US & Global Partners using extremely advanced mobile CTOS 2.0 against #TargetedIndividuals & #AI #Neural Weapon system #DEMOCIDE #GENOCIDE


Note, its now solidly proven that the CIA & Dept. of Defense are utilizing the A.I. NEURAL BRAIN Weapons system SKYNET Space Fence to monitor all electronic activities on Targeted Individuals AND everyone else to control us to turn on one another. There are no gangstalkers per se. They are controlled. We’re all in a (SWS) Sentient World Simulation by a nation of US Traitors and their global finance partners. Either stand on your feet or die on your knees. We’re loosing our freedoms to totalitarianism fast now.

From Bryan Tew & Nina S

The Shadow Government is now using an extremely advanced form of the mobile platform known CTOS 2.0 which was already a highly sophisticated and advanced system of Automated Active and Adaptive Remote Neural Networks controlled by way of two interfaces: Brain to Computer Interfaces and Brain to Brain Interfaces, both utilizing Surveillance, Security, Transit programs, financial indicators, etc., to monitor all tangible and electronic activities of Targeted Individuals.

Coordinated from – the money trail – Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley (NYC) and other tech hubs in the USA and around the world (Silicon Wadi: Israel), these tech hubs then interface and integrate with – the bread trail –  American Fusion Centers and then the Fusion Centers then interface and integrate with local, state and federal agencies and organizations, etc,. on down to the street level.