Shadow Report on Systematic Organized Stalking, Covert Neutralization of Dissidents by Means of Torture, Degrading and Inhumane Treatment (The Human Dignity Council, pdf, Sept. 22, 2014) – Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults

Courtesy of Dr. Eric Karlstrom;

Shadow Report on Systematic Organized Stalking, Covert Neutralization of Dissidents by Means of Torture, Degrading and Inhumane Treatment (The Human Dignity Council, pdf, Sept. 22, 2014) – Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults

VII. Suggested Recommendations-­‐

The filing and reporting of Organized Stalking as a human rights and civil crime
against humanity to local police stations (make it much easier and factual, without deliberate error or insinuation to weak mental health of the victimized) because it depicts and embeds illegal and prosecutable uses of a national grid means, its technological resources and advances to remotely or closely harm politically victimized individuals in their homes, outside their homes. It embeds the use of fatal psychological devices, thus the torture of individuals blacklisted for their political stands.

-­The investigating of activities related to Organized Stalking, the actual stalking on foot, vehicular, in home, cyber, work, etc.

-­‐Demand that the Presidential Bioethics Commission (comprising a dozen of national agencies with members somehow involved in these crimes and human rights violations) be suspended, fined, or investigated for perjury; as this front organization has delightfully sat, listened to, and made thousands of victims since its charge by president Obama in 2011 (regarding “healing the brain or Brain Initiative cooperative) believe that it was created to help and assist politically and also medically targeted or selected individuals.

A Previous letter expose’ to Human Rights Defenders and Associates below from March 2014

The Human Dignity Council
330 Bowdoin Street,
Suite 612Boston, MA

To Whoever It May Concern,

We are writing to connect with your investigative journalism team with a request for investigative research and reporting on a subject that has been brought rather forcefully to our recent attention: a covert harassment and slow-­‐kill program targeting both social justice activists and other Americans in Massachusetts and other states. This program is based on collective covert Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassments, non-­‐consensual human subject experimentation and research in various areas of “non-­‐lethal” and “human bio-­‐effects” weapon testing and brain science; these types of research are being conducted illegally currently in the US by private and academic contractors with the Department of Defense/CIA, in connection with recent escalations in the extreme NSA surveillance and COINTELPRO-­‐like programs repressing activists and corporate whistleblowers and those matching their description.

Why do we say illegally? Because the “human subjects” were never informed, never consented, and are being subjected to 24/7 EMF directed-­‐energy weapon abuse, which is criminal in Massachusetts, according to published law. Targets are being repressed and censored through this and other technological and communicational means, their deaths or incarceration in psychiatric institutions hastened, through record falsifications, character assassinations, psychological stressors in addition to the extreme damages caused by continuous, low-­‐level, non-­‐ionizing radiation applied to the various organs in their bodies. It’s important to note that these weapons are not by any means “non-­‐lethal” but rather, supremely lethal, as many have subsequently lost their lives from their applications. These sorts of attacks and fatal effects, covert or not, are supposedly criminal in Massachusetts-­‐-­‐and should be, nationwide.

This targeting and harassment is Local, it has come to New England-­‐-­‐targeted activists, good constitutionally-­‐bound citizens and law-­‐abiding residents in Boston, and suburbs are currently being tortured 24/7 by naval and maritime directed-­‐energy weapons and by a related CIA Psychological operations protocol-­‐-­‐ organized stalking. We are some of these judicial and legislative activists-­‐-­ ‐we are human rights, civil rights, and ecologically conscious activists who engage in community, online, and peaceful activism for clean air, food, water, peace, the rights of all humans, and justice for all-­‐-­‐ who, for reasons that are truth based, have become targets and involuntary, uninformed, nonconsensual subjects in some of these horrific programs. We have come to understand that this kind of electromagnetic or electronic harassment, coupled with non-­‐consensual human experimentation sanctioned by the military, has been going on for at least two decades, if not more, and has been experienced both by social justice workers-­‐-­‐usually activists and whistleblowers-­‐-­‐and many other non-­‐activist citizens, many of whose stories are documented online as Politically victimized individuals.

From our research we understand that this covert harassment is government-­‐funded and supported. Department of Homeland Security fusion centers and citizen watch groups are involved, we believe, in recruiting neighbors and co-­‐workers to harass politically victimized individuals. Funding for weapons testing, brain control, and behavior control research comes (we understand from DoD contract information posted publicly online, as well as from other sources) from the Department of Defense, and possibly the National Institutes of Health and other allied government institutions. The CIA, FBI, and NSA, with some local and state Police, Fire Fighters, Emergency Personnel and other groups in this fusion, are engaged in such covert surveillance and harassment in-­‐home and other places, video and audio, foot, vehicular and aerial, we understand, from the testimonies of various former insiders- whistleblowers, and are also engaged in Psy-­‐Ops activities, including organized stalking, against all “human subjects” or targets. We personally experienced the commencement of this targeting after specific actions we took to question the status quo:

• Ramola D/Dharmaraj (fiction writer, poet, and college creative writing professor), was targeted since early December 2013, immediately after writing to Senators, House Reps, and Quincy, Mass city councilors and Mayor on the environmental hazards of chemtrails, as they relate to food, air, water, a phenomenon which had recently come to her notice.

• Laetitia Aby became aware of her targeting and the civil and human rights violations that took place during a vulnerable period of her life just within the last four years; she has reasons to believe that her targeting and non-­‐consensual inclusion into research studies may have occurred five years or a decade prior when one thing after another unfolded with her overall health, and body. She noticed technological and communications’ interferences at first, and became aware of surveillance modalities within and outside of her home after the Patriot Act gave way to them. Around 2006-­‐2008 she realized that she has been meticulously left out of the racial discrimination class action lawsuit, which was supposed to provide legal relief and punitive rewards to originally victimized applicants. Unfortunately making the disparity issue publicly known, and aggressively going after reason and justice for that wrongdoing turned her into what some might call an enemy of the state or the crooked type of the state.

The Human Dignity Council’s aim here is to continue the investigations, and pushing for subsequent legislative efforts, measures, laws and implementation of such to protect politically victimized individuals and to help them restore their livelihoods. The other crucial aim would be to advocate on all human rights platforms against the tortures being inflicted, on those targeted, most of which subsequently are made nonconsensual human subjects. We hope to work to expose and end these covert torture programs which abrogate civil and human rights as they run completely counter to the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There are other organizations, whistleblowers, concerned citizens, and politically and experimentally victimized individuals working on this cause. There are several who have written and published books and documents on the subject. There are several journalists, writers, and others blogging online on the subject. We are hoping to create a bigger and more active alliance and coalition on the issue to accelerate the processes involved in creating awareness, educating, protecting and safeguarding lives and livelihoods. Please contact us anytime. We would be happy to work with you and furnish you with the research we have conducted already. We will also be happy to put you in touch with other individuals experiencing the same suppression of civil and human rights. We cannot stress enough: this is an issue whose time has come. If we as a society do not rise up Now against the extreme oppression of this targeting, abuse, and attempt to control our brains, our minds and our bodies as independent and sovereign persons, with unique personalities and individualities, we will, before we know it, be cordoned forcefully by military powers into complete mind control and subjection, as a people. Currently it is only politically targeted activists reporting this abuse-­‐-­‐the very fact that these weapons are being tested on a percentage of the US (and
world) population bodes ill for the whole of the population, for the modality and intention behind the use and testing of these weapons is complete control of the human being, and global control of all human beings.

Co-­‐penned by Ms Ramola D. and Ms. Laetitia Aby
The Human Dignity Council
330 Bowdoin Street #612Boston, MA
02122617-­‐755-­‐6760 .