Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan on Brain Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Control of 1-2 Million #TargetedIndividuals placed in a A SIMULATED REALITY by Bryan Kofron, former Black Op Insider on this HORROR SHOW on Humanity & TIs used as Canary’s in the Cave: Highly classified Highly #UnConstitutional Highly #Inhumane Highly Advanced Weaponized Technologies by PENTAGON DARPA DOD CIA

 A SIMULATED REALITY by Bryan Kofron, former Black Op Insider / Targeter who worked for a private security firm in Seattle Washington for Amazon and could no longer live with himself – he tells all.

The bases — to control every aspect of a targeted individual’s mind, spirit and body. Why? Simply to use TIs so later they can target EVERYONE on Earth; Complete CONTROL using highly advanced and inside a highly secretive program for social engineering. This is at the highest level of government. Its not your neighbor(s). According to Dr. Robert Duncan, they’re determined to control everyone on earth, hence the screw-up in WUHAN China with 5G from the WIFI satellites and a viral like (common cold in the Medical Encyclopedia 1998 version) modified with a SAR like pathogen from Plum Island, Ft. Detrick and according to Veteran’s Today the University of North Carolina (about 30 minutes north of Smithfield,



Whistleblower Bryan Kofron estimates the number of targeted individuals in the United States and explains what types of people are typically targeted.

Bryan Kofron Targeted Individuals Mind Control Voice to Skull Electronic Harassment GangStalking

There are at least 1 to 2 million full-fledged targeted individuals, highly highly intelligent; they’re interested in cognitive processors to be targets of this program, and those into alternative research ie conspiracy anti government / 911 researchers and interested in technology or have information on highly advanced technologies, like frequencies and direct energy weapons, able to be isolated, free minded, not part of the crowd, outsiders, dissidents, revolutionaries, problem people, a profile of Empowered individuals.

This is the highest level of the social engineering program within the government (hi up); Meta Genome — META GENES, DNA, social situations, careers, PhD’s (a lot) who’ve went against the grain re academia science and technologies. Career sabotage, sabotaged in the neighborhood using the technology itself and receive false diagnosis in psychological visits to take away your Constitution and Bill and Human Rights – its then used (state / fed gov) as an excuse to care for you. Even members of the military placed into surveillance — many members doing this are former intelligence and former military for this highly illegal program against Americans like myself.

It’s a primary culling of the highly intelligent, and a general depopulation program of undesirables.

They actually have extreme highly advanced technologies, weaponized, to make you think someone is touching you, a simulation… to make you think people are targeting you. They are not. The are mind hived, mind controlled, trickery sound smell images.. to our electrons to our brain – its how our mind perceives this from the super computers of the Dept of Defense using WIFI and data computers, cellphones.. we’re alienating ourselves. If thye can create our reality, we can do so using the biological computer processor brain, decoding the WIFI and re-coding it to our mind, our brain.. they reprogrammed us. We reprogram ourselves. 

Its the CIA and Dept of Defense (DARPA, Pentagon, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Northcom, Norad, Meta Genome & EU Human Brain Projects, half of Silicon Valley) and its all wireless, remote controlled by either an AI or a science team committing crimes against humanity.

The bases is rebuilding the NAZI Euberman, the super soldier of the mind, body and spirit via EM (20 of the most productive humans on earth) into one as a new advanced species, a hardware super server of computers.

All of this is being used on most of the entire population. The goal is everyone.

At 8:04 David Icke explains in understandable language… they uploaded someone’s brain (who had downloaded it prior to death); released it into the Internet; sprayed / released ‘sentient’ nano particles (smart dust) down on us. We breathed it in. Its no longer science fiction how they did it — smart dust+smart grid for a simulation hyper reality — an altered perception. reality – your own; know yourselves and don’t be in fear of just being yourself.

The Gist of Dr. Duncan’s Interview on Targeting: Dr. Robert Duncan Brain Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy, and Mind Control of Targeted Individuals

Dr. Robert Duncan holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College among others. He has had the most expensive American education money can buy., He is an investigator, author, and soon to be movie producer on the topc of direct energy, neurological weapons, psychological, and information warfare. His movie is called “The Enemy Within — Psychic Warfare.” A book he is co-authoring will be out in a few months entitled ‘Hacking the Human Mind.”

This is torture — a WAR CRIME — Crime against HUMANITY and its being done to me. Dr. Duncan is disgusted that its being used on his own people. Its BRAIN CLONING BRAIN HETRODYNING. A localized search for a particular target is done first (for me 1st two weeks prior to a law suit settlement conference, they showed up from DC, took a house over behind me, then the school behind me, taken over by HDS with a particular while male dark black hair 5’9″ German descent began psychological operations on me to place me into a 911 truther program when the reality was my own attorney put me on this via a dirty FBI agent; several have been arrested since); I moved. 2nd time they showed up outside my home from the local military base Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford Co MD pointing GPS devises).

Dr. Duncan has worked as a business and information technology consultant for the Fortune 500. He has worked for companies like Oracle Corporations, BEA systems, HP, BBN, and as a college Professor. For the dept of defense he wrote the artificial intelligence code to track the Soviet nuclear submarine fleet with passive and active acoustical arrays and has been to a couple of secret NATO Navy underground bases in Europe.

Targeting is called NO TOUCH TORTURE, perceived in the brain the pain is amplified, sensitives — offensives Information Warfare — they’re trying to crash the human being like knocking out the motivation and cultural motivation including altering your emotions ‘ emotional signature clusters’ == can be read. This is interrogation and Torture trying to grab all sorts of data, can we make them kill themselves, or others, can we make them wrap the cat in tin foil, make them think ghosts or demons are in the room etc.

These are interrogation techniques so you can learn from it and not let them harm you — these psychic warriors trying to figure out how the bad guys know, on innocent Americans — the DEPT OF DEFENSE are the psychic warriors given only a little bit of the subject TI.

The NSA has info on us, shared with the DEPT OF DEF walking them back in their history making you erase your memory or relive with drugs, or with CYBERNETIC WARFARE TECHNOLOGY getting every little bit of info; they get scored on how much they get from us HYPER GAME THEORY (IE John Nash) its gone beyond that into hyper.

The gist — how do you make a person walk into a certain path — a multi dimensional chess game — to WALK THEM into JAIL or COMMIT a CRIME or WALK YOU/ME to our DEATH.

Only a few cops and FBI know about this. Congress and agencies know nothing. Its on the entire population, hive minding all. — Dr. Duncan

Automatic bots — chatterbox — keep you talking in perpetuation thinking you’re talking to a real person, rather its a machine. To break down your will, to keep the lock down of the signal — if it breaks temporarily but once they have your brain matched they have you. They’re classifying certain brain signals and testing your signal into others for MIND HIVING humanity..

Hyper Reality — Targeted Individuals (self included) have been thrown into linked to super computers artificial Intelligence — to target us.