SECURITY INDUSTRY SPECIALIST TELLS ALL: Bryan Kofron Original Podcast Pt 1 & 2 #TargetedIndivuals #SIMULATEDREALITY

Igor Mendonça Canga
2 months ago


I want to thank every human being around the world who has had the guts and humanity to expose these ugly agendas!

Targeted Truth Finder

Thank You so much! Whistleblower blower here. 20 years in the program

Mike Hoehn

This is as true as it gets. I’m being tortured every day. Horrible people.

Noneya Business2 months ago

I am so grateful to Bryan Kofron for having the courage and decency to try to help targeted individuals while our Congress remains mum and does nothing for the targets.

United Judgement2 months ago

Look up gang stalking syndacant

WaKeNuPmOrEeVERyDaY John2 months ago

They deleted his videos on gangstalkerwars