WARNING: U.S. Deadly Warfare Weapons being Used Will be Used on the Public: These weapons are Violent, Vicious, Deadly

Its getting far graver and too dangerous to post any longer. I’m being attacked so badly now, its extreme violence now — DANGER ALERT — this is going on all around you attacking innocent, defenseless civilians if we speak out about the already horrendous acts of weapon attacks made prior. I’m being attacked that badly. Nil Melzer of the UN writes below on these deadly energy assaults. Please beware. Its not just Covid vaccines — this is a deadly depopulation being conducted on all of us worldwide and its going to get worse on all of you. You need to prepare — Chris of Lissa Humanelife.

U.N.’s Inputs for psycho social dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment: Right-Click to Download: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/Torture/Call/Individuals/Energyweapons.pdf

Contact: reportsr-torture@ohchr.org

Thousands of innocent civilians are tortured worldwide by means of directed energy weapons.

The torture can be psychological, physical, or both. The advances of military technologies, particularly neuro-technology and artificial intelligence, means that it is now feasible to target the population even remotely, by means of stealth technology.

Such weapons are not only in the hands of criminal organizations, but also in the hands of the States and states’ contractors, who test them and deploy them on the population without leaving any trace. Countless people worldwide report being subjected to severe trauma and suffering through cybertorture. Yet, lack of proof means that all personal accounts fall in the realm of speculation and expose targets to a double victimization, as most are considered delusional, or part of a conspiracy theory.

Fear of stigmatization and lack of information leads to silence, most targeted individuals suffer in silence.

These weapons are the almost exclusive monopoly of the secret services, who have been granted carte blanche in the name of national security…

…and since ordinary police forces do not have the information or access to classified military technology they have no means to protect the public.

Citizens become playthings, involuntary test subjects, and since these programs are allegedly life long for fear of leaks, they are literally held captive, even though they may be geographically remote in their dwellings.

Once “brain-tagged” through their own individual brain resonance signature they are followed, harassed, subjected to behavioural modification programs anywhere on earth.

Experimentation on citizens by the States is not a new phenomenon, some programs are in fact well documented, and although officially condemned, they have been tolerated and kept secret in the past in the name of national security.

The stealth nature of existing military technologies mean that we may never be able to prove that they are still ongoing, let alone defend the population.

The secret services and military contractors cannot continue to operate above the law-police forces must have access to the technology to protect the people.

UN Report 2020 on Targeting of Civilians with Drones (SKYNET) Artificial Intelligence & Cybertorture

Military circles are ruled by obedience, and the compartmentalization of their work mean that some staff may either not know enough to blow the whistle,or may willfully want to remain ignorant in order to avoid personal responsibility and risk. The subcontracting of work to military contractors can also lead to the creation of grey areas in terms of responsibility.

Indifference cannot be tolerated. Apart from military staff and contractor workers, experimentation programs historically have involved specialists from across all disciplines,psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, linguists, etc.and some academics, too.

It is not possible then to believe that such ignorance and indifference about cybertorture and directed energy weapons exist in the medical profession and in society at large. Various morally flexible, highly educated professionals provide their services to the states most probably lured by utilitarian gains and acting not only against the law, but against any moral value, their Hippocratic oath and other professional ethics. Wilful justification, diffusion of responsibility and utilitarian moral disengagement may all play a role in this. And fear, I would add, since any unchecked power represents a threat for anyone who dares to oppose it.

You can either be on the right or wrong side of the technology.We need the States to challenge the unchecked power of their secret service and military contractors, investigate on what is being done and grant the police the power to protect the people from their own governments.

The police forces have no information and no access to these technologies