines, the other two he took to Saudi Arabia . He tried to kill me, and stole some of the money, millions, from Coffins Trucking ( Sattler vs. Coggings Trucking , Baton Rouge, La.) ,he paid to switch Livingston,La. court records. Then took my children…he is a pedophile.
    It took (9) nine years to get my daughter’s from Arabia. Janet Reno on Good Morning America, “Two little girls have been kidnapped from Louisiana, and taken to Saudi Arabia”. NO ONE WOULD HELP!!! HE HAD INDOCTRINATED THEM IN (9) NINE YEARS…AND I WAS FALSE ARRESTED A FEW TIMES !!!



  2. I did volunteer work for FEMA. I started in Ms. Volunteered with James Copeland (DOT…1rst responder…out of the Whitehouse) for my trailer E-33 in exchange for 05,06,07,08 work to help 6,000 people from the 9th Ward of New Orleans, La. after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. FEMA NEVER GAVE ME MY TRAILER…I SIGNED THE DEED FOR IT…GUARDS SAID THAT I WAS WORKING FOR MY TRAILER, I AGREED, AND SIGNED THE DEED IN 2005.
    34 PEOPLE DIED IN RENAISSANCE VILLAGE AFTER FORMALDEHYDE POISONINGS…I ALMOST DIED. IT GAVE ME THE ENHANCEMENT OF MY WRITING ABILITIES TO WRITE OVER 117 #1 Hit songs…that were stolen, my husband took them to Nashville, Tn. ( Infringed) and a constant campaign of stalking began, radio billboards for 101.7 radio. My stolen songs were being played into my trailer, back to back. Some of the artist have back tracked dates …they were all written 2005,2006, 2007…and they were all copywriten by me. It has been the worst HELL …CHEMICALS, EMF, STALKING, HARASSMENT, FOOD THEFT,CAMERAS IN TOILET, AROUND TUB, MKULTRA voices in the head Presley family vandetta, attempts to kidnap me, poisoning, etc.


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