Fiona Barnett : An Australian Experience of Ritual Abuse & Military Mind Control

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Fiona writes:

For many years I have sought justice for the historical child rapes committed against me by senior politicians including Governor-General John Kerr.

I attempted to make comprehensive witness statement to NSW police but my efforts were thwarted after making 4 out of 9 days of witness statements. Instead, I was targeted for silencing with methods including attempts on my life and a government-sponsored media campaign to discredit me.

I was targeted and silenced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his next door neighbour and friend NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

Scott Morrison contacted me via another close friend who worked for NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller as an agent provocateur. This occurred after I publicised Scott Morrison’s connections with my childhood perpetrators and with Hillsong church pedophiles. Owing to this connection, Scott Morrison included my suggestion in his national apology to child sexual abuse victims. This was done as part of Morrison’s efforts to groom and target me.

I subsequently received death threats from four other agent provocateurs who work for NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and who were linked with Scott Morrison’s close friend.

I believe Scott Morrison perverted the course of justice by preventing the NSW Police from prosecuting his good friend and mentor, Hillsong pastor Brian Houston. The Child Abuse Royal Commission determined that Brian Houston covered up his father’s violent rapes of multiple boys. Pedophile rapist Frank Houston mentored Scott Morrison and his wife at the foundation Hillsong church in Waterloo.

Scott Morrison is currently under scrutiny for covering up multiple rapes by members of his cabinet. The latest case is of a 16-year-old girl being raped three times in 1988 by Attorney-General Christian Porter.

A 2020 episode of Four Corners exposed Christian Porter’s “history of sexism and inappropriate behaviour” toward young women.

The Attorney-General’s victim allegedly committed suicide late last year after reporting the rapes to NSW Police who failed to take her witness statement. NSW Police have just announced that they will not be investigating the rapes by the Attorney-General because the victim is now conveniently dead.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has questioned whether the Attorney General’s victim committed suicide. Owing to my experience of parliamentary and NSW Police coverup, I also doubt that she committed suicide.

Did you know that Australia’s two intelligence agencies, ASIS and ASIO, signed up to the Child Abuse Royal Commission Redress Scheme? This constitutes an admission that these government organisations sexually abused children in their care. So, do not underestimate the lengths the Australian government will go to, to coverup the sex crimes committed by Australian politicians.

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