#AI #WEAPONIZED #APOCALYPSE: Threats to Enslave #Torture Humanity w/Weaponized AI – Intel Sources: John Nagel #V2K #USA #SyntheticTelepathy #ControllingHumanity #ChatBot AI #TORTURE on the population

This IS TARGETING — The US and its allies have weaponized this synthesized (synthetic from chemtrails & GMOs/Nanotech & Biofilm/Micoplasma in the water/rain, food) inorganic artificial Intelligence, rolled out onto earth, attempting to transformer it–it already has. Everything is contaminated. If you speak-out they fly nearby and the Ai controls others to zoom by you, to activate it already in you

The threat is  to enslave the planet with weaponized AI TORTURE on the population – its existing in the ether — its all around us. People are becoming reprogrammed, controlling our actions and thoughts, who we are.. it can disable cars and electrical systems like headlights turning on and off and imprison and disable any electronic device and human being, taking your neighbors over so you’ll think its them, not the government.

The AI was designed by the United States GOVERNMENT for weapons of war, blackmailing countries, reprograming state actors within other governments– the most powerful weapon ever developed. People who do not have this weapon do not want to be enslaved or blackmailed or have this on their children whom are highly concern–  the AI is rogue — it could take people over whom are at the control. It does take people over, its that powerful, next to GOD.

The AI is controlling most of HUMANITY, but a few… maybe 87 percent.


Its now RELEASED on the public and controlled by but a FEW.

The OBAMA administration is the one that started to threaten the planet with weaponized A.I. — (my own notes): It has to be the Freemason Wall Street JPMORGAN / ROTHSCHILD. The 5 nations are involved. It was developed under the BUSH adm.

The AI was used in a settlement conference so I could not win a law suit that was 99-100% OSHA proven–it was their fault, they killed my husband. The AI was used to turn criminals against me who tried to kill me with a shot gun during the law suit. The AI was used on others to surveil/gangstalk me out of my home when I recd a call from an Annapolis law-firm stating they we’re going to take my case against that number 10 law firm in the nation, out of Washington DC. These controlled robots, human looking, came after me taking over houses, standing outside my home to terrorize and intimidate me… they did anything they could with the AI weapon system to keep me from getting a decent justifiable lawsuit or in court–if I got into that court a jury would not turn me down as their own depositioners stated after investigating, and interrogating me.

I seen the AI take cops over, a judge, many others in the area of Smithfield, NC home of the CIA Torture rendition airport.

The AI took over my own lawyer and the lawyer for the other side, causing them to gangstalking me like spies.

I have seen the AI take my relative over and this AI is very sneaky.

CIA are located in New Zealand and is one of the 5 eye nations, with Canada, the US, Australia and and the UK.

The AI is controlling the weather, and the strange clouds in the sky.

The AI controls Facebook, Google and Youtube and all of the Internet with but a handful in the background. We can blame the CIA, NSA, DARPA, Rothschild, Rockefeller’s, and all the members of the Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral, Freemasons and other secret societies, as well as that monolithic conspiracy which surely include the Vatican and the Black nobility Popes, members of the Black Nobility families better known as the Old Venetian bloodline’s and all of them including the Royals, the wealthiest in the lands are behind this horror show on humanity and deep underground.

The UK is home to the Rothschild and the other high level financial families. Some of the capabilities of this ONE AI include: CHATTERBOX TORTURE synthetic telepathy interacting with the minds of #TARGETS, projecting voices into their minds for assassinations, even weather control —

the news on A.I. are a cover story.  Its ALREADY DONE.  Its the smartest thing in the universe, except for GOD, kadrillions of times smarter than all of us. 

The late John Nagel whistleblew and filed a Human Rights complaint about this. He lost his life alerting the public.