Anthony Patch on 5G: A.I. Takeover — Dane Wigington on Geoengineered Spraying of so called Covid

Expert Anthony Patch, whistleblower on targeting talks about the rollout of 5g AI takeover.

They’re claiming 5G isn’t yet turned on. They’re lying — its on.

And worse; combine this w/the planet tilting big time… and electromagnetic forces hitting us from both space and these android connected fencing targeting system with the smart-grids and we’re no longer facing, we’re stuck in the middle of the global depopulation.

Learn more — listen to Greg and Anthony Patch discuss the (then) upcoming roll-out of 5G technology, his Entangled PDF article entitled “Brain Hacking” (; his thoughts on the elites nefarious plan to activate nano-particulates using 5G.

Patch further explains their ultimate objective: Total control over the human mind and body, ultimately rendering us into a “sentient world simulation”, or SWS.

Combine the frequencies traveling android to android, smart meter to smart meter, cell tower to cell tower, low lying satellite’s and decades of heavy chemtrail spraying and its no wonder people are being killed randomly, and whistleblowers activists — anyone who dissents. FEMA camps await the survivors.

Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare » Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare | Geoengineering Watch

Dane writes, “

When highly toxic materials are sprayed into skies around the globe as part of the ongoing climate engineering assault, these materials must inevitably fall to Earth and be inhaled and/or absorbed by every single living organism. The atmospheric spraying programs must  be considered biological warfare. The primary objective of any such spraying operation is irrelevant to the aforementioned scenario, the end result is still the same. 

Global climate engineering is not just shredding the ozone layer and disrupting the entire climate system, climate engineering is also an all out biological assault against the entire planet and all life. Though governments around the globe and the entire climate science community are discussing and debating the  “option” of geoengineering (never admitting to the rationally inarguable fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades), the question of fallout contamination from SRM aerosol spraying is never even mentioned by our so called scientists. The US military has for many decades routinely conducted biological testing on US citizens and our own soldiers without their knowledge or consent. In some experiments soldiers were made aware of the fact that they were being used as lab rats. Decades ago the US military waged biological warfare in Vietnam which is still destroying countless lives today. All of this and more is historical fact which cannot be denied. 

Climate engineering is nothing less than biological warfare against civilian populations around the globe. In regard to climate engineering, specific scenarios should be considered and remembered. At minimum we are all being “slow killed” with the toxic materials which lab tests from around the globe prove are raining down on us from the aerosol spraying. If those in power feel they are losing control over populations they could at any point in time could alter the elements being sprayed to something much more lethal. If you don’t think this is a very real possibility, if you don’t believe your own government would commit such a crime, you are not yet awake. The article below is an exceptional and compelling exposé of the US military waging biological warfare against its own citizens with total impunity. 
Dane Wigington

Ref: Dane Wigington whistleblowing for years about the spraying, and poisoning of our atmosphere (what goes up must come down). —

As Dane tries to warn all of us — the so called COVID is being sprayed down on all of us, while they keep you occupied sitting crazy 6 feet apart with masks that are contaminated and preventing you from breathing in what’s left of clean oxygen… instead, they have everyone looking down into their cellphones, while the skies above you are horrendously being sprayed — far from normal, and their A.I. is taking over your minds. It can do this subtly without your knowledge due to all the 2/3/4 and now 5G that’s 8G.