DEPOPULATION #5G 60 Ghz Millimeter Waves & Toxic #CoronaVirus #Covid Vaccine Injections by WHO/UN Agenda 21/30 for Elite 1%

Part 1: Airborne contagious Viruses DO NOT EXIST and are NOT planned or escape bi-weapons from secret government labs.

What you need to know about Coronavirus, “Pandemics”, 5G, 60 ghz millimetre waves and vaccines in four videos. Those countless pandemic outbreak movies and TV programs are NOT there to get you ready for one, they are to program you to believe in an absurd fiction to fool you.

Germans, bacteria and virus proteins are created inside your body, by your body are not contagious. The only way to get a foreign human or animal bacteria of viral tissues inside your body is by injection. You CANNOT catch or ingest virus proteins from eating sick bats or pigs. The stomach and intestinal enzymes turn them into amino acids and … see video

60 millimeter gigahertz millimeter radiation waves from 5G towers are the same bodily distress symptoms as the fake coronavirus. These radiation waves also create the same exact protein/nucleic acid response in your body, from the resulting tissue damage that the corona virus that the tests are purposely looking for. The patented coronavirus vaccine will indeed have toxic foreign human or animal viral proteins in it, as well as dozens of other dangerous toxins.

Vaccines and now microwaves have often been used by Eugenicists, Technocrats, and transhumanist to CULL the populations of undesirables and dissidents. A 5G, 60 gigahertz millimeter wave towers get switched on in more and more cities, they need a scapegoat for the mass deaths and respiratory illnesses that will follow.

They need you to believe at all costs that it is the coronavirus and not the 5G towers….

130,000 5G base stations were in place across China as of the end of 2019

Despite major attempts at sense…or…ship from multiple video and social media platforms, YOU made it the number one daily, weekly and monthly trending video on bitchute…. you wouldn’t let it go, and so neither will we

Part 3 to the viral series, what you need to know about the virus you will not catch, the 5G roll out and how you are being conned through


Part 4: What your momma should have told you but never knew herself

The Steele Report former CIA agent turned humanitarian..