ULTRA WEALTHY German NAZI Family awarded UK contract for DIGITAL VACCINE PASSPORTS – Meet the Quandts owners of ENTRUST (WWII family ran private concentration camp supplying slave labor to their battery factory) VIDEOS

They have mind control technologies all over the world now… you can stop this. Listen to Dave Case’s CD. The cellphones and towers are pulsating programs out to your minds. The CD retrains the brains and stops it. Vaccinated are hearing ringing in ear. Its from the nano sensors hooked to the Wilcox Chain Kill grid (smart grid) — Download this. Listen w/earphones/headphones as often as possible.

Human Map Terraining, Enabling the Wilcox Kill Chain, Neural Weapons, AI Jade Helm, Autonomous SKYNET HAARP on Innocent Defenseless Civilians – Lissa’s Humane Life

We have Klaus discussing Microchips and who’s father had a NAZI company; FAUCI who’s a serial murdering liar robber-Barron running NIH and his wife… Gates, Bushes, Clintons, Obama’s — the CIA who we’re in fact Project Paperclip — this is the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of. Now, where do you think FEMA camps come from?

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Quandt - mother and children
Hitler Goebbels Quandt wedding

Nothing really changes. The actors are the same. The methods are the same. And the intent is the same.

“Love is meant for husbands, but my love for Hitler is stronger, I would give my life for it.”

—Magda Goebbels (née Ritschel, formerly Quandt)

During World War II, the Quandt family had their own private concentration camp to supply slave labor for Quandt battery works:

“In 1943, and with direct support from the SS, the Quandts were able to establish a company-owned concentration camp directly alongside their battery works in Hanover. KZ (Concentration Camp) Hanover, a satellite of KZ Neuengamme, exploited the labour of both Jews and resistance fighters, as well as forced labour from France and Czechoslovakia. Prisoners from the KZ Neuengamme were selected for hard labour at the Quandt battery works…”

Documentary | The Silence of the Quandts: The history of a wealthy German family – learn more about the influential family that owns ENTRUST, maker of the Digital Vaccine-Passport App

Now the Quandts are poised to control Vaccine Passports, the wholly integrated Digital IDs that will be used to monitor, control, millions of British citizens, if not eventually billions of people worldwide.

Minneapolis, Minnesota based Entrust is owned by German Quandt family. Entrust was acquired by Quandt family’s Datacard Group from Thoma Bravo reportedly for US $500 million. Datacard Group later changed its name to Entrust.

“The ability to verify identity and manage trusted access digitally is the key to transforming travel and citizen services around world. WorldReach is a great fit for Entrust, with deep experience in identity verification and digital onboarding solutions implemented at scale for governments and global travel providers. With the WorldReach acquisition, Entrust can help these organizations reshape government and travel service experiences around secure digital identities,” said Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust.


During World War II, it was IBM.

“IBM technology facilitated the rapid implementation of the Holocaust. Census Data was contained in IBM computer punch cards. The Jews of Europe were quickly identified rounded up, segregated, deported, tracked. imprisoned, tattooed, enslaved, and exterminated.”  ~ Vera Sharav, Nazi Holocaust Survivor

WATCH ***HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ISSUES STARK WARNING***”Medical mandates today are a major step backward toward a fascist dictatorship and genocide” VIDEO

Today, it is Entrust, among others. And so it begins.

Government accused of ushering in national ID cards ‘by the backdoor’ after Covid vaccine passport contract

June 21, 2021 7:00 am(Updated July 12, 2021 5:33 pm)

The Government has been accused of trying to usher in national ID cards “by the backdoor” after one firm awarded a vaccine passport contract boasted about being able to “redeploy” them into a national identity programme, i can reveal.

Entrust, a global IT firm, was awarded a contract by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) last month to work on the Government’s Covid vaccine certification system.

The company, which describes itself as a “global leader in identities, payments, and data protection”, was handed £250,000 to provide cloud computing software for the Covid-status certification scheme run by NHSX — the Government’s digital health unit….

Brace yourself. 

LONDON: “EXCESS DEATHS SITUATION for the 32 London boroughs and the City of London” bid sought for “TEMPORARY BODY STORAGE SERVICE” and “CREMATORIUMS”

The Authority seeks to procure a framework agreement for temporary body storage in the event of an excess deaths situation for the 32 London boroughs and the City of London, led by Westminster City Council.

The framework agreement will appoint a single provider and will be for a period of 4 years.



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Klaus Schwab Discusses Implanted Microchips in 2016 Interview with Swiss Television Channel RTS | Adara Press

[REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE!  SEE VIDEO BELOW!] DOCUMENTARY: The Silence of the Quandts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpQpgd_EeWY

UK Vax passport article: https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/vaccine-passports-contracts-government-covid-two-years-2023-1127579

BMW Breaks Silence on Nazi Past: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/bmw-dynasty-breaks-silence-its-nazi-past-2362634.html

Billionaires Lives are Harder than You Think: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/bmw-billionaire-heirs-say-their-lives-are-harder-than-you-think-1.1276016

Quandt Media Prize List: https://second.wiki/wiki/herbert_quandt_medien-preis



Dieser Dokumentarfilm beschäftigt sich mit dem Aufstieg und dem Vermögen eine der reichsten deutschen Familien in der Nazi-Zeit. Deren Aufstieg in der BRD und deren Schweigen zu den Kriegsverbrechen an Zwangsarbeitern im Dritten Reich

The Quandt family is the silent might behind one of the world’s largest and most profitable automakers, BMW. Yet the family has a dark past. Its businesses profited from forced labour during the Third Reich, and the patriarchs, who were intimately involved with the Nazi regime, managed to escape prosecution and keep those profits when the war ended, profits with which they could buy and rescue BMW. This documentary shows the victims, and asks the question, “Why are the Quandts silent?”
ARD, 2007