(VIDEO) 16,000 names from NSA will be released. At 55:00 our bodies turned into transhuman-like beings


The whole video is interesting. At 25:55, he states 16,000 names from NSA will be released. At 55:00, he talks of our bodies being turned into trans-human-like beings /

Top FDA vaccine officials RESIGN to avoid prosecution for crimes against humanity (EXPLICIT)

Today’s Situation Update podcast covers a lot of breaking news on world events, including:

China’s grain shortage and attempted famine cover-up
Espionage – high-level Chinese spy dumps dirt on corrupt US officials
The NSA seems to have declared war on the FBI as a “civil war” erupts inside the deep state swamp
13-Year-Old Boy Dies Three Days After Taking Second COVID Shot; the masses begin to awaken to vaccine dangers
American Airlines is canceling hundreds of flights a day as a 737 pilot shortage worsens… is it the vaccine?
US doctors are suffering under a trance of “mass hypnosis” warns Dr. Peter McCullogh

In addition, the last section of the podcast discusses the “what if” possibility that at least some covid vaccines may contain exotic technology that, once injected into the body, activates a self-assembly process to build a biocircuitry interface using elements from the victim’s own blood.

Read more at https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-06-22-do-covid-vaccines-contain-nanoparticles-that-self-assemble-to-build-a-biocircuitry-operating-system.html

0:00 Intro
3:03 Insane News
14:05 Economics
20:30 Espionage
28:50 COVID-19 & Vaccines
46:40 Vaccine mind control

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