Synopsis of the HORRENDOUS Torture AI DRONES SKYNET/SKYBORG slow killing me: My story and Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, Electronic Microwave Torture Slow-Murderous Deaths — Please Read All by SKYNET SUPER SMART GRID COMPUTERS

So the public knows what happened to me and many others, in 1998 out of no where, I was systematically chased down while strangers who we’re robotized/transhumanized (mind controlled) tried to kill me with a shot gun. I would learn that day, as the real murderer showed on the scene, a Homeland Security Cop in a darker uniform from the one time Dundalk High School on Merritt Blvd., in Duncalk, Baltimore Co., MD, had promised these seedy criminals that if they could eliminate (kill) me he’d get them into a newer wealfare housing unit. Imagine, on the cheap. He did this for Bethlehem Steel who thru their law firm Whiting Taylor and Preston in Washington, D.C., who was hired by Beth Steel to defend them after on their owed property their supervisors send my husband to his horrid death that summer of 1998. They apparentely hired their first law firm to do me in as well, as that law firm quit citing that they could not do to me what they we’re bieing ordered to do to me by Bethlehem Steel Ship/Steel yard in Sparrows Point, MD, and live with themselves in remain in good concious and in business. I would learn by 2005 when I witnessed my own lawyer, Jay D Miller with Whiting Taylor and Preston’s lawyer Dale Garbutt and a team of other lawyers at a large conference table in the next room agree to ‘destroy me’ — telling my lawyer Miller that he’d never have to look behind his back. Just sign here. And he did and with that, I was chased down, surveilled orwellian that congress refers to as enhanced. Its by for and the pentagon, darpa, NSA, CIA and Dept of Defense testing weapons and biological warfare weapons on random civilians, whistleblowers, activist and legal letigants that go up against them over big money — me. Whiting Taylor and Preston’s depositioner’s who intervewed and investigated me in the first few weeks of the case, a move I demanded to be put on record that my own lawyer telling me to do this (Landman downtown Baltimore, MD) seemed highly unethical. Nevertheless, I did so at his urging and counsel. After three weeks, their depositioner’s returned with this statement: NO COURT IN THE LAND WILL TURN HER DOWN.

I didn’t know that what was going on around me was the US Government’s parallel goernment the CIA DOD NSA and MIT w/DARPA who placed me on a slow kill, horrendous weapons testing system with drones (Sheriff confirmed, Bizzell, Johnston Co., NC) who told me ‘Hon, you have drones on you — they folllowed you from Maryland.

The drones we’re released midngiht 2012 — over 30,000 – I know. I was working with Senator Wden and Udell at that time till they dropped off. They we’re going after the CIA BRENNON. You watch him on your news that they run. He and the other CIA members and NSA are murderous torturing stealing lying thieving no good treasonous traitors to my Consitution and bill of rights. I guaranetee they have enjoyed and our Constituion and Bill of Rights, matter of fact, I’ve learned a lot coming forward. This website was to expose these horrendous criminals. Stories come before my internet travels. These parties and others are commiting a horrendous pyschopathic game with targeted individuals such as myself. The weapon system is part of the holy grail of mind control and direct energy weapons — its the Integrated worldwide surveillance grid — better known as the Balllistic Missel Defensystem and its run by highly advanced supr computers. You might know it as the AI. Its an MI (Machine) interconnecting now with the smart grid, however its much bigger than even that — and after decades of continous chemtrail dumping their goal is to get rid of over 7 billion people. I am being slowly tortured to death by the cloud computing bot and its control of anyone at anytime. They zoom by mind hived creating powerful energies — from there they backdoored all the modems (Verizon NSA Encore Division and a 911 sting operation up before 911 to find um and fry um — thank you Juliane Assange) who’s last words was smart dust is everywhere… and that’s the sounds you hear synchronized (CERN) when you try to go anywhere… targeting is wireless. Filled with deceptions. They’re operating in the clouds — cloud computing SKYNET A.I. and with 5G, deadly to all of humanity, SKYBORG AI and drones operated by NATO BAE Raytheon and Lockheed Martin who owns all 48 Fusion centers (they fused the agencies together to surveill Americans… another group of traitors). They’re the monitors on the ground but surely underground as is the NSA and CIA DOD and all the others. They went into the DUMBS that we AMericans have paid for for over fifty years, closed the doors in 2013 and left all of us above ground to die in a horrendous cataastrophe. Believe. Prepare. Or not. Its your choice. See my endtimes site with photos of huge planets, huge massive sized asteroid heading south of planet earth in the sky, and more asteroids coming down.

I want someone to know what happened to me.

What the CIA and NSA with AI bots via their Cloud Computing wireless takedown grid, the SKYNET system has done to me: I will be updating this tonight. Please check back. I’m tortured horrifically just for speaking out. Its’a damn if you fo and damned if you don’t.

August 2006 — Two weeks prior to a settlement conference, that by now I know has been stacked illegally against me (for justice for George and I) as he was blown in half, left for dead at Bethlehem Stee’s job site, while all we’re ordered to not touch George while his arm was stretched upwards for someone to hold his hand — he knew his insides we’re blown and hanging out in the back (He told this on record to the paramedics and a witness Wade Horton a crane operator from another job site who witnessed the entire event). Everyone on that site was told not to get their hands dirty. When the insiders who remains annonymous (I’l take that to my grave) to this day, told me this I said, you mean the 550 gallons of disel oil that blew straight thru him with a huge steel arm that swung thru him? He said NO. They wer’e ordered not to get their hands dirty regarding a lawsuit — money.

Hence, they left him laying there with 550 gallons of disesel oil that bblew him in half. But, they had a major problem. He was still ailve and talking.

NOTE I AM BEING TARGETED MORE — BIO WEAPONS are being directed up my left foot into my body as fast as a 5G cellphone call with qauntum computers they released into our lives all around you riding the frequencies, and I have nO wireless — its everywhere.

Continue — this is a long story. But wil return to finsih and spell check.

Chris Myers Krabal aka Lissa of Lissa’s humanelife.

I refuse to die without getting my story out here for evidence so people know what happened to me — I am being targeted really bad now for speaking out about these horrendous crimes.

Notes; The NSA DARPA and DOD CIA camea fter me 2 weeks prior…; making sure I never seen the light of day of a 2 week state lvel promised court case.

OSHA investigated 6 1/s weeks – their conclusion: It was not George’s fault 99%. The above hid that a Judge had signed it was 100% not Georg’es fault but they broke in and stole it with their mind controlled minions run by the AI/MI system mentioned above playing a sick cat and mouse game with my life. Little did I know, as Dr. Robert Duncan cites a former insider turned whistleblower — they led us, walked steerred us into these torturous weapons testing programs like a sick hyper game theory horror show with my life —

My teech we’re shot out for 6 months from the sky (UAV, DRONES)

Horror was shot into my brain as lasers held me down – I could not move. Held in this position all night till morning, it/they returned (I am sure it was drones) and DARPA to finish their job on me — it was HORRENDOUS. An unknown goo/gook shot into my brain then moved down into my body. This was after they hit me so hard on my right foot that I had to get surgery on my right toe — I awoke to a micro chip in my toe. From that moment on, my life became even more hellaish.

A military type small plane and military old SUV with lots of noise, came up behind me as I walked up my then driveway with my then dog, now decd from the AI SKYNET system… like all my dogs, my best friends, all I had in the world… and struck me inside my left lung. I barely made itinto the housel. I could not breathe. I thought Iwas dying. As I made it into my then mountain home in the foot hills of Asheville NC where my late paternal grandmother’s family lived and was Sheriff of that county, which is why I moved there.for safety (they moved 2 months prior. I did not know). NOte I have two cousins who love me dearly in the Northern or NW porition of Georgia, last names MYERS, both 30+ years desk detectices. If someone reading this has access to these people, contact them and tell them my life is in danger — the CIA and DOD (NSA) are playing with these weapons on me as if its nothing — testing weapons. The CIA threw me into amental ward for 2 long weeks. I still do not know what I was charged with. A lawyer in town was to help me but had to leave town — and phone calls was worse than a prison forced to remain there and I do not know why. See my notes below. I was chased out of my 300k home, chased to my bank over and over again–I still have their faces in my mind. They and the CIA shooting guns off, throwing 55 gallons of disel oil all around me and ingelson rand motors (from George’s death site Beth Steel) all run by highly advanced SKYNET super computers revving pick up trucks in and out of my driveway 247u, shooting hand weapons up ata me, while vehicles w/unknown military CIA type males droe fast up to my then home throwing spy rocks up at me, breaking in over and over again…

My surmise — its a sick game like Cheney and Bush Sr played for decades on Cathy O’Brian– See Transformation and other books she wrote — she’s on youtube. Her father, after raping her to dnear death from the time she was a baby into her teens sold her to Washington D.C> Yes, the town of NAZI Rothschild Rockefeller agents. Where in the hell are all the men? I bet they we’re all tortured and killed — you see, they place anyone who get’s in their way of money power an dpolitics, and random (yes you could be next) on American taxpaid weapons and biological warfare weapons testings.

You pay for this while they get away with torture to murder, yes, there is no ending of this until I take my last breathe.

I remind you. George was blown ih half. They didn’t care — didn’t blink an eye. None of them They’d call me into their Whiting Taylor and Preston owned Baltimore City MD skyscaper facing Inner Harbor — dozens of the biggest lawyers in the US out of DC while my own lawyer laughed at me with them… as I stood there in a state of shockand horror but I STOOD MY GROUND. I was not budging. I knew George from the time I was 4 1/2 — he was10. He held my hand. Defended me my entire life. No one messed with me because if they did the Krabal bys, especially George would go after them. NO one messed with George yet he was the kindness, human being, a heart so big and easy to break, highly highly intelligent — wanna know what they did to him in the end?

He laid in Shock Trauma in downtown Baltimore CIty, MD at Univ of Maryland. WHen I arrived he was on a 5-8% chance of life blown upwards lying on his back like 2 9 month pregnant women. He had 24 MDs on him — every doctor at that hositpial. More than anyone ever — and on that faiteful day, as I entered the room to see this of a guy I knew as my best friend from childhood, asking them to please cover him up (yes, I seen it all), the doctor said to me, go ahead and talk to him — he’s aware of what’s going on He told me to try holding his hand and talk to himi. I did. George squeezed my hand back. He was aware of my prescence. But… it get’s really disgusting at this point — the head doctor ofShock Trauma refued to turn him off. I ordered it. He was by now on a 1downgrade from 5-8 to 3-4% chance of life. That MD refu\sed. When he was downgraded on the 3rd day to a 1-percent chance of life, as I got off the elevator a NSA CIA w/a clipboard laughingly sneering at me arrogantly with a sick grin said to me while putting his clipboard in my face and sticking a pen in my face — COME ON , sign here — WE need you to agree to CUT YOUR HUSBAND OFF AT THE PELVIS.” That was said to me repeately as I told this unknown 6’1 dark brown haird bastard to get that clipboard out of my face. I’d later learn from a nurse standing behind him that out of the 24 MDs on George, he was not one of them and did not work there.

That’s the scum that put me on a weapons testing — till I’m dead. So, there is no evidence of what happened to me. This information comes from whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, former DARPA MIT Scientist who worked on this weapon system unaware it would be used on innocent civilians especially in his own country, America.

The head MD Schock trauma over George… who kept him alive on a 1% chance of life would go on to make over one million dollars on George. I didn’t see half of that rather my own lawyer told me if I ever said anything every FBI agent in the country would be my enemy. That MD… I approached him w/my Aunt at his office in 2005 with a paper stating what I’m statting in this paragraph — nothing I say is heresay — what I say is the God’s truth. I asked the MD who remembered me by name, Hello Mrs. Krabal what can I do for you? IN that small broom closet sized office of his… I said, puttin gthe paper on his desk before him to see… is this true? You made over a million dollars on George by entering him as a number into some Pentagon/DOD computer internet base? — no name, just a number. He looked at his older female assistance and with his hand arrogantly waving me on, told her ‘Get Mrs. Karabal out of here,’ without looking up, without a thought or feeling.. nothing. Wondering, what’s he made now? While i sit here broke with my teeth shot out, left lung collapsed and atrachea after their SKYNET AI drones got me that day.. I almost died in the mountains. Send home on a 4)% chance of life. By now I know others are being taken over — not their selfs whatsoever — Orwellian — video game robots. Something else driving their ships, their minds an dbodies. Yes, the CIA who is and stil are the butchers of WWI and treasonous traitors for the Fed Reserve Rothschilds released a SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WAR. A leaked booklet /notes on this. Also, look up the Space Preservation Act 2001/02/05. The DOD, the military industrial complex we we’re warned of by Eisenhower, who killed JFK as he was on to them, to learn who really runs the USA. Its on the back of the one dollar bill. A new world order. Bush Sr was a NAZI spy. The top NAZI was put in charge of NATO so you know. They created the FEMA CAMPS mirrored from you guess it — the NAZI Concentratino CAMPS.

I Hope you know the NIH NASA on and on we’re created by the NAZI CIA. That KLAUS and his father ran concentration camps in Grmany — the first female camp under HITLER — its where he and his father got all their labor for the factory they’d go on to make MILLIONS from. WEF NWO.

You can not make these things up.

I WILL PICK UP FROM HERE — there is much more.

Contact Dr. Patrica Lackey, PhD. She was in carge of the Baltimore CIty Penitentary for years — in charge of every prisoner and guard and cop’s head. Her words many times to me. She helped me get thru that hellaish law suit for 1/2 years. Her final annalyis of me — There is NOTHING WRONG with Christina Myers Krabal. SHe just needs to get away from the lawyers. During those years, i achieved Phi Theta Kappa, Deans and Honors 4 years straight; was voted in 3 years in a row as Board of Director in charge of Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County Maryland’s Historic Preservation of all Cemeteries. I have been in countless court houses conducting tons of resaerch, photographying 1000s of headdstones, towns, road signs, historic buildings… and I was tracing old Rout 11 the old wagon trail — Stephen’s City VA where two of my ancestors in the 1700s intermarried. One went north, the other south.

Synopsis of Cyber Torture:

Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Electronic Torture

Organized stalking is carried out by an enthusiastic and structured group that has cruel intentions:

stalk, harass, injure, financially ruin, and mentally crumple human prey until incapacitation occurs. What sets this crime apart is that innocents are picked off the street. There is no getting away from the stalkers and no getting away from the unusual technology that is used to take over someone’s life.

Organized stalking is a sophisticated crime that follows a step-by-step process to leave the victim isolated, homeless, fearful, and ill. He or she may still be standing, but that’s about it.

Veiled intimidation ensures that targeted individuals are viewed by the public as free people, which they are not. They are playthings to their controllers. Hostages in plain sight. Victims have limited chance of rescue because their desperate circumstances are misunderstood.

Some die from the violence. Some die from suicide. And the rest merely exist.

Electronic harassment and electronic torture are serious crimes that use energy-emitting devices with the intention of causing harm or death. We need only think of the impact energy weapons have had on the American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba to understand how dangerous these weapons are.

As with organized stalking, victims of electronic-weapon use appear to be picked off the street. Human rights justice seekers, whistleblowers, and activists may also be chosen for organized stalking, electronic harassment, and electronic torture in an effort to keep them quiet.

Electronic harassment and electronic torture take on many forms, depending upon the device and technology used.

  1. Voice to skull, or v2k, is the process of sending voices or sounds into someone’s head which only that person can hear. The technology is called microwave hearing.
  2. Mind control is the process of covertly emitting frequencies at a person’s head that will alter the person’s mood or thinking.
  3. Microwave torture is the emission of microwaves with the purpose of causing burns, organ failure, fatigue, digestion problems, headaches, and various other health maladies.
  4. Implanting is the covert insertion of an implant into a victim’s body that will have disastrous effects on the nervous system and cause failing health.

The consequences of being victimized by any form of electronic harassment or electronic torture are deadly. Unless the goal is a quick murder, the victims suffer for months or years before succumbing. During the victim’s decline, he or she will be unable to stay employed or function in life. Mobility and eyesight may be impaired. Health will be destroyed. Pain will be intense.

Victims of electronic harassment and electronic torture are rarely believed because the munitions that are killing them are invisible energies.

Destruction and Death

Many victims’ lives are destroyed because they receive various forms of organized stalking, electronic harassment, and electronic torture simultaneously. Survival for these people is difficult or impossible.

Other victims’ lives are destroyed because they receive an amplified amount of any one of the intimidation, harassment, or torture types. Again, death is entirely possible.

Mary Lamont

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