Targeted Individuals Brains Linked to Mixed Reality Quantum Computer Sentient World Simulation

Google became Skynet purchasing a Quantum Computer, Artificial Intelligence, Killer Robots and collecting the largest DNA database.

D Wave Abiatic Quantum Computer. The D-Wave technology, D-Wave Abiatic Quantum Computer.. The computer “learns” as it goes.

The D-Wave supercomputer will fuse our thoughts with the Beast electronic commerce system. The D Wave Quantum computer is capable of the computing of 7 billion human brains, which is about the number of the population. The D WAVE is self learning and becoming human by inserting human emotional behavior and response into its calculations.

Suspicions that every one of us are being monitored and a simulation of our brain is being stored to collect our algorithms and measure our thought patterns to determine our steps. By having that information, the computer can calculate our reactions before we know what will happen and can stay one step ahead of us. It can also be used to manipulate those decisions by inserting triggers to sway our decision (based on the info it has on us to determine the best triggers).…