Protection against Satellite V2K, WiFi, Smartmeters & UMTS-MASTS

Protection against Satellite V2K, WiFi, Smartmeters & UMTS-MASTS
Protection against wifi, smartmeter and UMTS-masts.
Thank you Mr. Keshe & the KESHE FOUNDATION
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Protection against wifi, smartmeter and UMTS-masts.
Camelot Keshe invented help against all that radiation
Block wifi, smartphones and the phone ot oters in close proximity
Buy CO2 capture plate – see link on home page
The Keshe Foundation CO2 Capture KIT (part1)
Anti radiation shielding – nano coated metal or plastic (insulator type) or (traditional) clay lining.

Foundation Weapon Technologies Shielding

Nano coated plates (or any nano coated item) when placed next to harassing equipment (mobile phones or similar) silences the harassing emissions.–
[How to NanoCoat
See update using (COSTIC SODA) –
Note – – you MUST put a voltmeter on the coils after the first nano coating to align the polarity.
— from Mr. Keshe — FB Page for Canadians
From DIY Keshe Foundation –
Mr. Keshe explains the basics for Nanocoating –
for insulating wires in walls (antiradiation).
Mr. Keshe shows the fine-tuned nanocoating –
Coil Fire Coating –
Split one plate into several, each of them will work for you well.
Alternatively, nano coat any plate (copper, zinc, iron etc) DIY at home. After the soda treatment make drying of plate in dark; don’t expose it to sun when drying – this way nano coat will be stronger.
Get anything metal: nails, screws, plates, door knobs, rings, just anything metallic, can be ferro, zinc etc. Avoid aluminum.
Nano coat the items. Dry item; usually takes few days. Nano coat appears as white powder coat (white coat after drying ferro’s).
Get bostic tape (plasteline type) or paper tape for sticking item/s to required place/s.
Creative use: (Satellite Mkultra attacks)
Stick to anything, stick groups of items or singular ones. Stick few nails to window glass, to corners of metallic frames around window, to corners of room at floor level, to door frames, to hinges around door, to PC hardware, to mobile phone, stick to anywhere you think gives you an unwanted (parasiting) echo.
Stick to your body, perhaps tape it before with paper tape, keep in the pocket in back pocket . Keep under hat (*this will get you somewhere, especially if you experience satellitarian attacks called MK-ultra).
You can use “powder only” in small containers like lids from jars among kitchen items;
Powder itself kills the parasiting echo; nano coated metal is more silencing.
It works very well, it silences all unwanted echoes of mobile systems and whole spectrum in general – house attacks or/and body attacks. This is mainly because no electronic equipment can zoom at at it with precision and also because it diffuses acoustic (and not only) frequencies freeing you from acoustic harassment.
As far as allergy, I don’t experience one, rather got much better from low doses of that white powder.
[Is this the powder?
Remote Synthetic Telepathy or Voice to Skull
Place next to skull. Wrap it in paper tape to avoid direct contact of powders with skin.
[…] Remote brain connection opens unlimited possibilities even for monitoring, influencing even masses, and only a few people (Targeted Individuals) experienced it until now ….
….Hundreds of thousands of people have already experienced this kind of brain monitoring, they made tons of notes, blogs, testimonials, about the technology, not having visible connection with a remote computer called Remote Synthetic Telepathy or
Voice to Skull.
Technology has long been ready with this using SCALAR, EMF and other radio waves, (since 1974, was able to radiate noise, clicks into human brains remotely) [….]
[=quoted from internet]
nano-coated items will silence harassing emissions
The electronic properties of nano coated object are vastly different from regular matter.
When regular matter joins nano matter as some combo object – the scanner would have to scale it as one object. Since distribution of capacitances and inductances within nano type object is very complex – the scan of combo object
would result in signal’s distortion, imprecision or dispersal
Carbon nanotubes or nanoballs from Shungite mineral [used by military for its EMF protection ]are effective, as it is used in a commercial product purchased (Spinor). If you prefer working with free plasma enclose the microwave device in a ball large enough and draw a drain pipe from the bottom of it down into the underground earth, adjust the diameter and depth til you start to feel it yourself working, then complete with a cone (height to width ratio = 5:1) on top of the sphere like a funnel to refill with cosmic energy, and attach your creation to the device if it is a mobile one.
shungite mineral


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