Perilous Times for Whistleblowers in the US: Donations Warmly Accepted


I’m in financial straits. Yesterday, to exasperate the situation, I wrecked my car. Both passenger car doors and front side fender are totaled. It was a haring experience. As such, its taken me completely broke. Having out-lived most of my family and friends far and in between, basically alone in this world with no one to fall back on I’m asking for help.

I’m embarrassed to ask but I’m in financial straits. Any donations would be appreciated. I am an activist whistle-blower after they killed my husband; hence I became targeted making life truly herring. 

You can reference targeting on Facebook with Annapolis, MD Naval Academy graduate David Voigts, Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Darpa Scientist, Dr. John Hall, former NSA William Binney, Geral Sosbee former FBI, and many, many others.

The amount I need is to cover costs of repairs.  I have been taken broke.

I thank you in advance.

Lissa Humane Life

You can use: Paypal or GoFundMe

Former FBI and Army Intelligence, now targeted: