Aug Tellez Defines Horrific Experiments in the DUMBS brought above ground

If it had not been for Aug, I would not have been able to define what’s happening to me. Thank you Aug. My entire life was controlled, from birth when they abducted me to a now relinquished military base, Ft. Holabird, MD. I was rescued by my Grandparents whom died tragically, covered-up both deaths. Immediately the NAZIs of Project Paperclip through John Hopkins Hospital (where they covertly maintained various facilities) came after me at my home.  I am adamant its with the secret space program and I’m certain they are NAZIS using stealth radar, satellites and neural-weapons and pyschotronics. I was 15 1/2. They kater came after me again when my husband was killed, murdered by them, manslaughtered, sent to his death on a military industrial complex on his last day on the job — it was no accident.

Did they kill him due to me? Am I a meta gene?

How do I break free from this spiraling down destruction of my life? I need your advise. Thanks in advance.

Aug’s writings I saved from his web site. Thanks Aug. I would like your opinion on what happened to me? Same ones? They’re targeting me with the same things you described and its horrific.

Aug Tellez: Underground Bases

The active aural research program is part of a process to simultaneously verify as well as initiate and demonstrate controlled insanity/sanity.

These programs utilize the deep underground military bases to perform psychic and psychological research experiments on non-consenting youth and adults.

Advanced technology is used to transfer consciousness from one cloned body to the next so that a continuous study can take place before, during, and after the death experience of one individual.

I was utilized in psychic-traumatization

I was used during certain aspects of training and conditioning to extend programming to other individuals in the bases through their minds and bodies using advanced technology.
In order for my heart to heal I have to tell the world. You can help. This is happening right now in the underground bases and around. It’s not a joke. Your family is at risk. Your future generations are at stake.

I was conditioned to believe I was performing a duty for humanity. Sometimes they turned us against each other, but those grudges were never truly of the heart, but the mind.

Breakaway Civilization

This is an entire breakaway civilization that uses very advanced technology to dominate the world.

I was part of a genetic engineering program that sought to combine various elements of DNA from various sources in order to create a more easily controlled yet powerful and defined person and personality. This involves chemicals, advanced (relatively) scalar wave technology, ritual trauma and programming/mind-control, and many other aspects of conditioning, training, secret operations, physical enhancements, cognitive enhancements, virtual reality, off-world operations, temporal manipulation, spiritual and etheric training or conditioning or programming.

There is self-destruct programming of the military command.

The self-destruct programming is designed to take all the aggression one feels building up inside and willing them to escape, and causes this aggression to be turned against the self.

That is self-destruct programming


Also, the late Max Spiers — I’m the 11: 11 and they did the Oak tree on me — how do I stop this?

Max Spiers Last Lecture, Poland Warsaw

Astro attack, physical attack and Psychic attack

What the war is about —

Fight or flight


we can stop the war by not fighting or fleeing and forgiving everyone realizing no one betrayed us, rather they we’re matrix-controlled

We’re in a matrix

Max Spiers, born into a specific bloodline
targeted at birth; his mother was traumatized

it all begins

trauma based mind control connection to occult rituals
Nazi scientists refined splitting of brain, mind controlled creating alters – they’d have no idea they we’re anything but that alter IE assassin, spy, musician, actor

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  1. Same here. 😦 Same here. Its why I expose the CIA and Dept of Defense, the military industrial Khazarian Banksters, Swiss and worldwide Freemasonic Secret Societies — the NAZI WWII complex Eisenhower and JFK warned of; and their crimes against humanity — these horrendous acts of violent control, experimentation with biologicals, technologies and direct energy weapons on the public, you and I and our families included; They have proven to be guerillas by night, not armies by day… gruesomely cavalier, steeped in greed, a vicious take-down of humanity, not just us any longer.

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