The NSA Came After me at 6 weeks old placing me in Project Oaktree Lucifer

The late Max Spiers, former super soldier and NSA op, murdered after giving testimony to the truth to what’s going on –what the war is about (our DNA) and a Cataclysm that occurred 9,500 BC that we’re facing now, explained what a #TargetedIndividual is really all about — high level, very, very powerful spiritual beings who came here to change things, and they we’re looking for 11:11 birth-born’s (me) as 11:11 star gates. All connected to Project IBIS.

James Casbolt | Project IBIS

This explains what was done to me as a teen, and my entire life. Trust me, this is what they tried to do to me at six weeks of age, nabbing me at a local military base, Ft. Holabird, no longer in existence, 50 miles outside D.C. Then again in my teens… horrendous things done to me with a form of satellite weapon testing and testing their AI weapon system on me, that’s torturing people all over the world, now.

I was born on 11/11 in the 50s

Needless to say, they destroyed my entire life

At 6 weeks of age, they tricked my birth mother into leaving me at Ft. Holabird, in Dundalk MD where I grew up at, no longer in existence. My Grandparents demanded my return. A Sgt. returned me the next day. It didn’t stop there. I watched as a child my family fall apart. They’d been together over 50 years, both ministers and calm loving decent down to earth folks. But something was happening I could not define, not as a child. By the time I was in my teens, very mature and intelligent for my age, both we’re killed in separate covered up state level accidents. It was then the CIA DOD NSA came after me. I was 15 1/2 years of age. Horrid things we’re done to me in my home, as phone calls came in that sounds Archonic in nature… there was a Christ and surveillance theme to it… that everything was going to be alright, then suddenly all hell came down on me in my bedroom terrorizing me, and turning on my chakras, placing a force upon me that was so loud swirling within me (Chakras opened) then this thing that felt human, put its arms underneath me and began to pull me out of body and carry me away however I let out a scream getting past whatever it was — a force preventing me from screaming, and it placed me back into my body.. the swirling stopped. They left. This happened twice in a 1 1/2 year period. In between, I would awaken to what I thought was the devil raping me. My liefe changed as I watched people taken over before my very eyes. It was a TRUMAN SHOW holding me back from dozens of dates, possible future husbands, preventing me from college (scholarships at the age of 17), terrorizing me out of high school after my grandparent’s death, playing the piano when I’d go upstairs and so much more. I’ll update later. It was about holding me down in life. Every job I had there would be some stranger who would make sure I was ran off the job even controlling my one relative guardian to make me marry a rich guy I did not like nor love. I left him in 30 days, broke but determined to reclaim the home left to me.

Obviously, they were testing the AI on me as a teen and didn’t give a damn if they killed my entire family, and used the rest of us like we we’re nothing more than a video game.

I spent my entire life feeling out of body; half here. Many times, if I went to John Hopkins, where I’ve since learned the CIA are in-bedded.. I’d find myself (with the flu) seeing females and or males coming at me with clipboards — each wanted to talk to me in a psychological manner. One thing all of them have in common from growing up to the last 10 to 20 years — they seem to be taken over by their own technology: THE AI.

They’re lost in their AI…….

But I survived and here I am, after they came after me again in 1998 when they killed my husband whom I grew up with. I’m now torture targeted but remain with my self awareness, I’m determined to get the word out and I’ll die on my feet trying.

Agent buried alive – James Casbalt —

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