DARPA’S Transhumanism. Cyborg & More… Went Mainstream 3 Years Ago #Targetedtool #TargetedIndividuals



The NSA and DARPA hacked into my home’s wireless computer and phones in late Aug/Sept. of 2005, as I prepared to go into a settlement conferences whereas my response was a solid ‘NO,’ because my case was 99% OSHA proven, it was one of their military industrial complex site’s fault–period.  The gist is the other side, the side that was responsible for my late-husband’s death, (Bethlehem Steel/Shipyard in Balto., MD county) hired one of the top ten law firms in the country, Whiting, Taylor & Preston Law Firm out of Wash. DC, to take me on. I learned fast that the NSA and DARPA and military etc., and a homeland security FUSION center types including the FBI (my own lawyer, Jay D Miller of then Towson, MD) threatened me with the FBI stating ‘If you ever piss me off, see all those people going into the building… wanna know who they are? They’re the FBI and if you piss me off everyone of them will be your enemy, but as long as your nice to me, they’re your friends.’–so I learned fast sadly the United States had been taken over by what I deem fallen scumbags IE Bushes and they are in fact NAZIs.

I’d later witness my own lawyer, Miller, making a deal with the other side, Whiting, Taylor and Preston at a conference table on the 16th floor skyscraper thefirm owned in Baltimore City, MD in 2005 stating ‘Don’t worry Miller, she’ll be destroyed.’  I have been by satellite weapons, UAVs, cell towers and cellphones and now bio-weapons known as Morgellons. This is what Washington DC has become. A filthy, corrupt hole. They used SKYNET and so called gangstalking (Sentient World Simulation–Virtual Reality run from underground bases of DARPA) to destroy me, chasing me out of my home while the military dirty types and foreign agents (?) psycho-ed me at banks… gunshots going off all the time, and anything to do with the death of my husband (big trauma for the bastards and bitches).

I kid you not–this is a yellow gurney placed in my line of sight 247.


Every damn one of them should be in prison–for life.

And with that, their bots and agents (whom lied to get into my computer)  setting me up as a 911 truther when I sat down to get on my new instant messaging… as I sat staring at the screen with the browser at Google search engine, two unknowns came over my Internet asking me ‘What do you think of 911?’ and threw that question into Google. The rest is history as to how criminal-minded they are.  Because of them, I never made it into my two week promised court time that I was adamantly heading into. Win or loose, I was seeking justice. Of course, the NSA let me know they we’re ease-dropping on all my calls, and psyoping me outside my home, taking over a house behind me and an agent in front of the house to act super eerie to frighten me. They we’re that desperate to keep me out of the courtroom. As I type this, shot up with activated/sprayed on my property and me when I step outside with the UAVs hovering over neighbors homes, as usual, they’re utilizing Project Mannequin in a sick disgusting way. They can go to hell.

See: On the Take and Loving it by Wikileakshttps://wikileaks.org/wiki/On_the_take_and_loving_it#Mass_surveillance_research_is_not_academic.

I also learned that the NSA had taken over the Procurement office in downtown Baltimore City, MD as a ‘Find um and Fry um’ 911 sting, set up before 911 and they we’re conducting massive unconstitutional domestic spying on everyone, especially lawyers, clients and activist.



TRANSCRIPT: Another NSA Whistleblower, Russell Tice

Yes, the NSA states —  “We hack everyone everywhere”—What the NSA whistleblower

That’s right, for the old Venetian blood-liners, IE Rothschild etc.

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I’d learn by 2006, that Bethlehem Steel was found guilty 100%–they killed my husband… it was not his fault.

JPMorgan, an arm of Rothschild, thru Wall Street owns Bethlehem Steel. (I was held up there for almost four years, on a bankruptcy case with all nuts and bolts–my husband and my name was the only humans on that list)..  JPMorgan is worth at least 30 billion.

JPMORGAN is number three (3) as The World’s Largest Public Companies — See the Forbes list — https://www.forbes.com/global2000/list/.

Beth Steel’s employees, including the supervisors for both the ‘Point’ and the other company onsite (Waste Mgt.) knew equipment on site was going to blow… rather than turn it off themselves, they called my husband in his truck, one mile and half away.. asking him to come to the site. He did as that supervisor said.. he headed over to the faulty (ready to blow — OSHA report) equipment and as he began to turn it off, and by now the supervisors onsite and employees took refuge behind huge sand dirt mounds.. the equipment blew straight through him, including 550 gallons of diesel oil. They left him lying there, refusing to help him and no one called for an ambulance or Shock Trauma… everyone was told to not touch him–because it or he was dirty.

The CIA would come after me, from Langely (I have photos of the then phone caller ID to prove this) throwing me into a mental prison ward for two weeks. Then SKYNET came after me.. you just can not make these things up.  They also torture me with Project Mannequin –

Project Mannequin, James Casbolt, Matt Todd and Bases 4
They are in fact twisted murderous robbing-barron lunatics, esoteric occultists luciferians who should be put away into a mental ward for life.  I was tricked later into moving by the CIA Torture rendition airport where they attacked my home and pets and I as if we we’re a third would enemy nation. The clincher was when they did this day and night, inside a small country
http://www.whale. to/b/mannequin.html ….
Its actually very old, black Venetian blood-liners who go back to the Pharaohs (from Templar’s to Freemasons); their symbolism is everywhere.
The Pharaohs – The Templars / Knights Of Malta – The Enemy Within. Pt.1

As I prepared to go to court, knowing I’d be awarded for his horrific murderous death, the NSA and DARPA and the CIA along with various military units (yes, came right off base) and a few homeland security and DIA and those who run the UAV Hoverer’s (over our homes) and satellites and cell towers came after me, placing me on a slow no touch tortuours experimentation (of weapons and technology) testing almost killing me several times.  I am now targeted by DARPA and either a NSA or CIA Fema type Freemason contractor training their Artificial Intelligence weapon system… when I began to post these issues and much more, all interconnected to the quiet Tyrannical government takeover by the CIA/NSA/Military-Industrial-Complex, a plane flew over lowly.. several times and each time this happened, I was suddenly attacked by miniature aerial vehicles (100s) chasing me down in my home (bots) and hardcore Nanotech (terrorism) and a bioweapon that leaves me fighting for my life each damn day.

In closing, I went up against a military industrial complex who out and out killed my late husband, whom I knew from the time I was 4 1/2 years old, he lived right behind me, as we knew one another very closely, all our lives… he was my best friend… rather that these Trillionaire’s doing the right thing, all insured, and not realizing the US Government was taken over by the NSA CIA (See NAZIs in the WHITE HOUSE @ https://hoaxofthecentury.com/) as a new world order was going on all around me, in a major Stasis-like quiet take-down, a depopulation with satellites and cell towers…  rather than face me in court, they used their AI in a sentient worldwide simulation, synthetic from chemtrail spraying, with wireless antennas in the form of fibers and smart dust, they took over everyone in the room causing me to not make it into court. When I finally found a law firm in Annapolis, MD who was prepared to take the case, right after that phone call I was chased out of my home by SKYNET an AI simulation by DARPA NSA CIA DOD. – Reference: Dr. Robert Duncan, a whistle-blower and former DARPA CIA Scientist.

The back of the dollar bill tells it all.. and DARPA’s logo.


darpa logo

JP Morgan CEO can’t explain how one of his low-paid employees should budget her salary – video | US news | The Guardian


DARPA heads for robot-human hybrid: Are cyborgs on the way?

By James Maynard Tech Times

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, announced they are looking at developing a new generation of technologies combing biological and electronic systems. A new division of the military research and developer will experiment with technologies merging life with machines.

The Biological Technologies Office (BTO) will use biological organisms as the basis of new defense mechanisms. Research into those fields has already been pioneered by the offices of Defense Sciences (DSO) and Microsystems Technology (MTO).

Read more here: https://www.techtimes.com/articles/5137/20140403/darpa-robot-human-hybrid-cyborgs.htm