U.S. Officials are told to flee if they experience Havana Syndrome (TO WHERE?) — Its the HOLY GRAIL of the GLOBAL INTEGRATED AI MATRIX WEAPON & SURVEILLANCE GRID

Excerpts from article above —

  • The White House released new guidelines surrounding Havana Syndrome warning U.S. officials to immediately flee area if they experience symptoms
  • Senior administration officials have strongly denied the idea that the syndrome is a ‘mass hysteria’ and said the symptoms are ‘very, very real’
  • This comes as the Biden administration has been criticized for it’s delayed responses to the ‘anomalous health incidents’
  • A 2018 report for Trump’s State Department, which concludes recordings of strange noises in Havana were likely crickets, was recently declassified  
  • But says that medical evidence shows symptoms of the affliction are real 
  • Report suggests the noises may be unrelated to the root cause of Havana Syndrome and looks only at original cases in Cuba 
  • More recent report found microwaves were ‘most plausible’ cause of symptoms
  • There have been about 200 reported cases of the yet-unexplained illness 

By Adriana Diaz For Dailymail.Com

U.S. Officials are told to flee if they experience Havana Syndrome symptoms | Daily Mail Online

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