Electronic Warfare Officer, graduate of the US Navy Academy discusses TARGETED INDIVIDUALS and how we need your help stopping this.


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Former Naval Officer, David Voigts, has a degree in Control Systems Engineering, and he served in Electronic Warfare and Nuclear Billets. While in service he became aware of ongoing illegal non-consensual human experimentation projects studying the human-machine interface. These unethical and illegal projects use non-consenting victims referred to as “Targeted Individuals” to conduct various psychological and physical experiments via electronic warfare weapons that essentially torture the victim psychologically and physically.

This important socio-criminal issue affects hundreds of thousands of people in America. As these weapons are often used covertly, many victims of electronic harassment—including men, women, and children—may not even know they are targeted and are not able to recognize many of the symptoms. Raising social awareness and increasing support on this critical civil rights issue is essential to ending these crimes against humanity.

During his service Voigts heard a survivor of this modern atrocity present her story. The women appealed to the group that if they ever saw anything like this happen they should take action against it. This left a profound impression on Voigts, who took steps to discover the horrific details of this human experimentation program with electronic weapons. A true American hero, Voigts stated, “I intentionally got myself drafted into the program to help me understand it better so I could help shut it down.”

Voigts first started walking across America in 2016 to raise awareness about electronic harassment and the targeted individual crisis, but he was forced to curtail his trip early, due to multiple members of his extended family passing away. Starting on April 7th, 2018, David plans to restart his trans-America trek for activism, beginning at 11:00am at Cape Henlopen State Park, 15099 Cape Henlopen Drive, Lewes, Delaware 19958.

To help promote Voigts and his walk across America, the general public is invited to join him in a 5 – 10-kilometer walk/run during the first 5 – 10 km of his walk across America. Please join David on April 7th, 2018 in Cape Henlopen State Park. Motivational presentations relevant to exposing these horrific crimes are scheduled to start at 9:00am in the Main Beach Picnic Pavilion at the North End of the Bath House in Lewes, Delaware. Between 9:00am and 11:00am, speakers will talk about electronic harassment, targeted individuals, and the important fight we have ahead of us. Voigts will start his trek at 11:00am, when the 5 – 10-km walk/run will also begin. The intent of this gathering is to send David on his way across America, and to raise awareness about electronic harassment, covert surveillance, and organized gang stalking. Even if you cannot run or walk, please join this event to show your support and help raise awareness for this important cause. After all, electronic harassment promises to turn into the forefront human rights issue of the 21st Century.

David’s walk across America will take 9 months or more to complete. While Voigts is funding the majority of his walk himself, donations of financial support for this critically important activism effort are more than welcome, to help minimize David’s personal financial costs. Any money donated for this effort is money very well spent. Based on the experience gained during David’s first partial walk across America, David’s efforts will generate important media coverage for electronic harassment and targeted individuals in local and regional newspapers (and via other media outlets, such as television stations), scattered all across the country.

Donations for David Voigts’ Walk Across America may be given at the following web site: