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Suggestions on how to detox the crap out of you. This has healed and helped me immensely. It might help you, as well. Follow the protocol below and you’ll begin to feel better and it will drastically reduce your targeting, and help you to think and feel better.

I’m not a doctor, nor nurse, just someone lending suggestions on how to heal.

Morgellons and Targeted go hand in hand. We’re all infected with the chemtrail fallout and direct energy weapons are a medium for chemtrails. Keep that in mind.

Lissa’s Protocol:

1 – No grains or yeasts, no GMOs, no white or brown sugars, no soy

Start reading the ingredients. Even sugar free gum and cough drops are loaded with the nanotech and pathogens.

2. Brush teeth with baking soda, non-fluoride, or activated charcoal, found on Amazon or Ebay.

3. Get MMS and the Activator. Follow the a 7-10 day protocol as Genesis II Church of Health and Healing suggest in the following videos: https://genesis2church.ch/videos.

Providers found here https://genesis2church.ch/acquiring-mms.

Continue using MMS w/the Activator in daily enemas (twice daily), add to all waters even when cooking and making coffee, and to baths.

I use the MMS w/activator and dawn dish detergent and 40 mule team borax and sea salts.

4. Use NEEM Oil, found on Amazon or Ebay.

5. I use various herbal liquid tinctures IE LYME Therapy and Kathy’s Protocol. If you can’t afford it, try to at get Cat’s Claw/Usnea/Astragalus & Nattokinase.

Heavy Metal Detox Tincture, Extract, Chelation, Cilantro leaf, Chlorella

Chris of Lissa’s HumaneLife

I am a current member and have my God-Given alienable right to choose products for my health, including but not limited to the following on the below card. I am exempt from vaccinations, medications, x-rays, scans, health insurance mandated by any human government or authority.  Lissa