AMAZON WHISTLEBLOWER Bryan Kofron: #5G Military Weapon Sentient AI Worldwide Surveillance #AI Genocide Simulation #Microwave #Supercomputer #WARNING

Its already here… SkyNet Hive Mind Global Brain Quantum Computer Neural Network Sentient World Simulation Cybernetic Collective Consciousness Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking MK ultra Mind Control Brain to Computer Interface D-Wave Geordie Rose Human Brain Project

Get Dave Case’s CD. Play it at night till you’re brain waves are no longer picked up. It does work. Some immediately, some taking months. I heard nothing ever. A very intelligent TI had me hold a recorder to my head at night… in the quiet mts. He had special software & proved to me voices we’re being sent to my brain, subliminally. Took me years to fight this but when I found Dave’s CD, it worked. They can not program you day or night, no gangstalking means you’re no  longer in their matrix smart grid. Get it here — Anti Tinnitus and V2K – Remedy for Tinnitus and V2K .

The Global Brain Hive Mind Quantum Neural Network of Human Nodes


Quantum Scalar Wave Mind Control DNA Resonance Fractual Brain to Machine (cloud computing haarp cell phones / towers, smart meters smart grid ether etc) SKYNET AI.

Global Brain Hive Mind — Whistleblower who worked developing most of this, Dr. Robert Duncan —

They’re controlling people’s reactions… perceptions, anger.. rage. Be alert be aware w/the coming Corona virus. Watch the horror they created in Japan. NO 5G.

A Simulation Reality (Not Simulated Reality — its a throw off)