Former Hi Level NSA, Wm BINNEY & Dr. Katherine Horton on Microwave Weapons Attacks used on Thousands of Americans, including themselves #TargetedIndividuals #Drones #Surveillance

Some of the best within our societies — hero’s, whistleblower’s, the finest humanity has to offer as beacons of hope in our lost and dying democracy are now targeted with microwave weapons via Surveillance drones. In this video, William Binney explains how he is targeted with painful weapons, and how he proved this and has knowledge of these things, after thirty years service in a very high level position in the NSA, that it is just that — microwave drone attacks.

You’ll also hear Dr. Katherine Horton, whom worked at the main CERN.

Note: In 2012 the Pentagon released over 30,000 drones over US skies (our homes) at midnight along with the Belligerence Act. Most do not know that. Palentir, under DARPA runs SKYNET A.I. attack system. We are victims whom went up against those in DC and became targeted. We know our time is short and need our messages heard–we need Americans to know the truth that a coup d’tat occurred by the CIA NSA DOD IE the Planned-Condemic.

Dr Katherine Horton is a high energy physicist who was a Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford. Her brief bio seen below.

Note: I watched drones come down from the sky and attack me. I’ve witnessed drones (red and white lights) hover around my home as I feel the attacks). A sheriff confirmed this to me in 2011. – (Chris) LissaHumaneLife

Bill Binney discuss Election Fraud, Direct Energy Weapons & Implants: Bill Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton discuss election fraud in the US, Directed Energy Weapons and drone attacks on them, as well as remote-controlled torture with non-consensual implants.

Dr. Katherine Horton & William Binney Discuss Personal Microwave Drone Attacks.

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