06/22 Pastor Paul & Michael from Around World: 5G AI Supercomputers Will TurnOn 100% Power: Quantum Tech & Planet X Earth Changes & Revelation, Wheat and Tares

At 45:00 Michael from around the world states all 5G super-computers operating at 20% right now; when 5G clears, Jan 15th, all systems will power-up 100% in Power: technologies will go up 100 years.

Source: https://soundcloud.com/ouncil1archive/01-06-2022-pastor-paul-interview-with-michael-5g-quantum-technology-planet-x


Artifical Sun, Wheat and Tares, Dream manipulations, Texas and more

AI and Revelations


Michael from Around the World, Council of Time Souncloud Site: https://soundcloud.com/ouncil1archive