Lawyer DR Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Anne McCloskey, Professor Dr. Delores Cahill: Truth on COVID19 — Right to Life, Right of Freedom Alliance

Freedom of Alliance: not governmental corporations fighting for our freedom of human rights. Links to Videos, below:

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Derry, Northern Ireland-based GP, former councillor, and activist, Dr. Anne McCloskey, talks about the Freedom Alliance movement which has been formed to unite those in Northern and Southern Ireland against our shared tyranny. The project is founded on the principles of sovereignty, self-empowerment and natural rights and freedoms, as well as in exposing the colossal fraud that is the C-word Sc@mdem1c psy-op.

One whole year on from the first of the unlawful l0ckd0wn$, we ask why it is that doctors on the whole have been so compliant with this medical scam when it must surely be obvious to them that this is what it is, and when it even runs against THEIR OWN self-interests. We discuss the PCR tests, m2sk mandates, the V-word, B!g Ph@rma, B!ll G@tes, and the spiritual battle currently facing humanity.

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GVP #183 – Dr. Anne McCloskey – Freedom Alliance Video