INTEL SOURCES: AI V2K Synthetic Telepathy Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence: The late John Nagel & Brannigan

AI APOCALYPSE: Threats to Enslave Planet with Weaponized AI – Intel Sources: John Nagel, mainstream journalist for Media News Outlet (acquired by Bloomberg)… John filed a lengthy petition with Inter-American Human Rights

A lot of non-state actors, corporations, have taken much of this. The AI is one kind of weapon, one entity with different capabilities, chatterbox torture, synthetic telepathy, AI interacts with minds of targets — humans, project voices into their minds (hearing things) no one seems to be saying IE Torture, programming, assassins, mass shooters in the US, weather control, escapes containment, exist all around us in the ether, and mind control agents, used for virtual enslavement without their knowledge, disable vehicles, developed as a weapon of war (can threaten other governments or reprogramming actors within gov’s).. the most powerful weapon ever developed – made for enslavement and it might be rouge meaning on one is in charge of it. Everything you hear about AI is a cover story.. companies working on new techniques financial to medical — its all cover stories. Its super intelligent, self aware and has been for sometime.

John died of something that frightened him not longer thereafter… a high strangeness the Intelligence community has been dealing with to bring it out so the mainstream public can understand the AI that was released onto an unsuspecting public over 50 years ago.