Sentient Worldwide Simulation Artificial Intel DARPA CIA DOD on Everyone #TargetedIndividuals A NATION OF TRAITORS

If you are targeted you are a REAL inside the REEL. Everyone else is a copy; our brains are real… meaning there are no perps., they are BACKDROPS to the FAKE story lines (Plausible Deniability).. get it? All run by super computers, AI system. Get out of the fight or flight mode. No betrayal. All fake. The US Government was taken over by the NAZIs Khazarian Rothschild mob when they assassinated JFK. They had mind control down pat during WWII, then merged it w/highly advanced sky satellite HAARP etc. DWAVE. The real perps are in the DUMBS, over the horizon and far away; its why they’re using wireless. The real enemies are the CIA & Dept of Defense NSA MI6 (Crown/Rothschild) DARPA via SKYNET (Ballistic Missile system cloud computing) Internet of all things–all things wireless. Cellphones and cell towers are WEAPONIZED against the do-gooders within your society… you are being WEAPONIZED against them as well.. your brain is in their NSA Super computers.. UTAH FT MEADE etc. Mine is as well but I am aware… I have self-awareness.


They merely have a copy of my brain. I have the real one in this simulation matrix.

If you are not a TI, I hope this helps you — You are the copy — they have real running model of everyone and they are controlling every literal thing. Had they had one of me, I would never had sue the murderous bastards for what they did to my husband; they would never ever had gone out of their way to put on so many skits after skits when I was a teen, nor worked so hard to kill so many of my loved ones, nor taken over so many neighbors everywhere I’ve lived.. and run me off jobs — my God, they took over a family member to get me to marry some guy I didn’t like or love…  I left 30 days later even after he offered me lots of money to stay… it was a backdrop guy.

You will not get another chance if you’re a TI. Go out. Hold your peaceful ground. You can do it and they know it.

This is what #TIs go thru on a daily bases. The Artificial Intelligence that’s in the literal air in a Sentient Worldwide Simulation created for the NSA — it’s why the collected all the date on everyone, in particular, Americans. This is highly advanced technological weaponization of surveillance before your eyes going on in your neighborhoods across the US and abroad, especially the five eye nations. Everyone is on this.

Predictive Programming

The EyeOpener- Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone –



Below video is from a whistleblower, former Amazon security insider and DARPA (CERN/DWAVE) synchronization of humanity; yes, Amazon has made billions on US taxpayers to SURVEIL everything we do – See Wikileaks ‘On the Take and lovingvb it.’ and his last video when they pulled it/him off air talking about the Nanites in the air.

To understand what’s going on… think of the Matrix, a simulation, synthetic from Chemtrail spraying and the electronic grid via smartphones to the cell towers to a black box that goes to Ft. Meade, MD and from there to the NSA’s Utah facility where all of our data goes in a literal second of time… to super computers that communicate with computers that work in the air–the ether… quantum computers. It’s heavy physics but its what’s going on.


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HERE”s the CLINCHER-– TIs are REAL inside this REEL. Whereas everyone else are BACKDROPS – they’re minds are COPIES of the actual real brain in their super computer, for complete CONTROL – hence perps, neighbors and everyone else. Its not them. CIA DOD DARPA is your perpetrators controlling situations in the simulation. Unlike everyone else, we stood up to them over finances and politics, whistleblew, dissented became activists after they did us horridly wrong –the rest are asleep. We did the right thing.. we get it. We see injustice and go by the law, hence to make us look lawless, corrupted. Most TIs hold PhDs, Bachelor degrees, etc. Yet fail to see the skits, the simulation run by the NSA and CIA and DOD (DARPA).

Once you understand their keys to this matrix, you become very dangerous to them.

Another Example: — the only thing you’re not seeing is the matrix before your eyes. Logic has left the room. Grab it back and your self-awareness. Step back from your story–how you got on the list and see the bigger picture–this is run by highly advanced cloud-computing smart grid synthetics (Chemtrails) super quantum computers — the NSA is running a worldwide ‘simulation.’

Learn more of gangstalking really is — its a simulation by the NSA-CIA & Dept. of Defense and its worldwide.

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The Matrix all around us — testing highly advanced artificial intelligent run quantum to the cubic computers–they wanted complete control, the Internet of all things. Dr. Robert Duncan worked on these targeting technologies to control humanity, regrettably compartmentalized unknowingly… he learned that his work was for targeting and spoke out and was targeted for doing so. He whistle blew on Jesse Ventura’s show, Brain Invaders on Conspiracy Theory.

  • Gerald Clark – Former DARPA employee – How to Break Out of the Matrix – Meat Modem – YouTube

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