Morgellons is a Bio-Weapon & What you can do to Ease the Situation

I am a targeted individual, by the NSA DARPA and CIA-DOD and MIT, that I’m aware of. Trying to expose these horrendous deeds, I was further targeted by a passing plane in the night, flying slow and low over my home, repeatedly. Each time, within days, I’d realize I was sprayed or activated with a biological warfare weapon. Its been nothing less than horrendous as I’d learn it was a deadly lab-disease some call morgellons.

My entire life was already destroyed, but to do this is much, much worse. Its been a trial and error determining what the best way is to combat this added horror. In doing so I learned how to ease the pain and sanity and it is as follow:

[I’m not a doctor.] I am suffering and having done a lot of reserach, found others who’ve healed and feel it could help others cope.

Thanks in advance. Most of the gratitude goes to Kathy-Knight McConnell who posted a remedy that helped her heal.

*** I’m under heavy drone attack as I post this *** be aware

Sincerely, Lissa (Chris)

Suggestions include battling mycoplasma, heavy metals from the electromagnetics and the variety of bacterial fungus we now have in us, as our DNA is under attack.

Important Information About Cream Of Tartar – Morgellons Cure,

Kathy’s Protocol


Chemtrails, spraying of geoengineering consist of a lot of heavy metals. Chorella and cilantro are known for heavy metal cleansing.  Kathy suggest using Planetary Herbals Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox with Chlorella.

What I use:

  1. Chorella Cilantro Cheleton or just Cilantro Extract (antiviral, heavy metals)
  2. Serrapeptase (breaks down toxins and dead tissues in the body, including biofilm sacks and seems to push it out thru the skin)
  3. Cat’s Claw (used to kill some strains of Mycoplasma); another seller I’ve used; and another seller (on vacation at this time)
  4. Usnea (dissolves biofilm to release pathogens so the immune system can attack it)
  5. Astragalas  (kills the pathogens as they’re released)
  6. Moringa Oleifera Leaf is the best for building the immune system.
  7. This helps the nerves, another seller, and another.
  8. Nattokinase (the Lyme community finds it working; Lyme disease is very close to Morgellons)
  9. Pau D’arco – kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  10. Wild Oil of Oregano non gmo, anti fungal immune factor.
  11. Pine Tar Soap (gets the toxins off the skin) – This might work: Neam Tea Tree/Sulfer/Bentonite Soap
  12. For the skin: 100% Pure NEEM oil (works fast to stop the crawling on the skin)
  13. I use MMS. It seems to help on the skin, and cleansing water, and with Enemas daily if not more, as needed.

Advise: Try to stay away from yeasts and grains, gmo’s, sugars and high proteins IE chicken. All our food is contanimated, and our air and water.

Ebay is your best bet for liquid herbal homemade extracts, and the cheapest, generally non-gmo as well.

Its suggested that a lipid replacement therapy will help rebuild a damaged cellular structures. We need to replace lipids destroyed by the mycoplasma.

Her video – Morgellons is a Bio-Weapon


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Author: Lissa's HumaneLife (Chris)

Huggybear (Chris) -- Exposing horrific and violent experimentation being done on massive amounts of Americans, self-included, by the CIA and Dept. of Defense. For more information, see whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Scientist. After my husband was blown in half on one JPMorgan/Rothschild's Bethlehem Steel/Ship yard site. They hired one of the top ten law firms in the country to take me on, as it was their fault 99-`100% OSHA proven; they along with my lawyer (I am a witness to this) placed me into a violent experimentation with Satellite UAVs and Cell Towers and bio-weapons programs. I'm now suffering from biological sickness from this NWO CIA-NSA-DARPA Military Medical Scientific Industrial Complex. We're Loosing our freedoms fast to these bastards. -- Lissa Reference -- The Matrix Deciphers, by Dr. Robert Duncan at, and Project: Soul Catcher, James Casbalt's Agent Buried Alive, George and lauda Leon sovereign Ki Max Spears and Robert Duncan O'Finion. Also: Quoting: EARTH CHANGES & COMING POLESHIFT Major and massive earth and weather changes have become “new normal” for Earth, since Planet X (Nibiru) entered our part of the solar system in 2003. The end result will be a catastrophic pole shift, one that reoccurs every 3,657 years (give or take a year or two) with the re-appearance of Planet X (Nibiru). Believe or don’t believe. Prepare or don’t prepare. We all have free will, and the choice is yours. About – Earth Changes Hotline by Barbara Schneider