Ramola Interview with Max Igan: Fascism Ahead–and How to Avert It – YouTube

Interview with Max Igan: Fascism Ahead–and How to Avert It –

Quoting Ramola “Unique and absolutely stellar sharing of information and ideas from Max Igan, radio host and video producer who hosts Surviving the Matrix at America Radio: https://theamericanvoice.com/ and runs The Crowhouse: http://thecrowhouse.com/ on the subject of the encroaching totalitarianism we are immersed in all around the world and what we can do about it, as individuals, as concerned citizens, as human beings awakening to the intentioned removal of human rights and human sanctity all around the planet.

An activist and thinker who has thrown off the system in more ways than one and lives off the grid while being active in his local community and online, Max Igan points out that the smart phone which everyone carries and uses as a life-companion today is a surveillance device chockfull of sensors and microphones and barometers which essentially is already keeping track of your every move and word and action during the day and is the way the Smart Grid of full-spectrum surveillance is being imposed on us. His advice is to get rid of your smart phone as a first step of denying control to governments and criminals who seek to surveill and control you.”