A Matrix was Designed — Mirror Image of a Degraded Human Brain — Compassionate Awakening – The Soul Unveiling

What he learned while in the DUMBs — Its all a show.

If you let them talk their talk they show themselves! (it’s always at a distance from their walk) This is not about us verse them! All is a show. You are to grow past the obstacles and mental boundaries that have been artificially inserted in your life. In other words, if you are fighting, you are fighting someone else’s battle.

The ‘fight’ is what is prized. It’s made to look like it’s the prize. It’s the lump of coal that rots the soul. “Fighting” is not what is taking place today, unless you have taken part in the free sharing of information for the Mentally Liberated Society of Earth. That is the ‘fight’, and it’s not a fight. It is informational and righteous sharing of the truth. Those still fighting, well, be honest, who are they fighting against? If nothing needs to happen other than everyone knowing the truth, and anyone fighting is slowing that down, then what is the purpose?

The purpose of the fighting is to stop the truth from being received in a safe enough mental context to encourage an awakening of self control and compassion. There is no point in pretending that we are assisting in the mental liberation of Humanity if we are arguing on the internet. That was never what this was about. This is about facts.

  • Pictures exist, online, of evidence, that is undeniable
  • Use this evidence to end the war
  • Work together, as a team of teams
  • If you work alone, make it possible to feed your information back to the others easily, allow them to access files or link or post caches in a simple and prioritized manner
  • Do not worry about the frauds, remember who’s involved with this. I can tell you that they are all monitored. Many are just confused. Everyone was in some way disturbed  by what was seen, the people out here are being just as disturbed by the potential context that their world is not what it seems
  • We have to be patient, but not foolish about this, it is not a game, it is not a joke, life is involved.
  • Anyone interacting outside of the sentient consciousness range on these topics has inadvertently activated an emotional response system that has been drilled into our minds through media.
  • Responding like that is a ‘show’, and so it can’t be taken seriously. That response is also a last resort, if speaking doesn’t work, hostile action has been seen, and this simply pushes the solution further away.
  • The situation has been configured. The more division strategy is used against the people, the more it is reconverted back into the disclosure process.

Quoting Aug: “…a matrix was designed. It was mirrored off of the nature of a degraded human brain. The brain doesn’t just collapse, it skewers itself through it’s own self destruction perceptions that become projections or artificial emotional redirection programs in one’s life.

Once these patterns are understood. All action within that consideration is predictable. Once they are predictable, there is no longer any threat.

Once they are no longer any threat, there is a possibility they can be communicated with effectively (reached).”

Compassionate Awakening – The Soul Unveiling