Covert unlawful Intel agencies, Military & Biomedical Research Groups performing Unethical Inhumane Operations on Americans/Global under cover of Surveillance & Counter-Terrorism

I am suffering gross violations unlawfully bio neuro-trafficked w/bio-hacking weapons RFID nanotech implants, WBANs, BCI-CBIs, invasive persecutory experimentations neurostimulation, synthetic telepathy, mind-hiving, EEG Cloning, EEG Heterodyning, retinal implants piped-in images, neuro invasions–illegal, unlawful, Nazi atrocities by criminal scientists security professionals military intelligence agencies academic institutions research bodies performing unethical inhumane operations on Americans and worldwide under cover of surveillance counter-terrorism.

As are many others.

Report 262 | Panel on Vaccine Nanotech, Targeting Tech, AI-Techno Dominance of Humanity

As Dr. Robert Young writes (this is going on to myself and many others)

Covert aggressions by unlawful intelligence agencies, military divisions and biomedical research groups have led to people being extrajudicially implanted, tracked, monitored, and assaulted with electromagnetic and acoustic neuroweapons– a horrific scenario of targeting and persecution which is being hidden by “surveillance” and “mentally ill” paradigms emanating from local fusion centers and supported by corrupt media, law enforcement, and psychology/psychiatry professionals.

This is now being extended to millions through the vaccine nanotech. Also discussed was blood, the secrets of the blood and DNA, carrying our ancestors in us, and being our ancestors literally–as well as speculations on the targeting of soul and spirit as well as bloodline.

Dr. Young Shares New COVID Vaccine & Blood Findings–Self-Assembly with Pulsed EMF – UPDATED!