The Torture-Mind Control Agenda Exposed; MK-ULTRA, Gitmo, Gang Stalking, and The Electronic Concentration Camp: Dr. Paul Marko video

Dehumanization and Devolution: The Torture-Mind Control Agenda Exposed (Dr. Paul Marko, Mindy Urkin, and Pinecone Utopia)

Dr. Paul Marko’s education and professional career have been in the field of psychology.

Some Highlights from Documentary:

A working definition of “organized stalking/electronic torture:”

“The goal is to create a nationwide system of “vigilantes” who do not think for themselves but follow orders- the Evildoing, US-Govt-paid “defense” contractors’ private army of “shooters” (not thinkers). The network is run by contractors and by DHS’s (Department of Homeland Security’s) 78 fusion centers. The propaganda is that they are fighting terrorists (and that is what they tell these vigilante suckers.) The truth is that they are constructing a nationwide GPS/cellphone- directed prison system that now contains ALL Americans.”


“As a lead-up to globalization, it’s obviously necessary to perfect techniques of torture to terrorize and eventually eliminate anyone that might present opposition to the grand Satanic design. A well-known incarnation of this technique of extreme fear-based control wielded by fascist states came into the public awareness through the activities of the German Stasi and the Red Terror in Russia under the Bolshevik Cheka, which ran an arrest, internment, and execution campaign that institutionalized the gulag prison system. In America, this fear-based mind control program of torture and execution was rolled out and perfected for use against Americans and citizens worldwide in South Vietnam in a program known as the Phoenix Program.”

Dr. Paul Marko asks the question: “Who authorized the U.S. government to produce mind-control slaves? I didn’t. Did you?”

Why do psychopaths torture?

Torture does not help extract accurate information or protect national security!; This is the disgrace of the Guantanamo Bay Torture Center and the 100s of other CIA black torture sites throughout the world.

If it is not for the extraction of information or for defense, what real purposes does torture serve for psychopathic elites? These include:

1) The fabrication of false confessions for the creation of false and deceptive narratives used to provide “evidence” to justify various types of deception scenarios,

2) It is useful for the extraction of low-vibrational energies that Satanic elites need to appease the demands of the Luciferian inter dimensional entities that they feel give them their power. Torture, wars, starvation, disease and other horrors are also useful for this purpose,

3) “Transformational torture,” the most common type, is used to wage war against humanity and is designed to destroy humanity as we know it…. Among several types are: a) “Beta tests,” used to find the breaking points of the human species, b) mind and behavior control, and c) “torture normalization.” Like pedophilia, this deviance must be made acceptable in order to usher in the New World Order, advance the BEAST system, and facilitate the trans-humanist (or post-human) agenda. Technological advances will allow constant monitoring of humanity and the controlling of deviant elements through torture.

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Example One — This is what #TIs go thru on a daily bases. The Artificial Intelligence that’s in the literal air in a Sentient Worldwide Simulation created for the NSA — it’s why the collected all the date on everyone, in particular, Americans. This is highly advanced technological weaponization of surveillance before your eyes going on in your neighborhoods across the US and abroad, especially the five eye nations.

Predictive Programming

The EyeOpener- Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone –


Below video is from a whistleblower, former Amazon security insider and DARPA (CERN/DWAVE) synchronization of humanity; yes, Amazon has made billions on US taxpayers to SURVEIL everything we do – See Wikileaks ‘On the Take and lovingvb  it.’ and his last video when they pulled it/him off air talking about the Nanites in the air.

To understand what’s going on… think of the Matrix, a simulation, synthetic from Chemtrail spraying and the electronic grid via smartphones to the cell towers to a black box that goes to Ft. Meade, MD and from there to the NSA’s Utah facility where all of our data goes in a literal second of time… to super computers that communicate with computers that work in the air–the ether… quantum computers. It’s heavy physics but its what’s going on.


Read over some of the informative links provide below. You can email me with questions or leave a response.

HERE”s the CLINCHER-– TIs are REAL inside this REEL. Whereas everyone else are BACKDROPS – they’re minds are COPIES of the actual real brain in their super computer, for complete CONTROL – hence perps, neighbors and everyone else. Its not them.  CIA DOD DARPA is your perpetrators controlling situations in the simulation. Unlike everyone else, we stood up to them over finances and politics, whistleblew, dissented became activists after they did us horridly wrong –the rest are asleep. We did the right thing.. we get it.  We see injustice and go by the law, hence to make us look lawless, corrupted. Most TIs hold PhDs, Bachelor degrees, etc. Yet fail to see the skits, the simulation run by the NSA and CIA and DOD (DARPA).

Once you understand their keys to this matrix, you become very dangerous to them.

Another Example: — the only thing you’re not seeing is the matrix before your eyes. Logic has left the room. Grab it back and your self-awareness. Step back from your story–how you got on the list and see the bigger picture–this is run by highly advanced cloud-computing smart grid synthetics (Chemtrails) super quantum computers — the NSA is running a worldwide ‘simulation.’

Learn more of gangstalking really is — its a simulation by the NSA-CIA & Dept. of Defense and its worldwide.

Manifestation of Chaos & Simulation Theory – YouTube —

Sentient World Simulation Archives | Take The RedPill! —

Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations – Wikipedia —

What you need to know about the SENTIENT WORLD SIMULATION and VIRTUAL REALITY – YouTube

The Matrix all around us — testing highly advanced artificial intelligent run quantum to the cubic computers–they wanted complete control, the Internet of all things. Dr. Robert Duncan worked on these targeting technologies to control humanity, regrettably compartmentalized unknowingly… he learned that his work was for targeting and spoke out and was targeted for doing so. He whistle blew on Jesse Ventura’s show, Brain Invaders on Conspiracy Theory.

  • Gerald Clark – Former DARPA employee – How to Break Out of the Matrix – Meat Modem – YouTube

Video 119: The Grid and how to Exit the Matrix


The Ultimate Secrets Behind the #GangStalking Exposed! + The Government is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Cybernetic Warfare Weapons

The WIRED Guide to Quantum Computing | tech | Quantum physics ...
The wrong powers are in charge as was prophesied in these last days. The International new world order, an ancient order dating back to early Atlantis, even earlier to Southern Africa where the gold is (See: Michael Tellinger. Hidden History of Humanity) and now stationed out of Switzerland, are intentionally trying to destroy myself and others with #Gangstalking. I like so many others who’ve figured-out the Synchronisation of our lives, are exposing the AI PREDATOR SLOW-DESTROYER OF OUR LIVES. Its time I take a stand regardless of how hard I’m attacked. And I am. The AI attacks have become more and more brutal, barbaric, psychotic, uncivilized and certainly inhumane, as this off-worldly technological destroyer, like its handlers, are hell bent to do to just that to we #Targetedindividuals. I am fed-up with living in fear of non-exposer, so its what I’m doing. They’re straight out of Orwell’s Hell.
Yes, the original Pharoah’s hid out in Switzerland. Listen and watch TI Dr. Hross explain & prove it: Here & here.
Below explains what those running DWAVE & CERN  SATELLITES & DRONES & CELLTOWERS  CELL-PHONES are doing to highly-vibrational, very, very powerful spiritual entity beings: They are in fear of, according to the late Max Spiers (video below), obviously, and do not want you to know how much power you actually have. You have a lot.

cern Archives |

If we do not take a stand against those doing this to us, including this AI SKYNET technology, a live techno-entity released without any morals, on an unprotective, innocent, decent law abiding, defenseless public without a care for humanity, it will certainly destroy us. So… It is high time to walk in the spirit God gave us. God is within us, around us and with us. God helps those whom help themselves since no one else is stepping up to these barbarians.

Yea, though I walk in the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, fore I know my God is with and within me, so saith GOD ALMIGHTY PURE SOURCE CREATOR OF ALL THE UNIVERSES, OMNIVERSES and PLANETS STARS ETC.
We targeted Individuals are obviously the missing link: We’re REAL within their REEL. Once one figures out the matrix of control, they created, to get rid of the rest of humanity.. targeting those who could had saved this world, we then hold the keys to their matrix, making us very dangerous to them… especially when we stand-up to them IE Whistleblow, etc. Please. Do not live in fear of the tyrannical authoritarian governments they’ve set-up and you can count on it, its to destroy humanity (GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, AGENDA21)
— Webmistress (Chris) — Lissa
Photos: Above – DWAVE /  To the Right – CERN
CERN – End of Days: Major Update IV | Vortex: Conscious and Courageous


Let me talk of some points about the issue, in the year 2013 I had an indirect misunderstanding /argument with a group of girls living opposite my place and thought of the issue at hand as experienced by most people as being part of societal interactions, but unexpectedly I started facing difficulties beyond imagination post that which I’ll be elaborating here.

I faced synchronous honking (coincidentally high count) while on vehicle or walking in the city I was stationed in at that time and initially thought it had to do with those group of girls with whom I had a negative experience as neighbors (because this narrative was running in my mind at that time and I believed it). These events happened in conjunction with many other experiences like people making unfriendly gestures as I glance towards them. Later I worked in another metro city, around 200 kms away, and I experienced the same thing, and it was as if honking was used as a communication medium to let me know I cannot run and it shall follow wherever I go.

There’s an impossible synchronization of events caused by this technology (for eg. an unexpectedly high number of times it happened that as I glance towards a person, the very moment the person will enact a specific gesture) and it reminds me of true reality of the world (you will understand as you read along) every time I experience these highly synchronous events till today. There were also other things that I experienced that made me feel strongly that people around me were indicating hostility towards me like unfriendly gestures which looked like they were directed towards me along with a narrative that was already playing in my mind that all these things are caused by those girls. I experienced these events all throughout the day.

If I have to put these coincidences in other words, these can be termed as meaningful synchronicities. (For eg. if I read a car advertisement, when I am out I’ll notice a similar car model while passing by honking to get my attention, tv host may wear a similar jacket which I may have purchased recently, I have experienced people with similar facial structure as some people I might have known earlier introduced in some way or other in my routine.)

Later, I moved to my country’s commercial capital, which is amongst the most populous cities in the world, and I experienced similar noise harassment/other hostile gestures (the patterns being identical) and there was an identifiable and noticeable pattern to it which was easily recognized by me and it may easily go unnoticed by somebody else as if these were hidden messages in plain sight. Noise harassment (high synchronization between me and my presence at a place where certain loud noises are running) coupled with other everyday human behaviors like certain unfriendly gestures and certain speech/words I started hearing from people around more often, which by random chance should not have been possible to be occurring with abnormally high count but was happening around me (because of the count I can say these manufactured coincidences, as many would call them, did not look like mere coincidences but a concerted attempt to have my attention throughout the day). Also, I would like to add that whatever I had experienced and whatever I might be experiencing till date is caused by a extremely advanced AI (as I understood later), further, this AI also knows how to change tactics to gather attention of an targeted experiencer using different indirect communication mediums, to give an eg. bumblebee from transformers was able to capture different sounds from different sources to say what it wanted to say or communicate, this AI is able to use the human beings and non-living info as medium to communicate what it wants to communicate, for eg. it can make a person shout while I am passing nearby and make him say what it wants to communicate, or selectively take my attention to a billboard or something written on a vehicle or its license plate. This AI is able to decode thoughts and environment parameters of all humans around and is able to make sense of it in real time like we humans do.

These coincidences that I experienced then started taking different forms like while on road a random vehicle overtakes and blocks the way, these coincidences were happening a lot and their purpose was to get my attention all the time and target me via these tactics. It was difficult to get to the root of the issue then but what was visible was that certain methods were used to harass me no matter wherever I go, in these situations human mind does tend to draw conclusions and we take those seriously since we feel that these conclusions are product of our own thought process, also at that time my thoughts were simultaneously influenced by this tech to cause more confusion. After researching and looking into similar cases where people had reported similar experiences (I might have to explain that maybe separately as to how most people targeted by this tech have not been able to understand what this tech is doing to them and to people around them to create the narrative that they have in their head), I came to conclusion that there is a global aspect to this issue and what I thought initially was causing problems (i.e people around) in my life was not the actual cause but a deception.Let me elaborate on the most important point here, deception (this whole experience is a result of a tech acting on people and not people acting to conspire is difficult to understand and here is where this tech deceives its victims and victims are running after wrong root causes for years and years and maybe a lifetime). Victims of this tech are deceived from the beginning when they started experiencing problems and all throughout the process of targeting. Deception is evident as victims misjudge the whole situation (for eg. people around are not hostile but are made to appear hostile assisted by narrative in victims mind), so basically this tech can influence a human to make certain gestures in real time along with involuntary movements at times (victims will never be able to understand this with their everyday perspective if they hold onto the associations from coincidences but need to look at these things for just what they are & observe the meaning evident from the synchronicity).

Most victims believed that probably governments are behind this, most were not able to distinguish the tech aspect of the phenomena, which only further proves that it’s an extremely advanced tech (for eg. type 2 kardashev scale civilization, beyond realm of current known tech landscape) and no government shall possess that and that there is another source operating the tech. There is a lot of speculation about mind control tech on earth, I have had a first-hand experience with this tech which helped me decode various functions of this tech and the capability of this tech is beyond imagination, which further made me rethink the very fabric of our reality and why it exists the way it is. After communicating with many people affected by this technology, I was convinced that what I experienced was something common people would never have experienced and that this was a deception against human beings as a community and why is that so, you’ll be able to understand as you read along. What I experienced during the first visible encounter with the technology was so disturbing that it was almost equivalent to reprogramming of how I saw the world around me and put my mind in a self-deprecating cyclic pattern which I was able to identify but not immediately.

It has been 8 years since it became obvious to me of being targeted by this tech, going by the experiences I had I have understood how sophisticated this tech is and how it can alter or reprogram the very fabric of perception of reality. To understand the crux about my experiences, initially I searched online for people with similar experiences and came across a gentleman who had similar experiences ( and who had understood the fact that a tech was causing the experiences I had ) and since then I have witnessed and understood (reverse engineer events) this tech unfold different events in my life which have had drastic influence on my life. Let’s take a step back and go to the year 2011 when I initially started experiencing events caused by this tech, based on what I have communicated already about my experiences here, I was able to conclude that this AI/Tech has been monitoring me from a much earlier time period than the year 2011, After my first episode of overt dramatic experience with this tech, I observed later those tactics had reduced and more covert harassment tactics I faced later. Next major phase of my life years post my first interaction with this tech was when I joined a new job, after great difficulty I was able to find a job. There I faced unprecedented pressure at work with unnaturally isolated work life, I was witnessing these things and I was not able to do much about it as slowly I started to learn that this tech is advanced enough to affect work life in such a way that one would want to leave the job. In Spite an isolated work life, this tech would create pressure in different ways, like if I already have a work deadline, a number of seniors would ping me to have certain different work delivered in the same deadline. Based on the information I have shared here, you should have got a basic idea that this tech can think like a human and make humans act in certain ways whether its verbal communication or physical movements. This tech can actuate behaviour from people around so precisely one would think that it is an invisible enemy acting via these people. Creating a isolative work environment and bringing people with contrasting personalities in contact at times are also some tactics observed and caused by this tech, also this tech is always running a narrative about these people and events in the victim’s mind along the way, so it basically creates a trap of artificial reality around the victim all the time 24*7.

I would like to throw some light on unbelievable synchronization in events caused by this tech, for eg, if had a thought about a person from my life, while on road I can be selectively made to look towards the number plate of a vehicle with that same persons’ initials on it and it might happen sometime while I am having a thought about the same person while on road, what I basically want to state here is that this AI/tech is so advanced as to selectively find a vehicle with required initials and direct my attention exactly towards  that vehicle in running traffic, immaterial of speed of travel and also to add a thought about the person just before it directs my attention towards that vehicle. There are conclusions that can be drawn as we look at these events with an objective outlook. First, this tech is able to inject thoughts in a person’s mind (this is by stimulating the brain through satellites) anytime and anywhere, there is an extremely complex information processing and storing mechanism actuating these events, but how does this tech obtain required info like car numbers, etc and also info about my history of thoughts in the day, the answer may sound little overboard and difficult to believe but it is the truth and its disturbing, the answer is that this tech is decoding thoughts of target and people around target 24*7. I quoted one instance earlier of an event with an element of synchronization and predictability and unexplained complexity but with a goal to create meaningful info in targets mind, there are numerous instances of these events that I face on daily basis. This tech which is causing this phenomena has a mind and (artificial) intelligence of its own and thus a conclusion that it should have been designed by humans. There are instances of unnatural sexual excitation, unnatural pain in specific parts of the body, unnatural vibrations at skin level at different places on body, skin related problems  which also cause pain, unnatural sneezing, involuntary body movements (when not in a 100% attention state), feeling of being in a semi-conscious/trance like state etc, all these experiences may sound bizarre but are effective tactics used by this tech to persistently harass a target/experiencer and have their attention at will. By objectively looking at these experiences not just from a targeted persons perspective but solely based on what it can do, we have to understand we are looking at a deployed technology which can decode thoughts of any human at will and is aware of information around humans, be it in textual form or information about physical objects around, makes sense of that info in a global highly complex perspective and throw events in targets physical reality which is only going to put the target in a state of distraction.

Talking of the experiences of the targeted person, one point is clear which is these feelings/experiences are meant to parallel with what is experienced by individuals affected by mental illnesses, for eg. most targeted persons have reported about tinnitus or voice hearing, unnatural sensations over their body, the obvious feeling of being persecuted by people around through stalking and other tactics like gestures being passed to them  from Tv hosts etc. which eventually result in distrust in persons surroundings to cause paranoia, missing memory, involuntary body movements or catatonia (perfectly still for hours at a stretch), inability to feel happiness, being apathetic, onset of depression. All the above mentioned are a corollary of the initial experience with what is actuated around a targeted person by this technology, and when these experiences are quoted to a medical practitioner, these are easily going to be mistaken for symptoms of mental illness. This is the initial method used by this tech to discredit the affected person (and it is by design) unless the targeted person realizes this is a work of an AI-powered technology creating these situations around, it’s very difficult to overcome them. For the same reason, this tech wants the target to believe the gang-stalking explanation which is basically a delusion created to deceive the targeted person. This leads us to another conclusion that mental illnesses are a product of this tech acting on people and doctors term the symptoms mentioned earlier as symptoms of mental illnesses as they cannot understand that the experiences are real and unexplained. It shall be clear from my end that the experiences with this technology/phenomenon clearly connect with voice hearing and other anomalous phenomena on earth. I highly recommend you listen to Jeremy Radlow’s explanation about the phenomena. Although I managed to look into this issue even further, Jeremy’s explanation helped me a lot to uncover a deeper truth behind the targeting. 


Is “Gang stalking” real? Well, this is an erroneous conclusion only made by an observer, (let’s call this as the victim), observing a phenomenon that replicates the behavior of group stalking or group harassment. This phenomenon is extremely complicated for an observer(victim) to understand, neither this can be understood by a person who has never experienced it by listening to a victim’s story. Whenever a person explains his or her stalking experience they will refer to external events, although one might conclude that these are delusional references, that’s again a false conclusion only. These are actually synchronizations. Synchronicities are meaningful events/coincidences. And for a victim (TI) these events will keep recurring again and again till the victim get sensitized simply by observing it and noticing it. This is how the meaningful memory gets created in a victims brain and now the victim is well aware of these events. And then these events will continue happening. Since these are meaningful events we could call these events as synchronicities but this is a complicated form of synchronicity. Extremely advanced technology is behind creating these synchronicities and this highly advanced technology is able to stimulate human brains and exploit human thoughts and bodily actions. This entire process is handled by an extremely advanced artificial intelligent program only, there are no handlers as one might assume due to the way these events are being manifested. As a victim, sometimes you will observe timing activities, sometimes you will hear unique words or you would see advertisements that are of meaningful words, sometimes you will see unique colors, sometimes this would be noises or it would be a combination of all these activities. And these activities will keep happening again and again for a victim. Human beings who face this psychological torture will typically use the words such as “timing”, “notice”, “recurring”, “exact time”, “coincidence”, “patterns”, etc. to explain their observation. If you are a person who observes a mass human manipulation against you no matter where you go, you are observing a phenomenon (or events) that is controlled by an AI to put you down mentally. You a victim of a mental torture program controlled by AI’s. You would make erroneous conclusions by observing the phenomenon over a long period and you would start making false claims, therefore the fellow human beings are also finding hard to understand victims claims either, hence, no one believes if such a program exists in the world. 

When the observer (targeted victim) observe these synchronicities or the events that have a meaning, the observer would make different erroneous conclusions depend on their knowledge, depending on their beliefs, depend on their critical thinking ability, etc… This is why we haven’t found the existence of such a group and that’s the same reason why the law enforcement agencies are denying it. Group harassment by targeting a person up to this level was never found. Imagine if this actually exists how quickly this would have been exposed? Since the law enforcement agencies and the medical community denies it, a victim would come up with various reasons to hold onto their belief since the experience is real. Although such a group doesn’t exist your observation is true. So is gangstalking real? Yes, the phenomenon is real, synchronicities are the cause and an extremely advanced tech is behind this. However, the conclusions made by the victims and the medical community is false. A researcher who understands the existence of these synchronicities will understand that human thoughts are being affected to an extreme level and due to that human actions are being affected. 

The actual cause behind the gang stalking phenomenon is extremely complicated to understand. This complicated phenomenon is handled by an extremely advanced artificial intelligence program and the AI is doing active surveillance on human beings on Earth using a global satellite-grid 24/7. One of the capabilities of this AI is that it could manipulate bodily actions of human beings by targeting a victim. The perpetrator (as per the victim) could be anyone on Earth. The perpetrator exists in the eyes of the victim only. Therefore, these perpetrators or stalkers are invisible to society. For example, the AI will stimulate the brain of the person who is sitting next to you in such a way that is identifiable to you only to create the perpetrator concept in your mind. And this person could be anyone, a friend of yours, a family member or a random person who is in front of you. The observer (the victim) will analyze the content of the speech of this person, bodily actions (such as gestures, body postures, facial expressions, head/hand movements, sneezing, coughing, etc… ) and then the victim or the target will come to an erroneous conclusion that this person is a perpetrator that belongs to this same gang/group. Sometimes, AI’s are using vehicles or any other identifiable things to the observer (the victim) to create the phenomenon and this could be the number plate of a vehicle or the color of a vehicle even.

Let me try to put this into perspective by taking examples:

1). In this particular example, the AI (artificial intelligence) is using facial expressions to create the group stalking behavior. To achieve this, the AI will exploit human actions by stimulating brains of random people by targeting a victim. These random people have no clue that their actions are being controlled by an AI and for them the action was performed due to their own thinking. From your point of view, this is a meaningful facial expression that is performed by so many random people whenever you are in public locations.  Therefore, you are not coincidently meeting people who do the same facial expression, neither they talk to each other and perform this action by knowing who you are, the AI control the facial expressions of people by targeting you regardless of where you stay. This is why you or the victim thinks these stalkers are everywhere thus creating the group stalking concept in your mind. Which is an erroneous conclusion made by you without you knowing the exact mechanism behind how these activities get manifested. Therefore, what you are going through is an extremely complicated psychological harassment that doesn’t make sense to fellow human beings on Earth.


2). – Since AI’s monitors you and monitors human beings around the world 24/7. Here the AI has synchronized the victim’s journey with so many people who have a missing brake light thus creating the group stalking behavior in your mind.

3). – Here the AI has synchronized victim’s travel times with people who have a missing hub cab.

4). – Here the AI has synchronized victim’s travel times with people who have red color cars.

5). – The AI synchronized the movement of fire trucks with the targeted victim. These are all done by inducing thoughts to people. Even victim will no aware that their travel times are being influenced by exploiting their thoughts and actions. This technology can use energy weapons to destroy property by starting a fire and then it could manipulate the actions. I’m not claiming by listening to other TI’s, this is a first-hand experience that I had. This is not all, TI’s are facing the same, here is an experience of another TI.

6). Here is another timing event. AI synchronize these events by inducing thoughts to people and influence their actions. Since the event has been repetitively occurring he could predict it too in advance.

7). – Here the AI synchronize vehicles which have unique number plates with the travel time of a victim.

8). – Here the AI induce very specific thoughts to people around a TI, so the TI will believe that they know about your personal life. People will not know that their thoughts are being affected so they would spontaneously say or talk about something but those conversations will have a meaning to you thus making you believe they know you. Sometimes, these of these conversations will change over time.

9). Here the AI makes the TI believe that neighbors are talking about her. In this scenario, neighbors would talk often about activities or things that always have a meaning to her. Once the victim believes that the neighbors are talking about the victim, these topics would change over time. The victim would get sensitized to certain words, certain topics that they discuss. Again, the AI would induce thoughts to neighbors to achieve this. Therefore, this is an extremely advanced technology and it’s beyond the realm of the current known tech landscape. Victims usually underestimate the capability of this technology. Imagine, what would be the case if a human being can listen to your thoughts and if he could induce thoughts to your neighbors to fool you. Not even humans can deceive people to such an extent. These AI’s are able to create complicated scenarios to fool a TI. These AI’s are being trained to that level by running this operation for such a long time.

10). In the below example the AI has synchronized Lena’s travel times with UPS, US Postal service travel times so she thinks that they follow her. The AI also makes people cough to an extent that Lena would consider as a stalker. And also controlled other human activities that Lena distinguish as a stalking activity due to recurrence based on timings and locations.

11). Here the AI is manipulating human actions and use human gestures and the clothes that they wear to create the group stalking behavior or the concept in the victim’s mind. To achieve this again the AI will induce thoughts by stimulating the brains of these random people and altering their choice of clothes too. These random people are not aware that their thoughts and actions are being manipulated. By observing events that repeat, the victim has been sensitized to certain gestures and clothes.

Further, since the AI is using a global satellite grid, sometimes, AI could use a person in a live TV program and stimulate the brain and remote control his/her bodily actions to create the stalker concept in the victim’s mind or it could make you think that your thoughts are being broadcast. The following victim story is a great example to understand how these AI’s can

affect human thoughts and create complicated scenarios by targeting a victim:

This mystery became so deep then I thought, so no wonder I got caught to it. How come they had these unique thoughts is another mystery that I should address now. To make a status or to share a post, they should have thoughts in their minds and they should make a conscious decision. Even at this point, I cannot take any of these as mere coincidences only, cause, this is beyond what I could consider as a coincidence since this kept on happening for such a long time and I carefully observed it. I tested my assumptions too and observed the reactions prior to making a conclusion. This is why I had to question the meaning of reality too and I was looking for logical answers to this mystery since at times I clearly saw controversies. Therefore, by analyzing all, I had to conclude that their thoughts are being affected in some strange way although they never knew. By affecting their thoughts, their actions have been affected. And that correlated with my life events. However, this is completely invisible to everyone. I also realized that on certain occasions my thoughts also have been affected. For example, there were times I switched on the radio just to hear them talking about me (the synchronicities). When this happened to me beyond a level that I could consider as a coincidence, I started wondering how on Earth I had thoughts related to switching on the TV or radio at these particular times. Therefore, now I had to conclude that even my thoughts had been influenced at times. This unidentified influence on human brains/minds is the cause behind the meaningful events or the synchronicities that I have been observing on a daily basis. My observations and the assumptions that I made to understand these meaningful events (synchronicities) made me end up in having false conclusions. This was the reason behind my delusions. Therefore, finally I started making sense of my reality and now I understand why my friends always rejected my accusations, why they got surprised all the time.


Some of the misconceptions:

This group stalking behavior is entirely handled by AI’s only, however, without knowing this truth most of the TI’s are coming to a conclusion that so many resources must be in place to carry out this operation, all these people must have been paid, so many people have invested their time on this, etc. All these are further false assumptions made by victims since in the victims minds, these people are communicating with each other. This kind of massive coordinated harassment against an individual was never found in the world. Which means, it doesn’t exist. This is why an individual who goes through such an experience must look for an alternative explanation to understand the observation.

TI’s see these people on a daily basis in their lives, what would be the case if the police carry out an investigation? This is a global phenomenon and similar tactics used by so-called perpetrators to harass victims. Since almost every perpetrator in the world is following similar protocols to harass victims, all these perpetrators must be educated in some way, these perpetrators must be paid for their work, therefore, if this is true, how easy would it be to find out this entire operation and crack this down? Once a TI understood that this is a global phenomenon and some TI’s are actually being electronically harassed as well, then to understand this global phenomenon a TI would come to a conclusion:

1). All the governments must have the technology and they all keep this technology as a secret. 

2). A TI could think that the first conclusion must be false since even if that happens some people who work for the government would still expose this crime. Due to that, a TI would come to a conclusion that all the governments must have a shadow government this is why they are able to keep it as a secret.

3). Almost every police officer is corrupted, so this never gets exposed to society. A TI would come to this conclusion if he/she tried to use police officers to investigate the case or if he has researched and found out that there’s a massive number of TI’s in the world but no one has managed to expose this.  (This stalking phenomenon exists in the world for at least 50 + years. In fact, it goes to the 17th century. James Tilly Mathews’ case is the first famous case that can be found in history. – . Therefore, you could question how come such a case never came into the attention of a good police officer, throughout our past? Not only the country you born in, the police officers in every country? )

4). A TI could conclude that human claims that all the governments have the technology must be false, only NSA/CIA must have the technology and they use a satellite grid to harass human beings globally and to control human minds. This is another false conclusion only.

Think about it this way, this technology can make a TI believe that their neighbor is involved in their harassment, their family members, doctors, law enforcement agencies, etc,. These are the conclusions made by various TIs due to their own analysis (sometimes blindly believing what others are saying), if that’s the case, what could be the false assumption made by you to think that the NSA/CIA has the technology? To understand that NSA/CIA doesn’t have the technology is even more difficult. To make sense of this you must understand what kind of brain-computer interface or a BCI must be built, so this global stalking behavior can be replicated entirely using artificial intelligence. What kind of tracking technologies must be implemented so a person can be tracked 24/7 without using implants(this technology is not using implants)? What kind of satellite imaging technologies must be implemented that is able to track and scan human brains whilst they are on the move? What kind of computer processing capabilities you would require to handle this entire operation in real-time 24/7? To induce thoughts we must stimulate individual neurons of a human brain. When a thought arises in a human brain, a unique neural network will get activated, therefore, to replicate this thought in a person’s mind, we must activate this same neural network without affecting any other neurons in our brains. This is an impossible task with the technologies that NSA/CIA has. This is science fiction. With Optogentics we are able to stimulate individual neurons yet these ideas are still not enough to replicate this global stalking phenomenon. Further, the Physics that we know of cannot be used to address all the technical difficulties that we face when implementing this complicated system.

This is what Prof. Michael Häusser has to say with regard to the technology behind Optogenetics that can be used to activate individual neurons of human brains. To induce thoughts to people, such a method must be employed. By inducing thoughts to random people, their actions can be manipulated by targeting you so the group stalking concept can be created in your mind. Using satellites to control neural networks is even more difficult since our brains are extremely complex. 

One day soon you may be filling your lungs with crisp ocean air, your arms bathed in warm light as the sun sets over softly lapping waters and you may wonder, is this real? Or are scientists projecting holograms into my brain to create a vivid sensory experience that isn’t actually happening? A group of researchers at University of California, Berkeley are in the early stages of testing their ability to create, edit and scrub sensory experiences from our brains, both real-time and stored experiences–memories. – Scientists Project Holograms Into The Brain To Create Experiences

One thing’s certain; while we humans walk the Earth certain that what we’re seeing is real, there are mice somewhere in a lab freaking out at imaginary 3D shapes lasered into their brains.” – Mardingly said.
Holographic brain images science

The team has already designed a protocol that allows them to “copy-and-paste” activity patterns in the brain. For example, they can record network activity from certain locations, turn those recordings into holograms, and shine it back into the brain at the same spots. –Holograms Can Now Program Brain Activity—Are Fake Experiences Next

Without having this understanding, TI’s are claiming that the NSA/CIA has the technology. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Katherine Horton, and various other highly educated people also claim that NSA/CIA/MI5 have the technology, however, there’s no truth behind any of these claims. 

5). The perpetrators are using microwaves to induce voices which is another false conclusion. To understand this a TI must first understand what kind of wave phenomenon that exists in the universe, which can be used to stimulate individual neurons of a human brain so thoughts can be induced and manipulate people by targeting the victim. A TI must understand if the waves in the Electromagnetic Spectrum can be used to achieve this task. If the Electromagnetic Spectrum (the waves that we have identified to exist) is incomplete then the TI must understand if certain waves are yet to be identified so we could use those waves to achieve this task?  We have identified 4 types of forces which are gravitational force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force, and strong nuclear force, but is there another force that we haven’t identified yet? Is it possible to use those waves to target individuals neurons and stimulate human brains remotely on a massive scale? Are some of the questions that we must address to understand the false claims of TI’s who believe that microwaves are being used. Even if someone replicates the voice hearing phenomenon by using microwaves, still a TI must never come to the conclusion that microwaves are behind this mental torture. TI’s must still understand the waves that can be used to induce thoughts to human beings, (by stimulating brains) since that would be crucial to understand this entire gangstalking phenomenon. Without having this understanding TI’s will still end up having erroneous conclusions only. Some TI’s are also taking certain claims of Dr. Barrie Trower to convince their false belief. TI’s are being harassed with voices in their heads, manipulate their dreams, make them perceive smells that are not there in their environment, harass them with visual hallucinations, etc. These are true experiences that TI’s are having which means this technology is capable of affecting different areas of a human brain precisely. In fact, this technology can affect any area of a victim’s brain so precisely.  It could control your emotions, it could make you breathe faster, give you panic attacks and the list goes on. By analyzing TI experiences globally, once a TI understands that the technology is so advanced enough that it could control electrical activities of human brains to such an extreme level ( activate or inhibit single or group of neural networks to control human perceptions) then the TI could try to understand the possibility of creating this gangstalking behavior using artificial intelligence (the AI will control the human perception and trick them to act. Ex, perform a gesture, cough) simply by using any human being on Earth against the targeted victim. 

Since the gangstalking is a global phenomenon we can also conclude that the AI(artificial intelligence) must be using a global satellite-grid to mentally torture the targeted human being regardless of where he/she is staying using random people in the society by controlling their behavior(mind-control). In other words, this is the reason why we see gangstalkers and the victims everywhere in the world. And this is why even if a TI goes to another city or a country, the TI still see the gangstalkers regardless of the location. To make sense of this the TI assume that there must be some sort of communication taking place in all these people but this is another false conclusion only.

Once a person comes to the above understanding, this will help to decode many other tricks that the AI is using against TI’s globally. For example, this is why some TI’s are believing that their family members, their friends, neighbors, doctors, live TV/Radio presenters, Scriptwriters (any online writer or even newspaper writers), people who work for companies so on and so forth are perpetrators. On the other hand, by analyzing TI claims, technically a huge number of perpetrators are around the world (millions and millions of perpetrators) and they must communicate with each other since their torture protocols are similar but this was never found. Such an operation is impossible to hide from getting attention from people who like to expose the truth. TI’s must not think that they are the only people who like to expose truth related to crimes. There are great human beings on Earth who would expose such crimes and help their fellow human beings. If such a gangstalking group existed, it’s not hard to expose such a group since these perpetrators are in front of your eyes. The number of transactions involved in carrying out this operation would be high (financial crimes) and they will also leave traces related to the communications they had with their fellow perpetrators that cannot hide. On top of this, another burden would be that every perpetrator in the society that is hired for this operation must show foolproof thinking so they can hide the network. Again another impossible task due to the number of people involved. If a TI could start trusting logic, again start applying common sense that they knew prior facing this strange human behavior, they will stop seeing these stalkers and start looking for an alternative explanation. Therefore, every TI must have an open mind to understand the truth even though this experience is so real and it’s almost impossible to say that there are no gangstalkers in the world at the ground level to a person who experiences it. The artificial intelligence that the perpetrators are using and the technology behind the gangstalking/targeted individuals is highly evolved, this is why we always tend to think the human involvement at the ground level.

6). Some TI’s believe that Freemasons are behind this torture, some believe that people who attend the Bilderberg meeting are involved, some believe the Rockefeller family and the Rothschilds are involved, the British British Royal Family is involved, Jewish people and the list goes on, however, none of these families/people have a clue if such a technology exists even.

Therefore, these are further false assumptions made by the victims since the experience is real. And that’s true, the experience is real but the conclusion made by you by analyzing this strange human behavior is false. It’s extremely difficult to understand for anyone on Earth whether human behavior can be manipulated by artificial intelligence to this extent to create this global gangstalking phenomenon. This is massive. The technologies used by NSA/CIA/MI5 (not even Russian or Chinese technologies) are simply not capable of handling this operation. However, the technology actually exists on Earth but we have to come out of our mental prison to understand the truth. Without knowing the existence of this mind-boggling technology on Earth UFO researchers are thinking aliens are visiting the Earth, which is another false conclusion that human beings are having. To understand the truth, you would have to think out of the box but your beliefs are holding you back.

This extremely advanced technology is operating from Switzerland without the knowledge of their citizens. Any other claim is again another false conclusion only. This is just the tip of the iceberg to many mysteries of the planet Earth. These extremely advanced AI’s (artificial personalities) are claiming that they work for the NSA/CIA when communicating with human beings and sometimes they would claim that they are demons, God, aliens, a deceased person, government agent, a friend of yours and the list goes on. Most of the time victims believe their narrative without giving a second thought. 

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The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons

My Stalkers and the smear campaign they’re made part of – Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + “the “snooper’s charter” ruled illegal”

Max Spiers Last Lecture, Poland Warsaw
















Aaron McCollum: The Transhumanism Pandemic-EBOOK Sub-Humanity’s Messiah & Anniliation

This is going on right now to at least 87% of the population by a very few in the background, International Intelligence & Intl. corporations and their cohorts running AI HAARP CERN DWAVE and on ground microwave ELF frequencies (2,3,4,5), scalar, over the hill Stealth radar–all remote. They’re using the cellphone and wireless systems. 5G must be stopped or its all over for humanity.

| Sep 21, 2015 | Articles, News, & Blurbs, Book Review | 0 comments McCollum: The Transhumanism Pandemic-EBOOK

Aaron McCollum’s 2013 book systematically compiles the history, data and overview of the transhumanism agenda. Available as a free E-Book download, it is a concise, valuable reference on the subject.

“Transhumanism is not the goal, but the process to synthetically evolve the human race more rapidly than organic evolution allows. It is a transformation that carries a wide variation of ideologies, philosophies, and ethics among the members and leaders of this global movement. The purpose of it is to eventually reach the goal they are aspiring for, which is a posthuman civilization, also referred to as Human 2.02. It i “ ―Aaron McCollum, 2013


Used by permission.
The Transhumanism Pandemic: Sub-Humanity’s Messiah; Humanity’s Annihilation
© Copyright 2013 by Aaron E. McCollum
All rights reserved.

This Transhumanism started from trillions of tons daily of spraying chemtrails over the population. Those involve run Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Youtube, in particular Google by the NSA CIA and DARPA (Pentagon)… they’re using Homeland security and fusion centers who have an infiltrator within (I know, I’ve seen them) wearing darken clothing, darker than the real police who are either in fear *better wake up*. The entire US government has been infiltrated as JFK warned us, then they assassinate him.

#5G, Space Fence, #BioTech #CIA-DOD #Treason #Traitors #SyntheticBiology, #CERN, A.I. & Our Transformation To Human 2.0 #Elana Freeland #TruthFrequencyRadio

The Kev Baker Show interviews expert on targeting Elana Freeland–a must hear. Consider sharing to awaken others… we’re all poisoned from Chemtrails with a matrix all around us from all the frequencies and its about to get worse with 5G. Humanity being pulsed with complacence frequencies, something I’ve become aware of watching others in my area of northwestern Maryland. In my travels, from Maryland, Virginia, and down into Florida and North Carolina, I’ve seen this from all walks of life and they’re being taken over, completely. You just can’t make these kind of things up — Lissa

— I’m one of those suffering after willful spraying and/or activating a weapon on me of synthetic biology holding me down like a body-snatching, spraying me 247 with their SKYNET artifical intelligence via DARPA and HAARP & Space Fence mechanism (lockdown of Planet Earth), direct energy weapons, and matrix like attacks.. this is after they robbed me of justice, covered-up the horrific killing of my husband for JPMORGAN/Rothschild..  and tried to body-snatch to a military base at 6 weeks of age, thwarted by my Grandparents, whom raised me from birth, both died horrific deaths by the US NAZI military industrial complex, same ones who assassinated JFK and his brother, and MLK, and Lennon and many many others. — Lissa


#SpaceFence #Morgellons #Nanotech #BioTech #poisioningPopulation #Fungai #Bacteria #Metals #ChemtrailSpraying #KevBakerShow #Treason #Traitors #ElanaFreeland #DEW #DirectEnergyWeapons #CovertPoisioningofPopulation #RadioFrequencyMicrowaves #Scalar #GroundBased #CellTowers #HAARP #Satellites #SmartGrid #SmartMeters #SmartPhones #Cellphones #TargetHumanity #EarthIsACrimeScene

The Truth behind #Gangstalkers #CIA Ghosts, Poltergeists, Huntings & Holgrams #DEW #DirectEnergyWeapons #Duncan #Targeting is #Cybernetic #MindControl

Dedicated to my Late Husband George Bishop Krabal

killed by the CIA Coop-D’Tat  Wall Street Federal Reserve Rothschild/Rockefeller run US Government Corporate Fascist New World Order

The Military Industrial Complex — The Medical-Scientific-Tyrannical-Brutal-Criminal Organization ruining our country–Almeria.


George Bishop Krabal – May he Rest in Peace

Excerpts from various writings revealing targeting, who’s behind it, the truth, rather than religious or alien ramblings. He worked on the control grid, unwittingly, unknowing that it would be used on Americans. He apologies to the world at Dr. Robert Duncan. His Facebook page. Read much more here–  Robert P. Duncan A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D,

Duncan is one of my hero ‘s. Had it not been for Duncan coming forward when he did, I would not had known what was being done to me. — Lissa

1019411734338162688-DiWsXMpX4AEJi8sThese are photos I took after being tricked into moving by the CIA, in Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina — location of the CIA Torture Rendition Airport. The targeting was horrendous, frightening, terrorism, as if a war had been declared on me. I was fortunate that several local detectives came forward to help me, in particular, Jon, a former high level, state-level New York investigator. He went out of his way to aide me.  So-called grown men, in darkened fake police uniforms confronted me in a twisted sinister, yet laughable way. I found nothing funny about it. I was told it was because I’m an Independent who leans Democrat, others we’re told it was because I was a 911 Truther, but none heard the truth and what would you expect from torturing, thieving, lying, treasonous, raping, pedophilia, drug smuggling politicians and the corrupt agencies that work beside them?


CIA rendition flights from rustic North Carolina called to account by …17 Jan 2018 … Johnston County Airport terminal for Guantanamo Rendition CIA story … North Carolina Stop Torture Now, an organization she co-founded, …


I watched the CIA put up a Cell Tower in my honor, to point it at me placing me into what I believe was a Nanotech CERN DWAVE simulation playing everyone like a game. Listen to a former Nun, whom went through very similiar, when she reported the Priests she worked with for molesting her, only to learn it was run by the CIA MOSSAD located in of all places, Baltimore, Maryland, my husband and my former home, where he

Bethlehem Steel hired one of the top ten law firms in the country to take me on. They we’re guilty as hell and they knew it. All evidence showaned 99% their fault. These owners, JPMorgan/Rothschild are worth trillions, billions… rather than do the right thing, insured, or see me in court in front of a jury of my peers, one that they’re own deposition said would never turn me down.. no court room in America, they put me on a Satellite weapons bio-warfare, cybernetic hellish experimentation program.


Every literal day for three long years, they brought out a cooker as in the ‘people cooker’ for microwaving a human being in a CIA exponentiation NAZI style and you pay for this if you’re an American. It always faced my home so I’d see it. To the right, behind the crazed parked white truck is a plastic SATELLITE dish to emphasis that I was under satellite surveillance. Welcome to the New world order, NAZI STASI style. And, I was all alone while the military from Ft Bragg NC actually participated as did the NAVY while I was down in Florida. They not only chased and watched me while i was in my bank, they chased me out of my home after home till I was solid broke.


Citizens’ report shines light on NC role in CIA torture program

6 Oct 2018 … A report by the North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture details how a Johnston County airport and private air carrier were tied to CIA torture … Aero Contractors, …

CIA: North Carolina was key in maintaining the worldwide network

25 Jun 2018 … The N.C. Commission of Inquiry on Torture has produced evidence that … aircraft based at the Johnston County Airport in Smithfield and the …


The truth is I was preparing for a two week court period, whereas I was to go up against Bethlehem Steel/Ship corporation for the horrendous death of my husband on their property–and it was their fault 99% later learned the government hid from me that it was 100 percent the corporation’s fault, they killed him due to faulty equipment they knew was going to blow and its exactly what it did — it blew him in half.THey left him lying there as he rose his arm in the air. N so one would touch him, order not to. *Don’t touch damning evidence* My God. He wanted someone to hold his hand.

Me at my late husband’s grave



George went down in sad history, as one of the sickest, most injured human beings ever to suffer the catastrophic injuries that he did, and remained alive for five long sad days. After I donated his medical records to the US Military/Government to save lives in Iraqi, later learned a complete lie including committing 911 as an inside job, they US Military/CIA Government Coop-d’tat (after assassinating JFK & his brother) placed me on a Satellite, Cell Tower, Smart-Grid, UAV, Drones and Bio-Weapons (Morgellons) experimentation list – you’re treated horrendously. These bastards will torture just to torture and they’re robbing the American people blind doing so. They belong in prison.

Yes, he was still alive and talking, however raspy. He lived for five long insufferable days laying in Shock Trauma, in downtown Baltimore, MD at the Md University, a building he actually worked on, foundation up. He went down in global history as the sickest, most injured human being to ever suffer the injuries he sustained, and was still aware, still able to understand that I was there and speaking to him. Three days after his passing, the head Shock Trauma doctor called me asking if I’d leave his medical records to the US Military to save lives in Iraqi. Innocent of any wrong doings, at that time, of the US Government, not political whatsoever, I said yes. In return, the CIA0coop d’tat government came after me for more trauma experimentation and to this day, I am insufferably tortured from helicopters, satellites, UAV hovers, drones, cell towers and everyone’s cellphones and smart meters, and their Artificial intelligence SKYNET. I have almost died on several occasions. One in particular happened in 2014, while walking my then dog (since passed on from their chemical bio poisoning of my property) while targeting me so badly with stealth radar signals that I couldn’t walk or think straight, I was shot in the left side of my back (later learned, they collapsed my lung) and trachea collapsed, as well.

I was 4 1/2 years of age, when I first met my later-in-life husband. George grew-up behind our home with his brothers, and sisters and Mom. He was highly intelligent, more so then most, above average, great joke teller, loved simple things in life like fishing and never, ever did he let me shovel snow, or mow the law (something I always wanted to do) and he cooked even after ten to fourteen hour long days. He was a super strong, loyal worker, whom rarely missed but a day a year, if that. He was the one who showed-up when it was icy or snowing. After thirty long years, and after he died, the CIA stole his pension. That’s right. It was left to me only. I’m now 1899.00 a month broke.

BastardsThe first photo (upper left) is a yellow gurney, placed in my direct line of view behind my then home. It represents how my late-husband was taken from the job site to Shock Trauma. This went on for three long strange years. During this time, the CIA – DOD would drive in and out of my driveway in loud pick-up trucks, while a plane flew over my home. Things we’re done to me neurally, so I’d think the train in the background was part of it–timing. Gunshots would go off, while occult like seance took place behind my home on full nightly moons chanting my name around a fire where that gurney  is. Nazi flags we’re flown in pickup trucks, motorcycles we’re timed to my opening doors and I caught them surveilling me from the television. Low lying satellites we’re involved, shooting beams into the house, killing one of my pets, maiming the other for life.  Everywhere I went, I’d hear snapping sounds. Electronics we’re aimed at me, speaking directly to me. Neighbors participated strangely. Spooky figures we’re hung in trees direct at me. They actually tore down a shed in my honor (it wasn’t funny). Cars, 4 at a time in perfect unison, would go back and forth for my eyes only, no matter where I went. People would follow me on trains (always males) wearing CIA insgina caps. Cars zoomed by me as my car was hit with strange thuds. Cars chased me down. Strange creepy guys, probably spies in training, military types (CIA DOD: Dr. Duncan) pointed spy devices at me and when in my home. Evidence was repeatedly destroyed, shooting at my computer while zooming up the small residential streets/roads. Mind you, NO ONE NOTICED or chose not to.  Whoa to those whom know and turn their backs on 5’2″ ladies. I went to one neighbor, a man and his wife whom I got to know. I begged them to help me stating ‘they are killing me…’ His wife crawled into a ball in the corner of their entry door and I just can’t make these things up, while he in a state of total fear said he couldn’t — that he had two daughters to think of.

Recooperating from Surgery
Sent home on less than 40% chance of life


There’s much more… this happened in a subdivision and I’d swear it was unworldly off-planet like. But thanks to CIA Scientist Duncan, I learned that the technology and weapons system, as well as the ionized synthetic atmosphere sprayed down upon us in the form of Geoengineering aka Chemtrails working with HAARP CERN and DWAVE as well as Cell towers and cellphones, smart meters aka smart grid all work togeather with the wireless WIFI etc., referred to as the IoT (Interne of all things) to create what they refer to as a SENTIENT WORLDWIDE SIMULATION for complete full spectrum of dominance… this is a world domination by the elite old Venetian bloodline criminals.



Targeting is Cybernetic Mind Control

They assassinated JFK, our last legitimate President, next to Carter. It was a coup d’tat on the US Government and our military, hence the industrial corporate scientific medical complex was born, the one Eisenhower warned us of, all without any revelation of truths to the American people. They literally destroyed our image to the world of freedom, and give me your tired, your weak… behind the scenes committing one atrocity after another. They should all be in prison, charged with treason to the Constitution and the American people Simply stated: They’re traitors–period.  — Lissa

His writings on all of the targeting and take-down of America can be found here — Decipher’s the Matrix; his Facebook timeline is very revealing. He’s fighting the good fight to regain our freedoms, as he states we’re loosing them. And, I sadly agree.

Duncan authored Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed: Robert Duncan: 8601410314958: Books –


Volume 2 details the CIA’s practices of interrogation and cybernetic mind control in their pursuit to weaponize neuropsychology. It covers the art of bio-communication war. Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered. Mind control and brainwashing have been perfected in the last 60 years. Hacking computers and hacking into individual minds are similar.

The 21st century will be known as the age of

spiritual machines and soulless men. — Duncan

They succeeded over 30 years ago and the technology is now close to perfected. There is a stalking phenomenon occurring in America and around the world. Read “Terrorist Stalking in America” for another perspective. There are three kinds of stalkers one of which have been released by the freedom of information act documents that describe government stalking programs, or goon squads as they are called in slang. CIA and other agencies training their employees for intimidation tactics abroad and in the US are one form of the members of terrorist stalking gangs. The CIA has used these tactics to help overthrow governments and intimidate leaders of other countries many times in history.

The second purpose is to play into society’s programming that people who think government agents are following them are crazy. Discrediting an individual threw mud slinging, black mail, or erratic behavior has been a high priority documented skill for these agencies. The other two types of stalkers are more dopes and victims of zombification. The global system, TAMI, can hone in on a compatible mind and instantly be able to manipulate it to some varying degree dependent upon many factors. The offense practices their trade by influencing people near a targeted individual to convey information only pertinent to them, for spy games. These people are everyday citizens unfamiliar with this high technology. The effects are so subtle without lots of training to detect, nobody would be the wiser. They would at most just question why they did that or felt the need to say that. The third category of stalkers is the most disturbing. True zombies are created through the “voice of god” microwave hearing effects. Some people become complete believers that God is talking to them and telling them what to do, be it follow someone or kill on command. John Lennon’s killer claimed voices kept saying “do it, do it” over and over again.

TAMI came on line in 1976, and John Lennon was killed in 1980.

What do haunted houses, ghosts, alien abductions, and the Bermuda Triangle have in common?

Remember how the air becomes electrified before a haunting by the appearance of a poltergeist in movies inspired by this weapons testing on the public? We’ve busted our ghost in the machine! Remember how planes would be downed in the Bermuda Triangle because their compass needles and instruments would go haywire? Those were directed energy attacks from the Puerto Rico Radar field built in 1959. Remember all the shows about cars stalling and radio stations flipping right before an alien abduction scenario? These are all the same RADAR tricks but with varying degrees of lethality. These tricks are all done by the same technology and the usual criminals in the bowls of the beast.

Who gave the chimps the gun? Who are the chimps’ handlers? They are the high traitors and should be hung according to the law of the land for training the chimps to attack their own country and provoke wars around the world. The cost in terms of human misery for maintaining such a large killing machine is far too great, just so insecure, frightened Americans can delude themselves into safety. (See the section on the probability of being killed by the US machine vs. foreign governments, terrorists, sharks, or lightening). The war machine that is supposed to make people safe is statistically their biggest threat. Ignorance may be bliss, but what you don’t know can hurt you.

DARPA, CIA Scientist & Engineering Dr. Robert Duncan … – YouTube

Van Eck Hacking
Hacking the human brain

Computer hackers are always finding ways to zombify as many machines as they can. This means that they find a way to hack into your system and install remote control software of some sort. The Military’s programs, called Zombie I-V, were similar in goal. They wanted to be able to hack into people’s minds and create remote controlled zombies.

More to follow.


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#Morgellons #Protocol by Kathy Knight-McConnell #Targetedtoo #Weaponized #Chemtrails #Democide #Genocide #Horrific #Tragedy #SyntheticBio #Nanotech #Democide

Morgellons Disease & Chemtrail Lung at critical mass

Kathy’s  Protocol for Morgellons Disease

Update: 6/1/2017

As I mentioned in my earlier protocol posting, it is important to cleanse the body of heavy metals.  Here is a link to a great article on chorella and cilantro for heavy metal cleansing. The product I use for heavy metal cleansing is from Planetary Herbals Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox with Chlorella in a liquid dropper bottle

Update: 10/28/2016

I have added Nattokinase to my protocol, primarily to remove plaque deposits from my blood stream.  Although I do not have Lyme disease, I found research showing that a Lyme doctor (link to doctor is in the message section below at the bottom) is having success with treating Lyme Disease with Nattokinase, so I added it to my protocol for those who have Lyme Disease as well as Morgellons.  Please note that you should consult with a doctor before taking Nattokinase if you are taking blood thinners, like Coumadin or a daily aspirin, as it might cause bruising.  Some brands of Nattokinase contain Vitamin K which is a blood thinner.  Doctor’s Best Nattokinase says they have removed the Vitamin K, but better safe than sorry.

Update: 7/27/2016

It has been a long journey through the Morgellons maze, but I believe I have hit the end of that road, if not the end then very close to it. Again, I am a victim of Morgellons, not a doctor. These are my observations and results from my own research. I have had this disease, as far as I can tell, for about 12 years now, although it has been about 4 years since I realized I had it. Everything I have done to this point has been helpful and brought me a long way toward ultimate healing. Since November of 2015 when I started on GcMAF yogurt it has helped me to rebuild my immune system, cleanse the build up in my colon and made me more regular after many years of gut problems. I used it for 6 months with excellent results. Then I switched, for monetary reasons, to making Bulgarian yogurt and supplementing with Symbiotics colostrum with lactoferrin. I am also using Pearls Immune with lactoferrin and together these seem to be having the same type of effect as the GcMAF yogurt while costing a lot less.  Be sure to take at least 10,000 units of Vitamin D3 with the GcMAF and/or the Bulgarian Yogurt.

I have done a lot of research which has brought me to the conclusion that we are all infected with weaponized mycoplasma (of which there are at least 5 different strains that are known to be weaponized) that destroys the cells and immune system, along with Nagalese which suppresses the macrophages which fight disease in the human body. Nagalese has been found in a lot of vaccines as well as trace amounts of mycoplasma (a large component of Gulf War Syndrome that is contagious and spreading all over the planet according to research by Dr. Garth Nicolson). On top of that we are ingesting foods that have been genetically altered, sprayed with chemtrails proven to contain a variety of DNA changing components, including insect vectors, cyanobacterias, synthetic DNA, heavy metals like Barium, Aluminum and Strontium (but not limited to these) and more. We live in an electromagnetic prison that activates these things in our bodies, producing all types of strange artifacts, fibers, pulsing lights, black goos and more within the body and which make their way to the surface of the skin producing lesions, prodigious amounts of biofilm in which the pathogens grow protected from the macrophages and the bodies immune system does not recognize their existence. The mycoplasmas have no cell walls and are pleomorphic, which means they change shape and size as do the black fibers that show up in our systems. I have come to believe that the white fibers are outgrowths of the matrix of the biofilm which is filled with a variety of bacteria that filament and grow. The colored fibers that do not melt at 1400 degrees are synthetic DNA polymers made up of keratin and collagen that has been genetically transformed (originally designed to deliver medicines to the cellular level for surgery and to grow matrixes to grow bones and organs). It has been modified to self-assemble and to grow using our own body’s keratin and collagen to rebuild itself, even scavenging our finger and toe nails and taking up residence in our body hairs transforming them into antennas that pick up electromagnetic waves which energize them to keep growing. My own hair became completely clear and smooth like fiber optic cable, but it has begun to grow back normally and the pigment has returned to it. My fingernails and growing strong and no more fibers are embedded in them.

I seem to have become more resistant to the chemtrails residues which are still being sprayed all over my neighborhood on an almost daily basis. My legs were full of black mycoplasma and white lumps, which are pretty much gone now after starting the GcMAF. After much research I added Cat’s Claw liquid extract, Usnea liquid extract, Astragalus liquid extract, Serrapeptase and Lipid Replacement Therapy to my daily regimen during the past couple of months. Having done so, in the past few weeks, I have noted under the microscope, that pretty much all of the black and white fibers have completely disappeared from the biofilm produced by my body. I ran some experiments using my biofilm in hydrogen peroxide and it all appears to be dead, bubbling up and separating the biofilm, then turning white with no activity. Other people have been reporting explosive growth of fibers under the use of hydrogen peroxide. The reasons I have added these things to my regimen are that

  • Cat’s Claw is being used to kill some strains of mycoplasma,
  • Usnea dissolves biofilm to release the pathogens so the immune system can attack them,
  • Astragalus attacks the pathogens as they are released,
  • Serrapeptase breaks down the toxins and dead tissues in the body (including biofilm sacks and seems to push it out through the skin).
  • Lipid replacement therapy helps to rebuild the damaged cellular structure and replaces the lipids destroyed by the mycoplasma.

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She suggest trying these–they worked for her and do help relief some symptoms. I am not a doctor or nurse and have no medical experience, rather trying to help others find some form of relief, sincerely. Lissa

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