Bill Gates Plan for 5G Control of Masses #Torture #Depopulation Artificial intelligence, global satellite surveillance, implants linked to data showing everything about you

Through a platform of artificial intelligence, global satellite surveillance, and human implants linked to data showing everything about you, a system of digital currency and bio-feedback will enslave you once and for all to the elite .1%. The reason for generating the fear over a 99.8% survival rate virus is clearly in focus. Share, repost, share again. Munkle

“CDC survival rate of all people who get COVID-19 is about 99.8%, versus flu about 99.9%”

RFK Jr. website: Children’s Health Defense:


Bill Gates, DARPA & New DNA NanoTech COVID-19 Vaccines, BY DAVID DEGRAW

“Dr. Carrie Madej Urgently Warns Against Coming DARPA HydroGel in COVID Vaccines, Total Control of Humans Through Artificial Intelligence”

“Studies Support Doctors’ Revolt Against Suppression of Hydroxychloroquine in US, Could Save “75,000 to 100,000 Lives””

Florida Doctor On Fake “New Cases” Positives, Shortage of Beds Myth, Says HCQ Works

Doctor Who Has Treated Hundred of COVID Patients Says if HCQ Can Be Used “Pandemic is Over”

NJ Gym Owners Defy Gov. Murphy Again Over 99.8% Survival Rate Disease, Re-open, “They Asked for 14 Days to Flatten the Curve…We’re Done with This”

Exclusive Robert F. Kennedy interviews at London Real:

Massive Rally In Germany Demands End to Mask Laws

Commentary: Is America Next to Protest Mask Orders?

U.S. National Security Alert: Military Investigations Reveal History of Vaccine Science Fraud By Leaders of White House COVID Task Force, by DAVID DEGRAW

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