Clearly this extensive blueprint for Martial Law was produced long before the so-called outbreak of the Coronavirus in December 2019. FEMA whistleblower Celeste Solum breaks down the COVID Action Platform for you: Watch and share this shocking but important video:


Celeste — All of this is coming from the United Nations: Fema Martial Law is on hold; we’re in a soft martial law now; they will give us managed little bit of freedom, some resistance, than tighter and tighter into Tyranny. It was done in 2016. The Constitution has been suspended. FEMA has taken over. Its DARPA PATHOGENS and goes deeper. Its in our blood via vaccines and chemtrail spraying and our food and water. We become one with our devices, computers, cellphones, modems, all things wireless.

She continues: In my spare, time I write articles.I just completed a book entitle, God’s Marvelous Protective Protections for the coming Nuclear and Cosmic Superstorm. It is currently in production. I am also writing a book on Catastrophism from a biblical perspective. This August I began video broadcasts for my Patron’s and have set up a platform for Live Coverage and Special Programs should the situation arise where they are needed.

Shepherds Heart –   Your Gateway to Truth in a World of Deception

Prepare. The world you knew has vanished. — Celeste


Celeste does not say how — she shows their plans in their intelligence files; they’re going to use 5G military crowd control with cell towers and 22k or more WIFI 5G Satellites — mental alignments,  and locking down with Corona Virus was planned —  use the search button, or look under Daily Posts for other recent revelations proving what she says is true.

Her Youtube channel

Celeste Solum – “Emergency Clause Invoked For ‘Vulnerable Populations’” – News Update 3/3/20 – At 1:13 Celeste states that THE CONSTITUTION IS NULLIFIED & WE’RE UNDER MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW.

On March 3, when the video was released, after she fled for her life, she was ordered to KILL AMERICANS or DRAG us into FEMA CAMPs, and hospitalized for an illness, read the below linked documents from Dave Hodges site… we’re under MARITAL LAW and they’ve more than proven people are dying in hospitals with no family members allowed in–in my area its going on as they tried to have me locked away for exposing their horrendous treasonous crimes against humanity after what they did to my family and I.

From Dodges: “I warned that the HSS camps had no intention of treating the sick. Of the 17 Federal agencies involved in these so-called FEMA medical camps, not one of the agencies represented in the planning documents (eg Emergency Support Function #8 – Public Health and Medical) made provisions for any kind of medical treatment whatsoever!”


The FEMA Medical Martial Law Camp Warnings From Celeste Solum and Dave Hodges Are Now a Reality | The Common Sense Show

The state Department of Health coordinated with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have formally contracted to use Washington State Patrol’s fire training academy off I-90 in North Bend as a newly created quarantine facility.The facility is already open for business because the Sea-Tac Airport passengers who spent time in the Hubei province in China where the outbreak started will be placed under quarantine at the facility.

That warning given out over five years ago, has finally been realized. As I stated over 5 years ago, Executive Order, entitled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Executive Order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals”, and Ebola is specifically mentioned. Obama’s executive order, entitled, Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Bush’s Executive Order 13295, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals  to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.” Even though President Bush specifically mentioned Ebola as an illness which would permit the authorities to utilized forced quarantines, Obama takes this portion of the Executive Order to a whole new level. Obama has granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained. When the forced transport of Ebola patients begins to occur, relatively healthy people will be joining them in this death parade march.

The FEMA Medical Martial Law Camp Warnings From Celeste Solum and Dave Hodges Are Now a Reality


Deborah Tavaris — an early whistleblower on the use of Cell towers and the annihilation of humanity: Now Targeted yet standing up to tell the world:

“The Seven Thunders Revealed” Book (PDF Download) –, “Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions” Book (PDF Download) –…,

Personal notes: You need to be at least 500 miles inland; waters / oceans are to rise above the ground as it goes under taking up to 2 weeks or more. Its already happening, a slow pole shifting (physical). Head for higher ground away from rivers and if there is one enar make sure its to the east of you.

Get past Big Pool of the western mt region… or west of the Smoky Natl Parkway; 20 miles from where waters will come up… the town’s not high enough… yet has in appearance Army constructed planned flood waterways in-place to catch large overflows. Colorado is the highest; the Navy was informed of catastrophic events to come over 35 years ago and advised to head for the Ozarks Missouri. Canada, above the Great Lakes is a good site — solid ancient rock underground meaning it will not move during the coming POLE SHIFT.

Pt 1 John Moore, former Navy intelligence:

Pt 2

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