PlanetX NIBIRU / IMMARU system: an Understanding of our Skies by Expert Sam Hofman

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Sam Hofman worked for the US Government over thirty years ago. In recent years, when Sam’s contract expired, he started Montana Sky Watchers on Facebook, and created various youtube videos explaining exactly what’s going on in our skies. If you’re concerned about what is happening, sky-wise, you’ll do good to watch Sam.

This is the IMMARU system, known to Egyptians as the Frightener, its also called the Crossing of the Planets, Wormwood in the Bible and is responsible for the off colored red and pink and orange hues pre-dusk to the southwest. It returns every 3650 years. I’ve been aware of this since 2012 when I was filming chemtrails. There we’re passing moon sized planets between the clouds.  I started filming accumulating over 600 videos, and took the internet. Later, in our time, this system became known as the Nibiru or the Planet X system.

The IMMARU STAR SYSTEM [the brown dwarf system second sun NEMESIS], the Planet X system consist of seven planets, various moons of all sizes, and space debris.

You need to prepare. Please ask me anything. I’m not an expert, but I know a lot more than most. The best way to prepare is to get inland by at least 500 miles and at least 1000 feet, preferable higher and far away from crowded cities, near a forest or land to build a bern or find a cave, and stock it with food, water, seeds, etc.

I took those photos — there is no debating it. We are in the last days. The Covid19 is a psyop for reasons unknown to me other than possibly people are becoming ill from the iron oxide dust coming into our atmosphere, and untold world flooding, fires everywhere… massive earth movements there not showing on the controlled news and weather channel so as not to panic everyone, I assume. As our magnetosphere is failing.

John More explains. Listen to his credentials.

INTERVIEW: John Moore “The Liberty Man” warns of Planet X fly-by, pole shift, asteroid impacts and government cover-ups –

In order:

The massive-sized red planet is IMMARU, also known as Hercolubus or Red Gas object, and is the actual Brown Dwarf Star. Its also called ALARAPH is the (red gas giant)

1st – ISATUM is VERY, VERY SMALL orange [reddish white/burnt-brown-orange]. Much smaller than SURRU/URRI; smaller than ATU & NAPISTI (Tiny compared to SARRU)

2nd – SARRU as (Neptune-like GREENISH-BLUE in color waist deep waters, 5xs bigger than EARTH; with PURPLE Blue Pink hues/HUGE purple. As BIG as NIBIRU… HUGE x2 1000. Half moon might belong to this planet OR…………

3rd – NAPISTI is medium-sized a greenish-with active volcanoes, several MOONS [burnt-yellow burnt-orange/brown-yellow-green. (noticeable bottom pole ring w/dot lights) with ION DOUBLE TAIL].

4th – URRI is BIGGER THAN ATU even, burnt-orange Brown or (purple-yellow w.tad blue); STRIPED GAS GIANT.

5th – MATIM is a very TINY, muddy-white grey/white planet (Jupiter like moon in color).

6th – NIBIRU, HUGE massively HUGE big BLUE PLANET, 7xs the size of earth, water type, similar to earth. Has 2 binary moons… AMELSERRIC (small dark gray/white) orbits NANNA (White w/blue/pink/yellow undertones.

NANNA is also similar to earth as it rotates around NIBIRU with NANNA’s moon AMELSERRU…. that orbits NANNA might be HALF PLANET, as a small whitish-oceanic-blue and red planet or star or moon.

7th – ATU REALLY BIG as DARK PURPLE-PURPLE-PURPLE with large dark STRIPES and green yellow undertones.

I took these in 2016 facing south, late afternoon — it was shocking.

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what exactly we’re seeing in the skies:

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Samuel Hofman our Nibiru guru informs us about what is to come for earth in 2021 and beyond in regards to the Nibiru System. What you should be watching for, what we are already experiencing including weather events, natural disasters, and more. Knowledge is power and Sam wants us to share what he believes.

Our guest Samuel Hofman has been radically changing the conspiracy theory circle’s perspective on Nibiru. In his model, the Earth-sun, Sol, has a binary twin and the skies are ripe with the proof.

Through his Facebook groups, Montana Sky-Watcher, he and his active and loyal partners collect massive amounts of photographic evidence that our solar system may have more planets, more stars, and maybe even more life.

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