We have No Human Rights on a Worldwide Computerized Human Controlled Enslavement Network


In case you’re one of the more fortunate ones left within our world societies whom isn’t on the control AI grid yet, I strongly suggest you pay attention to this. If it happened to Gretta and I, and countless others, many seemingly unaware of what’s happening to them, it can and will happen to you–its what the secret shadow government has in store for you and your family for world domination. Christians in particular. — Lissa

If we become technologically enslaved by being wireless linked to computerized human control networks from technologically which may be already deeply embedded in our brains and bodies we will lose all of our birth rights. I and millions of others have already become wirelessly linked from either technology inside or bodies or from our human energy fields or from both to the computerized human control network. We are disbelieved by government staff and others who appear to be under electronic mind control to automatically disbelieve us. I now have absolutely no human rights and nobody is acting to stop this slow and incremental enslavement of the human race.


5 thoughts on “We have No Human Rights on a Worldwide Computerized Human Controlled Enslavement Network

  1. I’m trying so hard… mowing my own property again, though attacked even more.. attending church and trust me, I’m attacked worse on weekend, especially when trying to attend, and eat so I’m fighting back against this horrific machine we’ve allowed to happen. ITs times like this that try even the best patriotic Christian. Thank you ThudR1cat. I need support. Use to have thousands of followers. I allowed the online attacks to stop me. No more. I look forward to the US government being free once again.

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  2. Thank you. I’m trying to awaken everyone, help TIs like yourself, and heal and recover. I’m brutally attacked when I do so, but my spirit will not allow it any other way. These acts are too atrocious to remain silent and ignore. May God be with you.

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  3. Been following your posts and channel. I am horrified about the extent of life destruction you have gone through. I hope you can heal and recover from this soon. thank you for your contribution online regarding this topic. it has helped many people like myself understand what theyre doing to us as targeted individuals. Be well!

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